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    Hoping to keep it rolling

    This morning’s weigh in: Weight 213FAT 37.0BMI 36.3 Now dropping a quick six pounds in a week is a beautiful thing. Today they’re bringing in lunch and it is my goal to have a Body for Life lunch, even though it’s Tony Roma’s. Hopefully I can talk them into bringing in some chicken, then if they have some corn, I’m home free.

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    Things are looking up

    Today’s weigh in: Weight 214Fat 36.9BMI 36.5 Now I have to make it through a breakfast meeting with no sinning today. I am focused, I will perservere. Tomorrow they’re bringing in ribs. I’m going to ask them to order me a chicken breast. I’ve made great progress this week and I’m not going backwards. The heat has gone away, and it’s normal weather here. I’m hoping for a still evening and a killer bike ride tonight.

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    Well, some good news this morning: Weight 215Fat 36.9BMI 36.7 Got my butt to the gym on time, didn’t screw around on the internet, all is good. The bike ride in nearly 90 degree weather yesterday was exhilirating. Beau’s leg which was worrying me, seems to be on the mend and I’m focused on swatting some golf balls tonight HooWee!

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    This pretty much sez it all

    Ok, I’ve passed Rubenesque, the Pillbury dough boy and entered into a place I don’t really want to be. My posture is off, my belly protrudes beyond things it shouldn’t protrude beyond and that ass is epic in the wrong way. The good news is today I was perfect, just like yesterday. I even went for an hour bike ride tonight. This will pass.

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    Start slow, taper off?

    OK, not a bang up start. Weight 218Fat 36.8BMI 37.1 But I didn’t get to the gym yesterday. I also didn’t eat anything that I wasn’t supposed to. I also kept my portions accurate. I didn’t make an afternoon Peet’s run (although that may be inevidible today). I did take a weed whacker to the shoots coming out of the lawn in the back yard. It was 90 degrees when I got home from work. I did do laundry last night and clean the kitchen. I did not sleep well as it almost 80 in the bedroom and something is wrong with Beau’s leg or back. He woke up crying…

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    Here we go!

    Starting a new challenge today. Off to a great start by waking up late, screwing around and not getting to the gym, for the first time in months. I’m not going to sweat the small stuff. Starting figures: Weight 218 FAT 36.9 BMI 37.1 I haven’t decided if I’m going to make up the workout tonight or just spend some time getting my life in order. I went to the Clayton Art and Wine Festival Saturday. Had a glass of wine at the house, walked down, had two pints of beer, walked back to the house, had four or five more glasses of wine and got my drunk ass driven…

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    Stop. Rewind. Play.

    After reading through the blog yesterday, or last night rather, I decided I really did need to rededicate myself to what I want to accomplish. I’m so overwhelmed, having taken a huge (read $50k) cut in pay to get back to work, and get the job I really should have, that I became paralyzed. I went to the BFL webpage and looked at what previous champions ate, since I know what my problem is. I put the book where I’d pick it up rather frequently, and I planned next week’s food. Breakfast Oatmeal and FF cottage cheese Snack 1 Beef or turkey jerky FF yogurt Lunch Chicken breast and rice,…

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    Need. Direction. Focus. Now.

    I’m having a rough time focusing. The monumental cut in pay I took to get back to work is painful at the very least. That pain is transcribing into stress eating. For the most part, I’ve kept it under control. I haven’t fallen face first into the food trough or anything, but I’m not making progress and I’m consistantly weighing in around 213-217. Not very happy with myself. I haven’t done an official challenge in a while and I’m thinking about starting one on Monday. 12 hard core weeks. I’m broke anyway so I might as well focus on the cheap things that I can do to make myself feel…