Look what’s happening out in the streets

The best thing about being the Wine Dog is I get to pop off about stuff that just chaps my hide.  I do check out the other title blogs.  There’s some very good ones out there.  After a few days of seeing the same subject woven into several postings, sometimes it’s just time for me to pop off.  Foreclosures.  Banks forcing the buyers to go back to their title company.  Generally, it’s a company that the bank has cut some sort of deal with.  At the end of the day, there is no reason for this and in a buyer pay, I question it’s legality.  Want to get up somebody’s ass about something Mr. Poizner?  How about the lender/now owner’s practice of forcing the deal to their company?

Back in  August, the Wine Dogs elderly parents were evicted from their home of nine years by the incredibly unethical and reptilian Judy Davis.   She told my parents they were buying their retirement home.  The truth of the matter, Judy needed income and used the sale of my parents home to generate it.  To say she was unscrupulous would be an understatement.  She then proceeded to steal their deposit from them.  If I saw her crossing the street, the Police would have to ask why there are no skid marks at the accident scene.  She is one of the few people who has gotten a Worst Person in the World award here on PBE.

In August The Sonofabun had just gotten his real estate license.  Upon hearing of the elder Winedogs’ predicament, he took it upon himself to find them a place to buy.  He found a REO condo, a mile from my house, in great shape.  We lowballed it and after two weeks of fighting with the lender who seemed to believe that in September 2007 somebody was going to fall from heaven and give them full list, they accepted our offer.  Then they forced us to go to their title company.  I fired off this missive.

It is highly unusual that the seller demands to pick the title company.  As Contra Costa County is a buyer pay, the buyer should be allowed to choose the company they purchase their policy from.  That being said, I am concerned that the seller is going to open this with a Southern California escrow agent that participates in questionable business practices. Southern California is renowned for that sort of behavior and it would answer the question of why the seller is adamant about picking the title company.  That being said, and in the interest of getting this thing closed, we are acquiescing to this unusual request.  I think it would be best to advise the seller’s agent the level of sophistication of your buyer.  Please feel free to advise them of my position, the fact that Father Winedog was a licensed Real Estate Broker for 45 years and the fact that The Brother is an Attorney practicing law in the State of California.  We will be in the position to close on October 6, 2007.  We will not tolerate any irregularities or unnecessary delays brought on by the escrow agent, when we were not allowed to choose our own.

Then I found out that their title company was the Bloodless Empire.  The truth of the matter is I probably had Christmas dinner with the salesman that cut that deal.  At the end of the day it turned out fine, but I knew I was going to need some Herculian escrow services to make the Ministry’s eviction date and it would not have happened for Joe Consumer if he was purchasing the house.  (Feel free to refer back to the older “ Worst Person” or “Rope a Dope“ post.  I know I’ve got a lot of new visitors who didn’t get to enjoy those stories first time around)

Did I get better service because I knew how it all worked?  Oh hell yeah.  Should everyone who needs that service get it?  Actually, a lot of the time they do.  Is that value added?  You bet yer ass.  Should the County Recorder be for flexible for all constituents?  Without question.  Should the lender have been able to force me to any title company?  No.  That’s wrong. 

Educating Rita redux

We had our sixth class last night.  Rita did a one minute sit stay.  No one was more surprised than I.  We’ve been working on it, but something strange has happened in the last couple of days.  That little dog has become less interested in being a butthead and has become more interested in pleasing me.  It’s kind of nice.  She just wants to be near me and if I ask her to do something, she tries her dog best to figure out what it is and do it.  In a pinch, she just sits and waits for further instruction.

Busy keeping less never getting more


I dug a shallow grave for my career today.

Actually, the hole is now much larger.  It’s 10X 4 and it’s the basis for my first of two raised gardens.  I’ve got the fence framed and even the terminal poles for the dog run gate installed.  I even did my neighbors a favor and pulled some of the weeds in the front yard.  They’re really nice people who have been dealt a couple of really tough cards.  Her mother has Stage IV some kind of vicious cancer, his sister is fighting some other nasty cancer and the daughter has a brain tumor.  That’s the shitty end of the stick.  The least I can do is keep my weeds from giving him more headaches.  He’s running the house while she’s taking care of her mother.  Tough on a young family like them.


