I felt a little like a dying clown

There is always more to the story than we know.

The Gulf of Tonkin, it’s the alleged attack on a US warship by the Viet Cong which was the impetus for the escalation of US involvement in Viet Nam. Didn’t happen. Hyperbole. Watch the Fog of War where Robert McNamara openly says it didn’t happen. He now believes it was an “over excited radioman” who got it wrong. 33,000 Americans died, countless Vietnamese and who knows how many are just damaged still. A friend’s brother served. He became convinced that the Doctors were going to do unspeakable things to him and would not go to a Doctor. He died of a bleeding ulcer. His mother found him dead on his bedroom floor. USA USA.

You can actually go into the archives of this website and find where I lambasted the Bush Administration for taking us to war in Iraq. I said there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. Guess what? I was right. 30, 40, 50 years after we finally learn the truth. In the interim, we are being lied to.

Asbestos in baby powder. Tested on babies. Those mothers were told everything was okey dokey. They were lied to by J&J. Volkswagen owners thought they were getting an economical, low emissions vehicle. They were lied to. Marianne Williamson came out with an apology today for firing off on vaccines.

“I understand that many vaccines are important and save lives. I recognize there are epidemics around the world that are stopped by vaccines. I also understand some of the skepticism that abounds today about drugs which are rushed to market by Big Pharma. I am sorry that I made comments which sounded as though I question the validity of life-saving vaccines. That is not my feeling and I realize that I misspoke. “.

I am a little off put by the fact that I’m quoting, favorably the crystal and sage moon circle Presidential hopeful. I will work my way through that one. Truth is, vaccines save lives. The FDA is too busy sucking off Big Pharma to notice when a new drug actually hurts someone and that should concern everybody. That relationship endangers Americans and the third world residents they test their shit out on. Then comes the question of over vaccinating. Did you know that Big Pharma got the AMA to drop the point at which your cholesterol was too high to a lower number so they could sell more drugs? That should piss you off. A lot. Almost enough to need to Lipitor.

And now that rat turd of an excuse of a human being, John Bolton is giving the Cheeto-Dusted Bloviator an earful of 1990’s neocon Middle East bullshit and he’s way to ignorant of foreign policy to actually make the right choice.

The question is, will we stand for this horseshit. We are at the point where the rubber meets the road. Do we invade yet another Middle East country and further destabilize the region because it’s worked so well so far? Or do we stand up and say “Enough is enough!” Who are we? Who are you?

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