All your life will ever be

Told you.

Eric Garner is finally getting his due.  I wish the assholes would stop and allow the peaceful protestors to do their thing.  Way back when it happened I said they left that man dead in the street pretending like he was still alive.  He wasn’t.  They used an illegal choke hold on a man that wasn’t doing anything in the first place and they killed a husband, father and grandfather.  And the State of New York let it happen.  And to the right wing, it’s not about taxation.  It’s not about Obama’s police state.  It’s about racism.  Period.

Shame on them and shame on this country.

The thing is, as a white person, I only hear stories of cabbies not picking up black fares in the big cities.  I hail a cab and they pick me up.  Here’s the thing.  Jay-Z is worth about $560 million dollars.  If he were to stand alone on a street corner in New York, no entourage, he could not hail a cab.  The subtle things that happen in this country every single day effect the individuals ability to lead the same life as I do.  I had a client a few years ago who had itty bitty dreadlocks.  He was a firefighter.  His dreads were not more than an inch long which was in compliance with the fire department regulations but his Captain busted his balls about his hair.  Why?  Seriously.  Why.  Until we recognize it and shine God’s flashlight upon it, it continues.

It has to change.  It must change.  Enough.

Now, am I the only person that sees the irony in the police using tear gas on a bunch of protestors who were chanting “I Can’t Breathe”?

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