Rita stand guard on her tree stump.  You can see how boney she is.  I feed her the same as Beauregard.  He weighs 76, she weighs 49.  But she never stops moving.  Ever.  Never.  She’s now finally sleeping and Beau and me couldn’t be happier.

Red flag, bull, charge!

One of my gentle readers forwarded me the following link from the LA Times. I guess he wanted to see my head blow off first thing in the morning. It did.

Still, at least half of what Americans pay for title insurance can be attributed to illegal referral payments, said J. Robert Hunter, insurance director for the Consumer Federation of America.

This guy clearly has no clue as to what we do. I give him credit for getting after the casualty guys after Katrina. They needed it. Oh it’s wind damage, not covered, oh it’s water damage, not covered, oh it was cause by the…blah blah blah. Too many wiggle words, too much bullshit. But title insurance is a different beast. We keep huge reserves. Yes, over 70%  of our customers will never need their title insurance. HOWEVER, I pitty the poor schmuck that doesn’t have it when something gets sideways.  That $2500 is going to go a long freaking way buddy. That number won’t even get you a retainer with the class of attorneys that a title company will hire for you. We’re pretty damned cheap when it’s all said and done with.

Half of the premium to illegal kickbacks? He ought to look at a title company P&L. I’ve seen a few in my time. Not so much Bobby. I know Alliance maintained a department that was questionable, but it wasn’t half of our budget. Tops and I do mean tops 3 to 5 percent. It also generated a lot of pieces that were specifically designed for the end-consumer. That’s right Steve, the guy who paid for the policy. Buyer’s guides, seller’s guides, borrower’s guides, all explained the process to the end user. Objectively. So I’d say even 3-5% is generous. They also generated our marketing campaigns. We did not give away sporting event tickets or anything else that could not be tied directly back to the consumer. We did not pay for bus trips to Pebble Beach. Promotions I was involved with involved candy canes, candy bars, valentines with candy hearts, home made cupcakes with babies and mardi gras beads. (and maybe our babies had mohawks) Cost per customer: around .50 cents. Not 50% of our operating income. So what this shows me is a clear misunderstanding of what we do for a living. Now, part of this is our fault. We should not be outsourcing to Bangalore, and on some levels we deserve what we’re getting now for allow that. On some levels, it reminds me of Martin Niemöller’s poem. (Not to detract at all from the horror of the holocaust, but rather to point out the inaction on our part, which in general can be compared to the inaction by the German intellectual community)

…When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

There’s no one left to speak for us. Our jobs are gone and we’re the only ones that care. The government is bickering on who’s going to build a ridiculous wall between here and Mexico and our jobs are already gone. Maybe we can get jobs building the Wall.

And I have incredulously ask “What does $500k get you in Iowa?”


Lot is 22210 sq. ft., Year Built: 2007, Central air conditioning, Basement, Fireplace(s), Dining room, Den, Laundry room, Hardwood floors, house is 3246 sq. feet. It’s a 4/3.5. Forced air heat. Central air conditioning. Interior features: Dining Areas, Eat In Kitchen, 1st Floor Family Room, Mud Room, Pantry, Unfinished Basement, 1st Floor Laundry, Carpeting, Tile, Maple Trim, Painted Trim, Dishwasher, Microwave, Stove And the basement is 1745 feet.

You want to know what you get for your money Mr. Washington DC Ass Clown? Ask the guy with World Savings who got the $40 million dollar check from Title Insurance of Minnesota. TIM wrote the check, that day. Zev ben Simon ran a pyramid-esque scheme. I don’t think he meant to in the beginning, I think the market moved against him and finally it became apparent what was going to happen and he ran. I’ve got to ask, sit in a US jail or an Israeli prison? He probably could have gone to Lompoc (Club Fed). Don’t know if Israel has that sort of hook up.

Title Insurance professionals actually review the records Bob-O and good ones find stuff like finding the forged notary that brought down a local company. They were renting space from a guy who was on the Board of Directors of the company. He was coming into the branch late at night and using the Escrow Officer’s notary stamp (that sat in her desk drawer) to forge reconveyances on his properties. He robbed Peter and paid Paul until I called the Escrow Officer and asked her to verify her signature on the recorded reconveyance. She was horrified, the FBI was called and he did 9 years. That’s what your premiums pay for Bob. That kind of expertise.

