Hold on real tight, it’s gonna be alright

Here’s the thing. HRC won the popular vote as of this morning. But that’s not the point. DJT won the electoral college and those are the rules. She has been gracious and instead of whining about it being unfair, she went and walked her dogs. That being said, when your guy wins have some compassion. Take a moment to go back in time. AIG just failed. Lehman Bros is gone. Your home lost 50% of it’s value. Gas is $5 a gallon and you’re unemployed. The stock market was around 8800, your 401k was devastated. How did you feel in 2008? 2012? Be honest with yourself. The other side feels just like you did back then, whatever that was. Right now many of Trump’s supporters are acting like a bunch of frat boys on spring break. Screaming “get over it” at the other side is not how you heal. Healing takes time. It’s too soon. Have some compassion. It’s not about the loss, it’s about the future. Trump promised to deport their friends and bar their family from entering the country. There are people who have been here 30 years that are terrified. There are people whose married status is now in danger. He promised to end the ACA which will take away their health care. He ran on the slogan “Make America Great Again”. When did he think America was greater than it is today? Was it before we allow the faggots to marry? Was it before we let the colored people drink at the same fountain? Was it when women couldn’t vote? When was America great? When everyone spoke English? Was it before the dirty Irish got here? Or the stinking Italians? They didn’t speak English. Was it before the Jews took over all of the banks? Which racist axiom is it? I just kind of need to know, because if it was during Prohibition I’m going to need more booze. It has much less to do with Trump and much more to do with his actual words which has led to his perceived positions. If you had asked me six years ago about this match up I would have chosen Trump over Clinton. Trump’s own words and actions changed my mind about him. Truth be told if Weld had been at the top of the ticket I would have gone to that ticket. I’ve heard more than once that Trump isn’t going to do what he promised during the campaign. Great. What is he going to do? Did he communicate with you telepathically? What does this countries future look like? Because if he’s not going to do what he said he’s going to do, then what is he going to do? I promise you, I’ve never had a politician telepathically communicate their position on anything to me so I’m a little concerned about the pathology that goes into supporting a guy whose positions you don’t agree with. But let’s talk about the protesters. Don’t like protesting? Then I know you were up in arms over the Tea Party protests over TARP right? Or do you just not like when people protest that you don’t agree with? I don’t condone violence and I don’t condone the destruction of property. I hate the rent-a-mob that spoils every bay area protest, they are anarchists not aligned with anything the normal people protesting care about. I will drive 30 miles to stay out of the fray in Oakland without complaining because it’s their right to protest. It is the American way. For those of you who forgot history, that started way back in 1773 in Boston Harbor. That being said, I am personally giving this situation the benefit of the doubt. That didn’t work out very well for anyone in 2000 but we don’t have a choice. I know Trump is a guy who had made bad decisions in the past, we’ve heard about a bunch of them. In the past he could just file bankruptcy or get a divorce and move on. If he blows it this time, we all go down with him. So I am standing with President Obama who wisely said that this new administration has to be successful, because we all depend on their success. Every one of us. So let’s hope he’s successful and this country continues to move forward and not backwards.


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