Been a long time

I know.  I know.  I suck.  But I’m here now.

The problem is I don’t turn on the news any more so I am slightly less pissed off these days.  However, I do turn on the interwebs so let’s buckle our seatbelts kittens because the stupid is deep.

Mike Huckabee.  Moron.  Here’s the quote “We are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity”.  No we aren’t you moron.  When I was a little kid we sang “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, be they yellow black or white they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.”  It doesn’t say all of the Christian children but not the Muslim ones.  It doesn’t say the Christian ones but not the Jewish ones.  It doesn’t say the Christian ones but not the Buddhist ones.  It says all of the freaking little children you ignorant shits!

Miss me?  Thought so.

Speaking of ignorant.  Paul Ryan.  Free school lunches give kids “an empty soul”.  Now, I would assume that means that Paul got free school lunches when he was a little tyke and that’s why he is such a soulless ignoramus.  No, you idiot.  Free school lunches many times are the only meals these kids get.  There is no food in their home.  There is no leave it to Beaver June Cleaver putting out fresh cookies and milk when they get home from school.  There is no one picking them up from school.  There is nothing to eat.  If these kids can’t get some nourishment somewhere they can’t learn and then they will be just as stupid as say Mike Huckabee or Paul Ryan.  I used to have a friend that taught school in East Oakland.  She said that the kids would be going to the nurse with headaches around 10am every day.  BECAUSE THEY WERE HUNGRY AND HADN’T EATEN SINCE LUNCH THE DAY BEFORE.  Little undernourished brains can’t learn.  Clearly Paul Ryan and his undernourished brain don’t know that.

I am just amazed at these idiots who think their experience is the only one out there.  Their mom made them school lunch and they went to a Christian church and they had clean sheets to sleep on and a roof over their head so pull up your bootstraps and make it happen Pilgrim!  Idiots.

Studies say that the lack of nourishment actually depletes the intelligent quotient.  So does hopelessness.  So poverty makes a normal human being dull.  Now what Paul Ryan or Mike Huckabee’s problem could be I don’t know but that’s why it’s so tough to get out of these neighborhoods.  The programs that bring hope to the hopeless change lives.  Feeding hungry children changes lives.  Being a money grubbing Mr. Scrouge just makes you an asshole.

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