Or the guy who I threw out of ORTC. I wouldn’t do his deals because all of the vesting deeds were uninsured and he wouldn’t let me call his “aunties” who gave him the property. Next thing you know, dudes on the front page of the Oakland Tribune for stealing houses from old ladies. I sent that article to the Escrow Officer who was upset that I 86ed her client. That’s what title professionals see. That’s what we do, and that’s our value, Steve. Now what’s your value?

you wore out your welcome with random precision

We’ll see how this goes this morning.  I’m fighting the eighth virus of the year.  The idea of going postal on a BARF train is attractive at this point.  Really, it’s the combination of people with terrible hygiene and manners in a small space.  In the beginning I could fight it off, now I just pick every little crud that comes by.  Two days of headaches makes for lousy writing so I spared y’all.   One of the rules on BARF is that you’re not supposed to eat or drink.  Since the floors are carpeted and the seats are fabric, this makes good sense.  Everyday there are people on the cars with coffee and something they’re eating.  They never get a ticket, even though the ticket is $250 if they catch you.  I hate people who think the rules don’t apply to them.  They do.  With my 48 moving violations, I’ve paid or done my penance for every single one of them.  (I do bitch at the conundrum of rules that seem to only apply to me).  And it’s not like the pirate code, these are actual rules, not guidelines.  Anyway, it chaps my hide that BARF cops are never anywhere to be found.  I had a roommate for a short period of time about 10 years ago.  They guy got arrested by the BARF cops and I thought at the time “What could you possibly do to get arrested by the BARF cops?”

I found out Friday what they spend their time doing.  I always thought it was driving back and forth between stations, rather than riding trains and making the general experience better for all of us.  They write parking tickets.  Not just one but two.  Two separate tickets with two separate envelopes.  He filled out all my car’s information twice.  One was for not having a current permit.  Unfortunately for our tax payers, I do have a current permit and all the time that was spent checking my permit and running my tags and writing that ticket, along with the time that will be spent unwinding the whole thing will be a waste, because my permit is current.  The second, and by second, I mean second physical ticket was for my tags.  My tags are paid, I haven’t gotten my car or my truck smogged.  I got the thing back in the mail and just haven’t had time or funds.  That’s a $10 fine.  Aren’t you glad that BARF cops are hard at work?  Because giving me those tickets certainly improved the experience for every one else.  I knew I was going to get the tags ticket if I didn’t get after the smog pretty quick, and I knew I’d get out of it with a live cop because all I need is the smog, but with the BARF wannabes no chance.  Thanks for wasting my time and our taxpayer’s funds.  Jerkoffs.

Building fences

I’ve been hard at work on the back yard 1/2 fence.  I’ve got the posts in.  I needed to do some math for the last four posts, as they are gate posts and the last one runs against the property fence.  The math was a little more than my virus ridden brain could handle yesterday, so I skipped that for later.  I did start installing the crossbeams.  I’m using gullets and screws. I think that makes for a more stable final product.


Over to the right of this is where the berry patch was planted last weekend.  The tree directly in the middle of this shot is where the squirrels live.  I’ve decided that Rita has OCSD.  Obsessive Compulsive Squirrel Disorder.  She gets up on that mound to the left and watches the squirrel nest in that tree and then flies over the fence and attempts to climb the tree to get the squirrels.  I wish she could see this old picture of Beauregard.


That’s after surgery.  He ran slam bang into a wheel barrow chasing a squirrel a couple of years ago.  He still has a scar from it and his third lid doesn’t always open all the way, so he looks high sometimes.  When the Emergency Doc first saw him she said “He isn’t a show dog is he?”  I think it gives him some of that Harrison Ford rugged appeal.


It healed pretty well.  He does look stoned.  With Rita up his ass all the time, I bet he wishes he was.   Speaking of Rita, she’s coming along nicely.  How’s this  for a pretty girl sit:


We’re getting there.   She took a nap with me and Beau yesterday afternoon and just laid down like a good girl, for two whole hours.  That was huge.  Seemed to help the virus too.

