Like a drifter, I was born to walk alone

But alas…

Everyone is up in arms about this racist tweet. 1. It is racist 2. Its uses racist dog whistle language.

We are all running in circles over this, but I put forth a different hypothesis. While it is racist, we all know that if you ask him he’ll tell you he’s not a racist. He doesn’t think he does anything wrong ever. Textbook narcissism. More importantly why would a guy who says he’s not racist tweet this? OK. Why would a relatively educated guy misspell a tweet and then try and tell us that covfefe is a word? How could a guy mix up the 4th of July and the war of 1812? Or not know there were no airports to protect back then? I’ve been in front of crowds. I’m not a politician and I’ve never made that sort of mistake. Ever. I’ve made a bad joke that didn’t land. Never thought there were airports prior to the Wright brothers.

Don’t you wonder what’s really going on here? I don’t. I’ve seen it before. My mother has it. It’s dementia. Explain to me why a guy who lives on McDonalds and over done steaks and never exercises more than swinging a golf club is supposed to defy all odds and have a mind as sharp as a razor? Hint: he doesn’t. He’s failing. His sentences are word salads and make no sense whatsoever. Other world leaders are starting to step up and say things like “He’s inept” and “unqualified”. Why are they saying that? They’ve talked to him, they’ve listened to him and he’s inept and unqualified, because he’s suffering from dementia. They should have done an Article 25 on Reagan and it’s time to do one on this guy. He can’t pass a real physical from a real Doctor. He’s not qualified to run this country. He’s blowing racist dog whistles and he doesn’t understand why it’s wrong.

It’s time. Get him out of there.

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