I like to dip and I like to spit

Don’t you worry your pretty little heads.  I’m still here and I’m still pissed.

I am particularly pissed at anyone who thinks that Donald Trump, Ben Carson or Jeb Bush would make a good President.  They won’t.  They suck.  And you are an idiot if you think that any of these guys could be President.

Trump has the most potential, if he weren’t a racist loose cannon.  At what point does he say “Some of my best friends are Mexican?”  That’s not what this country needs.

Jeb Bush?  Because W did such a great job?  I love how the Bush’s are trying to rewrite history.  Sorry.  We were here.  Your idiot brother allowed the economy to bluster unchecked after 9/11.  You created the mortgage crisis and sat on your hands while millions of Americans lost their homes.  You can find on this very blog where I raged about Bush telling us to “Go to Disneyland” after 9/11.  You can look at the craptastic disaster of a country he handed over to Obama in 2009.  You know, Obama, the worst President ever.  The guy that has held interest rates to all time lows in spite of the banks and Republicans beating him in every way to raise them?  Why do you think they want their own guy in there?  To raise rates to they can make more money.  It has nothing to do with wanting to help you or I.  And let’s not forget Daddy’s War.  Or that fact that it was child’s play for the Seals to get Osama bin Laden once they had the orders to actually go and looked for him.  Obama the guy who has nothing to do with premium being $2.65 at the corner by my house?  The guy that got everyone back to work?  Yeah, that guy.

And you want four years of that crap?

Or Ben Carson.  What a total looney tune.  We’re splitting hairs on some resumé padding right now.  Because West Point doesn’t have scholarships.  You’re either in or you’re not.  But you have to apply to get in and he never applied.  So if he applied and got in arguably everyone gets a full scholarship…I’m more interested in those Egyptian grain silos.  And he’s leading the pack.  Shame on you America.

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