Somewhere between raising Hell and amazing grace

This is Crossfit’s workout for yesterday

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

I didn’t do that. I did this:

  • Deadlift till knees 115 (4X1) 135 (4X2) 160 (3X2) 175 (3X4)
  • Bench press 115 (5X1) 135 (5X1) 160 (4X2) 175 (3X2) 185 (2×2) 175 (3×2) 160 (5×2) 135 (7×1) 115 (9×1)
  • Flat dumbbells “flies”10×5.
    Deadlift 115 (4×1) 135 (4×1) 160 (3×2) 185 (3×5)
  • Leg Curl 10X5

Usually I do kettlebell swings with that workout, but I forgot yesterday morning. I was hustling to get through my workout, shower, etc. and out to an open house I was doing for a friend. It’s amazing how you can get somewhere on time where you care to and can’t get to other places when you don’t care.

Today, I’ve got a four mile dog walk. I’m trying to decide if they both go or not. Rita has just started playing with toys. That’s not something she did when she got here. She didn’t play with toys or things she wasn’t supposed to, with the noted exception of the bicycle pump. She hasn’t done too much destruction, but she did get the dog brush yesterday, I caught her and saved it. I think compared to the amount of destruction Xica did, I’m in great shape. Xica, got into my desk drawers once and had a field day. She was relegated to the bathroom while I was at work. She ate all of the moulding off of the walls in there and finally one day chewed through the pressure hose on the toilet. She flooded my place and my landlord’s place, as he lived downstairs. This was before cell phones so I had a couple of frantic calls from him ending with, I need to go into your place. I got the first and second message and had left the office and headed home. Upon my arrival I found my landlord standing in four inches of water and Xica soaked standing there next to him wagging her tail, thrilled that I was home early and water shooting out of the pressure hose and running down the wall. He made me get all wet and turn it off. I can’t remember who rebuilt that bathroom, it was before I started doing that sort of work myself, possibly The Brother, he’ll remember for sure. The landlord was actually pissed that I did such a good job and he had to give me back my deposit.


That picture was probably taken in 1992 at the Marin Humane Society’s Canine Games. Xica owned the tennis ball toss. The purpose was to have your dog catch the tennis ball when you threw it to them. Xica never missed a tennis ball thrown to her. Ever. She was part Border Collie, part Pit Bull and part Mastiff. Her tenacity was unmatched. I’ve got a good throwing arm so I could almost always throw her a perfect strike. We never missed because of her, always me. The longest distance we had to do was the width of the Humane Society’s barn. Xica and I always practiced with the length of the barn, just to mess with the competition. We won all but one year. She was a great frisbee dog until she blew out her ACL. Put a pit bull brain in a border collie body and you get one screaming intense little dog.


She was all about throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball, like a border collie, but in her case, that message was followed up with throw the goddamned ball. She was one intense little dog. Before she blew out her ACL she was a rock hard 80 pounds of dog muscle. She scared the crap out of passers by. Then she blew out her knee and I took 10 pounds off of her. She was still scary looking to strangers, just not as big. When she passed away, she was 60 pounds, but she was also more than 15 years old. It’s been three years and I miss that dog every single day.

xica-sleeping.JPGClick me!

This was taken two weeks before she passed away. She was one great little dog. Rita is wild like Xica was. I’m hoping that Rita develops the same way Xica did, (having the same trainer and all). I see the potential for her being as great a dog as Xica was.

We have all been here before

The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal published this piece today. The full text is posted here, but really, if you are a regular pinkbunnyears gentle reader, it’s deja vu, because EVERYTHING save the Mike Vera quote and the $21 million figure have been posted here already. In some cases, months ago. The Wine Dog is dialed in, not to blow my own horn, but goddamn! We all knew about this already. I need to walk over there and see if they’ll tell me when the rescheduled date is, but we know it exists. We knew about the Labor Commission’s unprecedented action against Mercury Companies. Come on Patty, did you think these people couldn’t read a W-2? And even though the article doesn’t mention it, we know that employee wages cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy, no matter how much you want this to go away. I do know that you can sell a couple of airplanes, a mountain house and an estate in Santa Barbara and get $21 million dollars. That’s one big ass line of credit eh Patty?

This just in

John Harritt joining the Wayne and Ritard show? Isn’t that the Axis of Evil? I thought we were fighting them there so we didn’t have to fight them here…

Crossfit Redux

So today I read the workout properly. Today is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio day. So I figure I have 10-12 minutes to throw in a Crossfit workout. It looks pretty simple.

Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps

Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

Piece o’ cake eh? Not so much. I load the thing up with 65 pounds because the jerk part is going to be a little heavy, the clean part I know I can nail. I got my ass handed to me by a lousy 65 pound barbell. I will keep this stupid stuff up until I prevail.

Forgive, sounds good, forget, I’m not sure I could

There’s been some gremlins in the Wine Dog’s mailbox as of late. (insert the sound of information coming in over the wire)

Just heard thru the vine that Gateway Title (what’s left of it) is closing as of the 15th. LandAm had been shrinking it for the last few years. Only thing left was Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, both with minimal people. Two title units and three or four escrow offices. Next for closure is United Title then Commonwealth. The surviving LandAm companies will be Lawyers and Southland. Don’t know if this is for all of California or just SoCal…..

Ted’s Not So Excellent Title Adventure could get a little more adventurous for our Southern California brethren. And in the comments section was this jewel:

John Harritt has made a few calls to a few of the other higher level scroundrels previously with Alliance advising ” he has something in the works relative to a new opportunity and would they be interested “. I know of at least one that said, HELL NO !!

