And nothing but the truth so help your black ass?

I’ve been super busy, selling a shit ton of real estate.  However, I have finally gotten pissed enough to take time out of my busy day to rage.  And rage I will.

Y’all know I don’t like it when the police shoot dogs.  Nine times out of ten it’s unwarranted.  Now the police have been shooting negroes for years but now it’s just getting out of hand.  They’ve been shooting good negroes for no reason.  How am I going to get my house clean and my cotton picked if the police keep shooting all the negroes.

Stop.  Wait a minute.

I think the NFL is blocking the youtube, but really.  Go watch it again.  Beyonce didn’t do a goddamn thing.  Yet there are some white people racists who are all up in a wad over this.  It’s stupid.  Very stupid.  And it shows who you are.  Rudy Guiliani?  We know who you are.  Faux News?  We know who you are.  And now the rest of you, we know who you are.

Beyonce is a little pissed off.  Or sassy.  Take your pick.  Yeah, her husband was a drug dealer way back in the day.  He made it off the streets.  Give a young black man a different opportunity and he will take it.  Jay-Z took the road that got him a half a billion dollars in the bank.  How’s that old F150 treating you and your trailer Mr. Racist Puke?  I don’t care that he dealt back in the day.  I care that he got through it.  I assume if you care so much about drugs you didn’t vote for GW because of his coke snorting past.  Oh, no, you voted for him because he seemed like a good guy to sit down and have a beer with…right.  He’s an alcoholic you jackass.  So Jay-Z is Satan for dealing way back in the day but the white Congressman’s son with the drug problem can be President?  Tell me about how you aren’t a racist again…

Here’s my take.  Beyonce is a powerful, beautiful, talented woman that your racist little pukes can never have.  And she makes it clear you can’t have her.  And you’re threatened by that.  Instead of screaming how she’s disrespecting the police, check yourself.  Because you are the problem.

While you’re checking things, check this.

29 shots by SFPD.  Cenk crushes it.

Enough is enough.  This needs to stop.

The police are escalating and the people are escalating.  And the NRA is escalating.  And this shit needs to stop.  Next up…a rant on Trump and xenophobia, complete with Nazi parallels.

Oh what the hell.


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