Well, I was going to pick on the SF SPCA today, but after the BARF cops, I don’t have the energy for misguided crusaders.  I’ll get after them later in the week.  And PETA and HSUS, who all deserve it.   Do stop back by the comments section for SF SPCA Ass Clown Haiku.  The Brother actually used Daffy Duck in Haiku.  That rocks.

Don’t bother they’re here

I’m hearing the Tom Tom’s again, and the Coconut Telegraph is burning up the lines. There’s a Conga Line of attorneys lined up to file papers against Alliance Title Company and Mercury Companies. I think they got wise and started naming Mercury too. An interesting hypothosis was put forth to me today. What happens if Mercury just pretends they’ve never heard of Alliance Title Company? They just ignore all the paper coming in to them? Well, eventually it will catch up to them. It’s not like Patty Hauptman can click her Prada’s together and say “There’s no place like home” and this all goes away. She’s the wicked witch of the west anway. They can’t help you now my pretty! The wage issue can’t go away. It’s legislated. They have blatently and arrogantly ignored California law. Again. I think they’re getting in to the rarefied air of WorldCom or Enron with this sort of behavior. It might get you three hots and a cot.  I sure wish I had a copy of that Alameda County filing for you, but I don’t yet.  That might be the nail in the FTC coffin.  Strange, if you conduct business in an ethical manner, you don’t get sued.  Who’d a thunk it?

In a cap she looked much older

Life with a puppy is always an interesting place. Rita obviously went to the School of Hard Knocks. That’s ok, I did too. This morning, I’m running around trying to get out the door to get to work. Part of my Body for Life regimen is my breakfast of oatmeal and fat free cottage cheese. (by the way I’m 8 pounds toward my 50 pound goal) I put it all into a bowl and stir it up. It’s a lot less disgusting if I take the cottage cheese and put it in the blender and whip it. So I dump two new cottage cheese containers into the blender and spin them this morning. Then I put one up and the other I leave on the counter to put in my oatmeal, which is in the microwave. Then I think to myself “grey slacks, white shirt, pink stripes” and dash back to the bedroom to pull that out of the closet for work. When I get back to the kitchen, Rita is licking her chops. There’s a white foam all around her mouth. I look on the floor, nothing there. Look in the dining room, nothing there either. Hmm. I don’t know what she got into. Ding! The microwave is done, I pull out the oatmeal and set it down next to the now empy cottage cheese container on the counter. RITA!

Lobbing cannonballs

I don’t know who this guy is, but he sure makes me laugh. And think. He’s sure got his shorts in a twist over the Bloodless Empire. There may be some truth in it, but I’ve got to wonder, Dude, where’d you get that ax and why are you still grinding it? Still, they bowed out of Financial Title Company and have been replaced with their pricey bretheren at Untied Generally. As for the Bloodless Empire filing new rates, aren’t they filed? Shouldn’t have been that big of a mystery. It’s not like all the other companies don’t fall lock step into line.

And hot hot tip! A little bird told me there’s a Ginormous lawsuit filed in Alameda County yesterday against Alliance Title Company and Mercury Companies on behalf of the employees. Not sure how it all goes together. Stayed tuned for the Karl Rove email trail and 18 minutes of missing tape. I was walking the dogs tonight and I thought “I wonder if Patty Hauptman is feeling the heat?” It’s the same kind of heat we all were feeling up until the day she shit canned each and every one of us. How’s the Manolo Blahnik fit on that other foot?

There’s monster in my pants and he does a little dance…

Some spam just makes me laugh. Today’s offering:

The trophy can now be in your pants…

That was it. It said nothing more. And you just know that came from some toothless guy in some godforsaken butt crack of a third world country. And you know they paid him in washers.

Beauty school drop out


Click me! Click me! Click me! I’m a thumbnail!