Do not drink the Kool-Aid. The guy is incompetent on a good day. Who builds offices and recruits people away from good jobs in a declining market? Only a Class One Ass Clown with a degree in Communications. Is he who’s inquiring about title plants? Looking for underwriters? Space? Or is it the Wayne and Ritard show? Run! Gentle readers. Run in the other direction! Unless of course you haven’t gone back to work. In that case take the job.

Doberman Story out of LA. I love when they show’em like the little babies they are. Mine are on squirrel patrol after finishing our 3 mile walk, sometimes jog occasionally run.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

The Wine Dog is drinking Chappellet 2005 Mountain Cuvee. Blackberries, plums, vanilla and spice. It’s a Bordeaux style, obviously red, table wine.

I have to turn myself in

I spent 10 minutes in the gym searching for a spot for my last set. I’d benched what I thought was a set of 5, two sets of four, two sets of three and two sets of two. It was time to bench three sets of one with 205 on the bar. I find the spot get all set up and nail it. As a matter of fact it was so easy that I thought something was wrong. And there was. I had 35’s on it, not 45’s so I was only benching 185, which I should own. Duh!

It’s dyin’ and that’s what I have to lose

Why, oh why do I listen? And why do I make plans at 4:20 a.m.? judi has been on me to try Crossfit. It looks fascinating to me, but I already have a full workout that I do three times a week. And three days of HIIT cardio from Body for Life. And I ride my bike 10-50 miles a week. And I’ve been walk/jog/running 3 miles three times a week. And I work. And I’m carrying 9 units at the local JC. And we’re not even going to talk about stupid little red dogs that make a big old mess I think for the sole purpose of getting my attention. So I suppose if I didn’t want to sleep on Tuesday I could do Crossfit then, or Wednesday morning if I wake up at 4:15 a.m. So I did a Crossfit workout this morning. It consisted of:

3 sets, rep sequence 21-15-9

  • Thrusters
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Pull ups

Now I confused the workout I was looking at with another I looked at and did the kettlebell swings when I didn’t have to. Let me tell you, I buzzed through this workout in about 12 minutes, then I considered puking. Since I still had time to blow at the gym, I chose to do just a little of today’s workout which was

3 sets

  • 30 ham-glute-sit-up things
  • 25 back extensions

One set and I had enough.

Credit where credit is due

I have an entire category for Washington Mutual Sucks. They drive me nuts. But here at PBE when somebody steps up to the plate, we’ve got to give them their props. I made a error in my WAMU account. I still don’t know what it is, but it’s my fault, make no mistake, I did it. Things starting flying every which way in that account, even though the original transgression was a $2.66 online payment. $150 later this big dog was whining. I went into the local branch (I don’t even bother with their 1-800-Ass-Clown number any more) The young manager acknowledged that $150 for a series of very small checks (totaling $46.22) was excessive and reversed three of the five dings. So props to the young manager who can see trees in the forest and knows the definition of customer service.

About my portfolio

We use the Dick Cheney investment plan. If it’s something that will benefit from this rogue administration, we buy it. I have Halliburton, Exxon and Chevron. Why should the Right Wing have all the fun? I pick up the paper this morning and see that Big Oil has gotten their slimey butts hauled in front of Congress again. Exxon posted $40.6 BILLION in profits last year, the largest in history. They need all of those profits so they can pay for future oil development. Huh? Some jewels from their executives:

“Imposing punitive taxes on American energy companies, which already pay record taxes, will discourage the sustained investment needed to continue safeguarding U.S. energy security.”

Stephen Simon, Exxon Mobil Corp. senior vice president

“We face a new reality, volatility, high prices, greater competition for resources.”Peter Robertson, Chevron vice chairman

“Other countries are working cooperatively with their energy industries. … Unless our domestic companies are allowed to compete on level ground, we run the risk of marginalizing the U.S. oil and gas industry and ultimately undermining U.S. energy supply.”

John Hofmeister, Shell Oil Co. president

Can I get you boys some cheese to go with that whine? Chevron stock is up 15.6 percent over the last 12 months. The March dividend was $2.32 per share. Exxon is up 15. percent over the last 12 months and their dividend was $1.40.

And furthermore…

Bernanke says “recession possible”. Really? Where I can I get a Federal job where I can sit around all day with my head up my ass? What do they pay you for gems like that?

In other news

I just stopped by the vets office while walking the dogs. Rita weighs in at a solid 50.7 lbs. A massive improvement from the 47.8 that scared the crap out of me two weeks ago. The regiment is working. Wheeeeeee!

Till my ammunition is dry

Another Google key word top ten (in the order of my personal amusement)

Midgets and Dobermans
Pink Bunnies in San Francisco
Hate Bill Foley
Patty Hauptman
John Harritt
Angry Pink Bunny (do you think this is a friend of mine?)
Alliance Title Company shutting down (uh, you’re four months late)
Come on somebody why don’t you run (this is actually one of the tops searches to get here)
Bunny ears
Munchenhausen syndrome (andthe more I repeat this, the more these poor schmucks end up here)

For the title folk

Radical had this up on her page yesterday, and I’m going to link to it today. Ed made a mistake and paid for it. I read Title-opoly, although it’s been quiet for a while. Pretty cool what he put together.

The Wine Dog had a mid-term last night so I’m a little light on material today. I could tell the story about fixing Rita’s dinner last night and asking her to sit pretty for it. (which happens three times a day) She then decided that she would be better served by reaching up her big fat foot and knocking her food dish out of my hand. It was a ceramic dish. So I had to throw her and Beauregard outside while meticulously picking the shards of splintered ceramic out of her food and then fed her off of the floor. Just what you want to have to deal with on the way to a mid-term. Not so much.