You’re king in a fool’s paradise

It’s time for me to just totally lose my shit.

Dear Republicans,

You seething pile of rubbish!  You are a bunch of idiots.  You say less government but want to legislate bathrooms and abortions and gay marriage and make up shit that just doesn’t matter.  Like there is no such thing as an abortion in the 9th month, but you candidate is such a freaking moron that he thinks there is.  And you stupid shits listen to him and his ilk.  You deserve each other.  You’re heading to a civil war within your party and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of ignorant inbred backwoods pig humpers.

Here’s the deal, there was one guy you should have run.  And you never looked at him.  You chose a narcissist with two ex-wives more baggage than Zsa Zsa Gabor in her prime and an orange hue.  You chose someone with no solutions and a mouth full of hateful rhetoric.  You chose a disgusting little excuse for a human being who serially abuses women because he’s got money and he can get away with it.  You chose a bully with over 200 lawsuits against him.  You chose a man who is currently being sued for child rape and fraud.  You chose that and denigrated a woman who has had over $15million of my money spent trying to indict her by her enemies with no success.  Yet you file bankruptcy to avoid your legal losses.

You’re done.  You are all done.  Enough is enough.  Enough hate.  Enough.

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