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    Kibbles and bits

    One of my co-workers had an article in her office today listing all the things you shouldn’t give your pet.  Like cheese, isn’t this a staple of dog training?  Liver?  Isn’t freeze dried liver the preferred bait for show dogs?  I know we used it for the obedience ring.  Alcohol, ok that makes sense.  Grapes, doesn’t make that much sense considering that the old Italians used to know that it was time to pick the grapes when the dogs started stealing them off the vines.  Beauregard stole every Concord grape I ever grew.  On numerous occasions I’d catch him sprinting through the yard with the remains of a bunch of…

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    Some long overdue photojournalism

    Here is the fresh paint on the living room…picture is about 10 days ago: Here are the new ovens installed: Here’s the paint in the master bedroom, also about 10 days ago: And here’s Tile Guy, hard at work, he’s my Eldon: And here we go, leaving the other place. Notice the gorgeous weather. The guys moved fast because it was already 100 at 1:54p.m. when they finished:

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    As Margo Channing said,

    “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” And bumpy it’s been. First the water heater. Don’t ask me why you can buy one at Home Depot for $270, yet, it cost me $465 with First American’s Home Warranty. That was my part. God only knows what First American paid in addition to the $465. Then I got called on the carpet for being at the house while the water heater boys looked at the leaking hulk and said “Yup, es broke”. Apparently escrow officers require wookies now. Then I soaked the new bathroom, but that was a no harm no foul situation, just a time consuming…

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    Minor adjustments

    The original plan was not to replace the water heater until spring.  Don’t ask me why spring was the anointed timeline.  It just was.  Was.  Sunday while I was feverishly working on the house, because my deadline is quickly approaching, I heard water running.  Strange.  The lawn is dead, the roses were watered yesterday and I’m the only one here.  Well, Beauregard was there, but he doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so he’s not running water.  I looked around, everything was off, so I went back to what I was doing.  Then what I was doing led me to the garage where water was pouring out of the bottom of the…

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    The Makaha Golf Club view The flower lei that the lady gave me at the powerlifting meet A ridiculous tee shot, yeah, I had to drop a ball on this one…but I did tee off from the black tees…in my defense. From the 3rd tee at Ko’olau, which is now apparently owned by the Presbyterian church…the whole thing, not just the 3rd tee box And the results of playing way too much golf…or shooting a 139 at Ko’olau OK, and most people fret over the damage caused by vacations. Besides that toe, which was debilitating and resulted in the purchase of flip flops, the damage was…this morning’s weigh in: Weight…