She bet on one horse to win and I bet on another to show

How about a year end wrap up?  Oh what the hell?

Here are last year’s top ten:

  1. Lose that last 35 pounds.  Lost another 10 but still have a ways to go.
  2. Ride at 15mph. I started to get faster and then had that hamstring injury so I’m still sitting around 11.7mph
  3. Eliminate the rest of the debt.  Didn’t get this done but did make steady progress
  4. Eliminate the IRS issue.  Didn’t get this done either but am making payments thus eliminating the potential for debtors prison
  5. Practice the daily 10 five days a week.  I’m giving myself a C+ on this one.  I did remarkably well on this when I did it.
  6. Remodel main bath. Whatever
  7. Build mud room.  What evs
  8. Get Mustang closer to if not on the road. Yeah…no.
  9. Add a buyer’s agent.  Tried to but didn’t end up with enough buyers
  10. Squat 230, bench 300, dead lift 435.  Squat 150, Bench 170# dead 220# definite improvement
  11. Have 6 months reserves in the bank. I have about six weeks…
  12. Eliminate tolerations within 30 days of them presenting themselves. Giving myself a B+ on this.  A couple just won’t go away but I did remarkably well on this.
  13. Follow my schedule 80% of the time.  I started out real well on this and would have spurts of being excellent.  The importance of this one shows up in my bottom line.  When I do it things hum around here.

So all and all it seems like I missed every single goal, yet, the other one I missed was the Gross Commission earned.  I missed that.  I did 72% of what I set out to do.  But I increased my year over year by 28%.  Who else do you know that gave themselves a 28% pay raise.  My new assistant turned out to be a big ol’ can of awesomesauce.  I spent about $4500 on her so she more than paid for herself.

In review, I saved eight dogs this year.  I had to make the call on two.  One for temperament, the other for health.  It kills me every time I have to tell a shelter to put down a dog.  I haven’t had to do it in a while but I had to do it twice this year.  I lost my beloved Norman.  He was my defender.  I always felt protected when that do was here.  He broke my heart.

I rocked it on the AIDS/Lifecycle raising $5700 last year.  Thank you to all who participated.  Then I had that pulled hamstring incident.  That put a damper on a lot of this year’s activities.  The AIDS ride was marred by the death of a cyclist.  Nearly everyone knew her.  I have a picture taken with her and her husband from 2012.  She was a 14 time rider.  She had a heart attack on the bike and then struck her head coming off the bike.  She was brain dead.  They kept her alive on life support until the ride was over and then her husband said goodbye and her organs went on to save even more people.  He is a broken man.  I wish him peace.

Another death rocked our Keller Williams family.  A member of one of the big teams and the rainmaker’s sister relapsed after 12 years of sobriety and was found dead in a Reno hotel room.  She was way to young to go, a huge personality, a good woman and the hole is vast.  I wish them family peace.

Just this week a friend of mine was riding in a pack outside of Danville when the pack screwed up.  There was a wreck at the front and bikes and cyclists started going every which way.  My friend was at the back.  He’d been talking with a friend of his, a guy I knew peripherally.  I recognized his picture with his family.  The guy swerved to miss the wreck.  Simultaneously, a water truck swerved to miss the first crash.  The results were catastrophic.  A family will start out the new year without their father.  When I saw him yesterday I didn’t know this and said “I’m sorry about your friend”.  He started to tear up and then told me that he was there.  He saw the whole thing.  I wish him peace.

Since I can’t’ get these finished they remain on the list.

  1. Lose that last 35 pounds.
  2. Ride at 15mph
  3. Eliminate the rest of the debt
  4. Eliminate the IRS issue
  5. Practice the daily 10 five days a week
  6. Remodel main bath
  7. Build mud room
  8. Get Mustang closer to if not on the road
  9. Add a buyer’s agent
  10. Squat 230, bench 300, dead lift 435
  11. Have 6 months reserves in the bank
  12. Eliminate tolerations within 30 days of them presenting themselves.
  13. Follow my schedule 80% of the time

I think these are good for another year.  I am working towards all of them so I think it’s all good.

What I do know is that I am a very good real estate agent.  One of the best in our area.  I have been working on a growth plan that has been quite helpful for the last year.  I have it set up for this year again already.  I read 11 books last year and got Bill the Dog trained.  I went to four real estate events to help my business.  I am happy with that.  I am getting back my strength and I am happy with that.  I’ve lost 10 pounds and I am happy with that.  And my assistant has freed up some valuable time to allow me to relax now and then and while I’m still tired, I’m not as tired as I was this time last year.  Although I could use a nap.

This is for Norman.


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