How sweet the sound

Well this was a good week to be an American.

I gotta agree with 2001 Britney.

I am quite shocked that this SCOTUS arrived at this decision.  I thought the court was so loaded by the Bush’s that it could not arrive at this decision.  48 years after Loving v. Virginia they finally righted another wrong.  Well some of them.

Oh the irony!

Thanks Obama.

Speaking of irony, enjoy this little gem.

There should totally be some accountability for that one.

Next up, the confederate flag.  Last time I said the conversation would get confused.  Didn’t see the confederate flag thing coming, but seriously, why?  Take it down.  I’m part German.  I don’t fly a Nazi flag as part of my German heritage.  It was a horrible part of my heritage’s history, just like slavery was a horrible part of US history.  Take it down.  We all have a lot of bad history.  History is the past.  We make our future.  It should not involve racism, bigotry, or hate.

It really was quite a week.  The Boston Marathon bomber was sentenced this week too.  The Charleston shooter should get the exact same thing for what is essentially the exact same crime.  They hated a people that weren’t like them and they killed them.  They should both swing.

And finally, Obama.  If Presidential retirement ever gets old he should preach.  Seriously.  He tore it up yesterday.

He certainly doesn’t have a singing career in his retirement but he sure can preach it.

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