Poor Loki. He’s the greatest little dog. In two months my brother has done amazing things with him. He came and hung out why The Brother was driving Miss Daisy on Sunday. The three of them played great and Loki minded as well as Beau does. (In spite of himself Beau minds). He’s a great dog. Well, the SF SPCA and this parasitic sorry ass excuse for a dog trainer (one of the Bay Area’s premier dog trainers? Bullshit!) had the gall to write the rescue where Tom got Loki and told them that he hit Loki in class. Not only did she have her facts wrong (Loki did not get hit) but she thinks she knows how to train dogs. Give them more treats, give them more treats. NO, that just makes them fat chowhounds who do what they want. Correct the undesirable behavior and reward the desirable behavior. I’m a fan of the Monks, and the Dog Whisperer. (not the same style but parts of both theories make for a good dog IMHO). This horseshit that they practice at the SPCA is why people keep getting bit in San Francisco. What a bunch of wankers!

Here are some fine examples of Mullett Haiku.

Drunk at 3 p.m.
Requested AC/DC
Hootin’, hollerin’.

‘No smoking inside’
Save the butt behind my ear
Can’t kill the rooster.

Shirtless, beer belly
Judas Priest, ‘Breakin’ the Law’
Pissed off the neighbors.

Take her to Wendy’s
No shoes, no shirt, no service
Wait in the car, smoke.

No motorcycle
Tape player busted again
One teardrop tattoo.

Spent the night in jail
Super Lotto scratch-off win
Drunk, disorderly.

Let’s go to Wal-Mart
Need cheese puffs and wine coolers
Damn, the house won’t start

Now, I first saw Mullett Haiku on the Beer Church website. They had the finest selection of Mullet Haiku on the internet. It seems that they’ve taken in down. I’m very sad about that. Since the SF SPCA are such a bunch of pompous self absorbed ass clowns with (to steal a quote) a stick up their ass, we’re going to do some SFSPCA Ass Clown Haiku. Remember gentle readers 5/7/5.

Supposed to save lives
Forgot the Mission Statement
Now drinks bath water

Have at it!

A built in remedy for Kruschev and Kennedy

It’s been an interesting couple of days.  A note to our elected officials, when turn out is off the hook, that means people are pissed off.  Y’all need to do something.  And legislating against my damned dogs ain’t it.  Legislating against my living ain’t it either.  Today I feel like saying something out loud that needs to be said out loud.  When it comes to RESPA, it takes two to tango.  While Southern California is, in my mind a hot bed for these problems, unscrupulous (that’s how you spell it Skip) CLIENTS are just as culpable as the Title Rep or manager the arranges the violation.  Do you think sit up and night and think “Who needs their office refurnished?  Let me pay for that so I can get their business?”  No, they get asked or suggested or cajoled.  Why isn’t CAR suspending licenses?  I know some sales reps will offer to pay for leads for lender business.  Somebody with a California Real Estate License HAS to say “Yes, please title company, pay for my leads”.  Hey, Bob got me these great leads, you ought to call him.  It’s illegal for everybody involved.  Why isn’t everybody involved getting punished?  It really pisses me off.  You can’t buy a new agent a congratulatory bottle of decent wine for their first deal because a decent bottle costs more than $10.  I don’t want to buy a bottle for every fricking deal, but a new guy did good, why not?  Why are we such dirt bags that we have to abuse that?  We’re our own worst enemy.  I wish the DOI would do more for the big violators.  Most of the companies work the fines into their budgets.  Ten years ago they shut down FACOLA for, I can’t remember exactly, but something like three days or a week or something.  That hurts.  There’s your punishment.  But do your part DRE, don’t be sitting on your hands!  Somebody received what was given or offered.  That’s illegal AND unethical.  Pull their license!

Clinton and McCain

Should the theme be “back to the future”.  I don’t know that I want Obama and Romney, but good God!  Is that your “A” game?  I’d sure like somebody I could really get behind with little reservation.  I’m hearing Edwards has been promised the AG.  He’d make a good one, but I don’t know that he’d be McCain’s AG.  Just sayin’.

Little Miss Rita

Life is much better here at the farm now that it’s stopped raining.  It rained every single day through last Sunday.  On Sunday, The Brother brought over 10 boysenberry, I don’t know what you call them…sticks?  And 10 raspberries to plant in the back.  I got all 20 of them in on Sunday.  Yesterday I checked them in the fleeting daylight that I get when I race home and they’ve all had bud breaks.  Whee!  Anyway, the yard isn’t as bad of a mud swamp as it was, and the dogs are running and playing more.  Rita did really good up until when we went to school on Monday night, where she demonstrated her ability to forget everything she knows upon walking through a door.  One thing she doesn’t get is the countersurfing thing.  Actually, I think she gets it, she doesn’t do it in front of me.  She just doesn’t give a damn.  She also can’t figure out how I know.


