We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got

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Ike is doing better.  He’s been getting an Ascriptin twice a day.  I’m working on getting him some help, since he’s essentially a hospice rescue.

I took yesterday completely off, didn’t even fire up the work side of my computer.  I actually read a book in the back yard and didn’t sit out there thinking about all the things that I needed to work on out there.  The dogs ran, Rita slept in the bushes next to my chair.  Ike slapped his big ol’ head in my lap and it was a good day.  His pressure sores are starting to heal now that he’s sleeping on a comforter and not a hard service.  Like Bubba, he needs to know where I am all the time.  He doesn’t need to be there, he just needs to know.  Yesterday somebody was looking at the house for sale next door.  Bubba knew it wasn’t the owners and barked.  Ike stepped up to the plate and had a little something to say too.  I’m sorry I didn’t know this dog before he was so sick.  He must have been a force to be reckoned with.

A misconception, a mass deception, something’s gotta change

Let’s file this one under “It’s about goddamn time“.   Reading my email generally doesn’t take me to my happy place, but this morning this did.  Which is damned amusing because yesterday after trying to talk to Sonofabun on the phone and having it drop three times I finally got pissed off and decided to call and yell at AT&T.  The first call to customer service failed.  On the second try a very nice rep picked up the call and I had a hard time yelling at her.  She wanted to fix the problem and I kept saying “Honey, you can’t fix it.  AT&T is lying about their service.  What I want is a credit back to my account for every dropped call over the last 30 days and every dropped call going forward.  Fix the system or compensate me for the incompetence.”  26 minutes later I had to take another call.  Now the interesting thing about the iPhone is that it will run out of power in the middle of an important phone call, it will always drop an important phone call, but it will never drop a call if you want out of it or if you’re calling to prove a point.  It’s uncanny.  Interestingly enough this gal agreed with me that my dropped calls were unusually high.  I reiterated with her that it was a phone first and a toy second.  If in business I can’t talk on my phone, I suck, by extension, AT&T sucks.

Ike doesn’t like fireworks.  I’m going to have to have a discussion with the neighbors about that.  If that 81 pound dog could have crawled up my ass last night he would have.  He was not a happy boy.  He’s got thick calluses at all his pressure points, I’m sure from being left on cement.  The one on his elbow is a wide open sore.  I thought I’d put some anti-bacterial on it and wrap it.  He can’t move well so I didn’t think he could get it.  He did.  And I had to induce vomitting yesterday morning so that it didn’t accordian his intestines.  Before breakfast.  I’m getting him to eat now.  He doesn’t like his food in his bowl.  OAS said he prefers wet food but that’s not how we roll here, so it’s kibble spread out on the floor.  He also prefers that I sit with him while he eats.  So in the morning I sit on the floor in the kitchen and have a cup of coffee while Ike eats and at night I have a glass of wine and sit on the kitchen floor while Ike eats.  His gait is really bad.  I tried to get the VCA vet who worked on him for OAS to give me a prescription for 10mg of prednisone but she wanted me to take him to my own vet.  He can’t get into the truck on his own.  Taking him to the vet involves me lifting a 81 pound Doberman into the truck on my own, she could have been cool and just written the script, she knew the dog.  Not cool.  Ike has Spondylosis according to this vet. She says Wobblers is now a catch all phrase, blah blah blah but at the end of the day it’s neck disease.  He’s severely crippled, that’s the end result.  She says he has arthritis in his neck and needs to see a neorogist.  That’s more than I signed up for.  I’m hoping to get him some help in the next week or so.  One of my friends said the acupuncturist who treated Bubba worked miracles with her case so I’m trying to work that one out.  Things are pretty tight here after the lean green machine’s last trip out on the back of a flat bed.  Large vet bills aren’t in the cards.  I guess I should back up a bit.  I got the best Wobbler’s vet in the country to take my call on Thursday.   He suggested a neck wrap and 10mgs of prednisone.  Ike hated the neck wrap and got very depressed.  I’m going to try it again today while I’m at my bank owned open house…with the vodka-infused tenant.  It’s great to be me sometimes.

I think if that dog could give me the finger he would.  I’m going to wrap him again in a little bit and see how he does.

Bubba has been very good to him.  He won’t let him come around me when I’m eating but I think that’s because it’s bad enough that he has to share the scraps with Rita, he’ll be goddamned if he’s going to share them with that big moose of a dog.  I really think if they know what you want they’ll behave properly.  I told Bubba this boy was coming and that he was really sick and to be good to him and for the most part he’s been doing it.

And I begged them brothers, sisters, help me please

I had the pleasure of sitting down for drinks with a couple of old title dogs yesterday.  There was over 100 years of experience sitting at the table last night.  Only one was still in the business.  We all agree that Bill Foley is Satan.  I wonder when the wine industry figures that out.  They’re paying big money to the winemakers right now and buying up wineries.  We’ve seen this before.  We all nodded knowingly.  Support truly family owned wineries.  If you need some names I can give you hundreds of names of small family run operations that make great juice.  I’ve even got cheap recommendations.  This article just about says it all.  Fidelity taking advantage of a down market.  Fidelity taking advantage of weakness.  Fidelity exploiting.  That’s what they do.  Employees are still working for pennies on the dollar but Bill Foley took 171% increase in compensation last year.  Nice work if you can get it.  We had a quote last night about Fidelity and exploitation from a press release, but I’ll be damned if I can remember it this morning.

Dinty Moore seems to be getting into the game too.  They have always used these sorts of markets to position themselves.  And then they do nothing with it.  This practice always been a source of amusement to me.  Now if they could manage the rogue staff that would really be something.

This is just raw video, I didn’t edit out things like the beer bottle on the deck.  (I always go to one thing this crowd will pick out first)  Here’s Ike.  Yeah, he squatted in the video too, which is how unstable his legs are, he can’t lift his leg.  And yeah, his nads are intact.  He ain’t jumpin’ no fences chasin’ no skirt any time soon.  So they’ll stay.  He’s all boy, but he can’t do a thing about it.  He wants to play with Bubba and Rita pretty badly, but it’s all he can do to not fall over when they’re wrestling.  He was in such rough shape when I got him that I thought I might have to send him to The Bridge on the way home.  But he rallied.  He wouldn’t eat his dinner last night but I left his bowl down overnight and he ate it.  I left him in the family room with a big fluffy dog bed and two crates to potentially sleep in and he chose the slate.  Well played Ike.  He’s got one ulcerated sore on his elbow that I’m going to treat somehow.  I’m not sure how, but it’s pretty ugly and open.  And leaving yuck on my flooring.  And probably a good way for that dog to get an infection so I need a plan.

And finally, dolphyngirl likes to poke the sleeping bear.  That’s ok.  PETA is still a bunch of assholes.