We where flying high, fine as wine, having ourselves a big and rich time

Let’s go around the horn this morning.  I so love baseball season.  Being a Giants fan is how I know that my heart is strong and sound.  They break it nearly daily.  And the healed break is stronger than it was.  So here we go.

I picked on James Carville the other day.  He’s backed off his criticism of the federal government and zeroed in on Tony Hayward.  That is the correct response.  And I don’t trust him either.  BP needs to fix their screw up and when it’s all said and done the feds file charges and fines and such. Because I know that they cut corners and cherrypicked because that’s how corporations work.  They went for the cheapest, best case scenarios and threw out worst case in their analysis.  They all do it.  And let us not forget that 11 rigger families are missing a loved one.  Well, as loved as a rigger can be.  We had oil field trash bars in Southern California too.  It takes a special kind.  I know what that’s all about.

And those that know me know how hard it is for me to not get on a plane right now, but it’s the meat of the selling season.  Sell baby sell.  I don’t know who wrote this sound bite for her, but I’m afraid Sarah Palin actually made sense for a few seconds here.

If you’re reading this and you’re an unemployed title dog in the Long Beach area, ping me, I have something for you.

I have a traveler here.  He’s heading to Red Bluff next Saturday, but he’s here for now.

I had my Dad name him.  So a beautiful young dog will go through this life with my father’s moniker on him.  He is Sherman, named after a Civil War general.  Just like Beauregard was.  Actually my Dad originally named my stuffed dog Beauregard.  Imagine how hard it was for a 2 year old to say Beauregard.  And then years later I named my first Doberman as an adult Beauregard.  Sherman will be heading to the Northern California Doberman Rescue next week unless we find a good Bay Area adopter first.  He can’t stay here.  Only Magnum can have two male Dobermans at the same time.

Bubba and Sherman?  Probably not.  So Sherman is moving on.  He’ll get a great home, I know it.  He’s a great dog.  He doesn’t jump up and his personality is blossoming every moment.  He was doing terrible at the shelter.  They called us because they couldn’t stomach putting him down.  He was afraid of his own shadow yesterday.  Today he’s running in the yard with Rita, wagging his little stub and walking well on a leash.  We’re working on the sit thing and down is going to take a little while.  He rides great in the truck although he doesn’t know how to jump up into it yet.  He learned his name in about 10 minutes.   Right now Rita is chasing squirrels and he’s following her around.  He doesn’t know why.  He hasn’t figured out there is a squirrel in the tree.  He hasn’t barked yet either.  I’ll be interested to hear his voice.

Yesterday was Victoria’s birthday.  She’s one of the owners of Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants.  They reached into their private cellar and pulled out a bottle of OH MY GOD.  How about a 1992 Caymus Special Selection.  No shit.  I got to drink that last night.  Parker gave it a 94 back in the day.  It was love in a glass.  We all know I drink a bit of wine.  But I don’t get to drink really great ones that often.  The last amazing wine I had was the 1999 Jordan that they pulled out for our lunch up there.  When I went to Caymus with The Somm they pulled out the Special Selection.  That doesn’t happen very often at their sit down tastings, but it happened to us.  I put that wine up there with Opus and some others along that line that I can’t think of right now.  Because I had a lot of wine last night.  The Special Selection might be one of my all time favorite high end Cabs.  For the record, it ages nicely.  She also had out a magnum of Viader Vineyard’s DARE Cab franc.  I’d call that love in a bottle.  It’s a beautiful Cabernet Franc that time has served well.  She had a 2005 Oberon open.  That’s a Michael Mondavi project and a damned fine one at that.  And then something I’d never heard of.  We all know I’m happiest when I learn something.  La Jota 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon. Oh my God in a glass.  Howell Mountain fruit.  Amazing.  Happy Birthday Victoria, and thanks for sharing some truly amazing wines with us.