You know I think it’s time to give this game a ride

This is like tossing the Wine Dog a big fat meatball to hit out of the park. I’m am pleased to announce that the Mercury Companies website is back up and running. For your perusal, I offer this and this. Apparently, time stopped in 2005 when they made a billion dollars. You’d think with all of that updating they did, they could have gotten the new financials up on the website. I guess you can kiss your IPO goodbye, eh Patty?

Helouise’s Helpful Hints

I just received all of my W-2’s as I know everyone else did. For all you unemployed, or under employed Alliance Title Company alumni, that W-2 came from Mercury Companies…didn’t it? It would seem to me that those are the bastards that owe you your vacation and commissions. Keep in mind, you’re still considered employed for 30 days according to California law when they don’t pay you your vacation and commissions. Especially after you demand it. Mercury is solvent, don’t let’m fool ya.

How ’bout that Super Bowl

I could kick myself in the head for not taking the Giants and the points. I’d been talking about it all week and then I chickened out when it came time to place an online bet. Jackass. How do you not put money on this guy?


This picture just makes me like him more. A note from Tony Romo to Tom Brady…leave Gisele at home. Just sayin’.

God’s own drunk and a fearless man

Tonight the Wine Dog’s got out a Clos Pegase 2001 Pegase Circle Reserve Zinfandel.  It killed with my blackened filet.  Deep dark color, dark ripe cherries, velvety with a clean finish.  A little bit of jamminess, a bit of vanilla and a bit of spice on this one.  Very well layered.  Wheee!

About my dog nephew

Poor Loki got 86ed from the SF SPCA today.  They just don’t get him.  He’s not a calm, lay around the apartment dog.  We don’t like dogs like that.  We like spitfires.  This bullshit where you train them with treats sometimes makes my eyes bleed.  My dog is wound up, so calm him down by giving him a tasty treat?  Not exactly.  You calm them down by taking control of the situation.  You are (or should be) top dog.  Training Doberman Pinschers is different than training lap dogs and Labs.  Doberman Pinschers are like Rottweilers and really any German you may know.  They’re stubborn, hardheaded and want to do what they want to do, nevermind the consequences.  To a Doberman it’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.  Loki wanted to play.  The SPCA trainer doesn’t understand dogs like Loki and has no business being in that position.  Loki got 86ed.  Shame on them.  What’s worse is what’s happening in the dog world.  There’s a lot of breed specific legislation coming down and that’s wrong.  It’s the owners, not the dog.  A well trained dog isn’t going to eat the neighbor.  Just like everything else, it comes down to education.   There’s this faction that thinks that you can only rescue mutts from the pound or you’re contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.  No, if I get my dog, and keep my dog and don’t breed my dog and my dog happens to be a pure bred Doberman Pinscher from a reputable breeder, I’m not part of the problem.  If I fail the alter a non-titled dog and that results in a litter and I find every one of them a good home, I haven’t done a great job, but I’ve done the right thing.  If my dog has puppies and I take these untitled untested puppies to the pound to be “adopted out”, I’m the problem.  If I breed a titled dog and don’t take back a puppy when something goes wrong, I’m the problem.  If I sell or give puppies to unscrupulous or uneducated individuals, I’m part of the problem.  Mandatory spay/neuter legislation isn’t going to do a damn thing except get up our asses for no real reason.  Educate the public.  It’s apparent how uneducated the general public is when a great dog like Loki gets thrown out of school because he’s an high energy dog.  Shame on y’all.

