Sing the rain on the roof on a summer night

It’s time.

I haven’t got off a good rant in a while.  Let’s do this!

The precipitating factor was a comment on Kid President’s facebook page.  His comment was “We need to live in a world with fewer selfies and more #otherpeoplies”.  Cute for sure.  Although my selfies with Bill the Dog make this world a better place, but I digress.  Someone commented “We need less ‘I’m offended’ and more ‘I’m listening’.”  On it’s face that sounds great.  Except for one thing.  Some shit is just goddamned offensive.

I’m not listening to these assholes.

^That is a Getty Image apparent taken by Spencer Platt originally found on

That is offensive and I’m offended.  I’m not listening to those assholes.


^Image Reuters via the who must thing we are a bunch of ass clowns.

Not listening.  And extremely offensive.  And embarrassing.  I’m embarrassed that jackholes like these clowns get a vote in this country.  They aren’t civilized.  Sorry.  They aren’t.

I generally agree with the General but ok.  If you want to round up the radicalized Muslims then you need to round up the radicalized white supremacists as well.  A Muslim shot four but how quickly we forget about that little shit that shot nine in a church last month.  His ilk were out in their hoods and robes last week in South Carolina.  Are they any less dangerous to America?  No.   And they’ve done a lot more damage over the years.  Oh, but it’s ok because they’re white?  No, it’s worse because they’re white.

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