Labor Board revisited

The letter that the Skillz received yesterday apparently went out to every Alliance Title Company employee who filed a claim with the Labor Board.  Some of these people are owed thousands of dollars.  Thousands.  Patty Hauptman you unscrupulous twit, if you had one ounce of decency in you, you’d be embarrassed by that.  But you don’t.  We know that.  We learned the hard way.  I talked to a colleague yesterday who was told by Jerry Hauptman himself that he would always have a place with him.  Not exactly.  Anyway, I just though I’d point out that tons of those letters went out.  Now I’m not an attorney, but it seems to me that it was bad advice from the Labor Board.  Y’all might be much better off pursuing your own nut rather than getting this all balled up into a class action.  When I was at Morgan Stanley I worked 12-14 hour days six days a week for two years.  We didn’t get overtime or commission.  When the class action came down, I got a total of $5000.  I think that comes out to around .20 cent an hour.    Just sayin’.

Just gotta ask…

From: “hajia mariam” <hajiamariam@escrow-unlimited.com>
Reply-To: hajai_mariam0@yahoo.com.hk
Subject: Hello..Please reply with your telephone number.
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 16:51:47 -0500

Dear Beloved,

Due to the sudden death of my husband General Abacha the former head of
state of Nigeria in June 1998, I have been thrown into a state of
hopelessness by the present administration.I have lost confidence with
anybody within my country. I got your contacts through personal research,
and had to reach you through this medium. I will give you more details when
you reply.Due to security network placed on my daily affairs I cant visit
theembassy so that is why I have contacted you.

My husband deposited $12.6million dollars with a security firm abroad whose
name is witheld for now till we communicate. I will be happy if you can
receive this funds and keep it safe I assure you 20% of this fund.I will
need your telephone/mobile numbers so that we can commence communication.

Sincerely Yours
Hajia Mariam.

You’re husband died in 1998 and you’re just NOW getting around to writing me about this?  Please, for the love of God tell me you’ve at least given him a proper burial and he’s not wrapped up in a blanket in the in-law mudhut.

They give you damn near nothing, And they’ll say they knew you well

Some stuff shows up in the comments drawer and just needs repeating.  Today was replete with those items.  In the interest of not making folks dig through the comments, here’s an important one:

Got my response from the DLSE regarding my wage claim:

“The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) has received numerous complaints from former employees of Alliance Title Company throughout the state. After careful review, the DLSE has determined the most efficient method available to handle this matter is through a civil action pursuant to Labor Code section 98.3.

Should you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Ethera Clemons
Regional Manager”

SF # 415-703-4810

Comment by theskillz — February 1, 2008 @ 6:03 pm

Not what I wanted to see, but information you can use.   If Jensen could post the name of the San Francisco firm for everyone that would be helpful, or just ping me with it.  I have a couple of other firms who are also interested in pursuing this matter so the gentle readers can ping me for that.

EOinHell posted that she’d heard that 15 walked out on Financial Title Company yesterday.  Anyone have more info on that one?  I know where it wasn’t, I just don’t know where it was.

Mercury canned a 40 year vet yesterday.  Naw, we don’t need this stuff done right.  MTS will take care of it…just pay the claims attorneys.  Or have FATCO pay them, it’s their policies.

Terry Hartwell has picked up with NATCO out in the valley somewhere.  Hopefully good things will come of that for our friends in the valley.  With the interest rate down a point and a half there’s got to be a little relief out there.

And my cheap shot of the day.  I went down the the San Francisco Recorder’s office today to pull some old Macs and get a better copy of this piece of crap old highway document.  I saw an old friend from my Title Canyon days.  That’s when the title companies had offices inside the courthouse.  And we drank.  And they moved us upstairs because me and Billy used to have chair races in the afternoon.  The best part, the City didn’t charge me for the copies.  It really helps to be polite.

Rita Rita Rita

My little hound from Hell went to the vet yesterday to be sure there was nothing amiss.  I have not been able to get her weight over 49 pounds.  Yeah, I got my ass kicked by a 49 pound dog yesterday morning.  $200 later, my dog is very health, just burns a lot of energy.  No shit.  He says I need to put her on high performance food.  She eats freaking EVO at $50 a bag.  The damned dog eats better than I do.  How much more high performance can I get?  She gets a satin ball for dessert.  I think she needs a barbiturate.

Building a body for life

I got bored with not powerlifting.  I did a regular lifting workout for I think seven weeks.  I had enough and started back on the powerlifting workout on Monday.  I’m sore, but much happier.  I’ll be even more happy when I can start cycling again.  I’m down eight pounds since I started on December 10, I believe that’s 55 days.  Good solid progress.