Good heavens Miss Sakamoto, you’re beautiful

We all know I lead a mostly charmed life. I am well aware of this fact.  And I am grateful for it.  There are hiccups, but if there weren’t hiccups it wouldn’t be life.


Last Sunday I was invited to an event at Conn Creek. I’ve mentioned their AVA room before.  I’ve even had dinner in their AVA room.  Sunday they set me and a bunch of other bloggers loose in the AVA room with beekers and wine glasses.  It’s kind of like the Mad Scientist meeting the town drunk.


The Napa Valley is an appellation and there are currently 14 sub-appellations.  An AVA is an American Viticultural Area. You can’t make this stuff up, it has to be blessed by the ATF.  Seriously.


  1. Los Carneros
  2. Mount Veeder (no fun on a bicycle)
  3. Oakville
  4. Rutherford
  5. St. Helena
  6. Spring Mountain
  7. Diamond Mountain
  8. Calistoga
  9. Howell Mountain
  10. Chiles Valley
  11. Atlas Peak
  12. Yountville
  13. Stags Leap
  14. Oak Knoll

Each is a little different in their own little way.  The mountain AVA’s such as Atlas Peak, Spring mountain, Mt. Veeder have cooler weather in the evenings and it can get warmer in the summer.  Carneros is right off of the San Pablo bay so it’s going to have a cooler marine influence.  Carneros fruit can be similar to Sonoma County fruit because of the coolness.  That region yields excellent Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.  The elegant Cabernets come from the mountainous regions where the grapes have to fight to produce.  This intenifies the fruit which in turn makes for the heavy structure that a Cab needs.


All I remember about Chemistry is the periodic table hanging in the class room.  And the fact that if I took chemistry I wouldn’t have to dissect an animal.  So I memorized the table.  But the beekers next to my wine glasses was pretty cool.

The AVA room is lined of a barrel of wine from each of the AVA’s.  On the other side of the room all by themselves were four more barrels including one each of Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.  These were the other five components of a Bordeux blend.  I was so making a Bordeux blend.  Or so I thought.  I set about tasting each of the AVA’s and taking notes.  They had the barrels lined up by the intensity of the fruit in the barrel.  I started with the Carneros, but I really wanted to get to the Howell Mountain in a hurry.  In the back of my mind I felt that I needed to taste every one of them because there was going to be something somewhere that I was going to need and I needed to know what it tasted like so when the need came up I could say “Yep, that just needs a little of this”.  The really sad thing is that I left my notes up there.  The really strange thing is that I discovered the Luscious Lush can read my writing.  That makes her the only person on the planet.  And that scares me.


It took me five attempts to get what I was looking for.  After the fourth I asked a few other folks what they thought was off.  I had a good finish but no mid palate at all.  I’d been using the Stag’s Leap and Atlas Peak intermittedly for a base.  In the end it was the Atlas Peak with Diamond and Calistoga to fill it out.  I put in about 15% Malbec for balance and 3% Petit Verdot for color and I think ultimately finish.  To me it tastes like a 3/4 done chili, which is what I was looking for.  I expect time in the bottle to finish it off.  I kept reminding myself that essentially these were barrel samples and I had to visualize where it was going to go in time to get it right.  I’ll report back later on how it all turned out.


Somebody thinks that just because she grew up in the Valley HERS is “Perfectly Blended”.  We’ll see.  Actually it was very good.  We all made our own labels so we ended up with names like “Big Dog Red” (it was that or “Dog House Red”) “Cupcake Blend” (with a cherry on top) and a real Gingerbread man stuck to a label.  Did you really expect us to behave at the end of the day?

And the victim well he won’t come back

I really think that Rita is a criminal.  A cold hearted psychopathic criminal.  A sociopath.  That dog is not right.  Monday I took Bubba out with me for a training session.  When I train them I take them out singularly.  Rita is happy in the back yard so I left her out there.  When I got home she had opened the back door, but I wasn’t too concerned about it.  Later I saw her “eating grass” behind the oak tree.  This is typical so I didn’t investigate.  Then Bubba went out to “eat grass” behind the oak tree.  Grass grows there, why would I investigate?


Because Rita had gotten into the house, gotten up on the counter, stolen a brand new unopened package of English Muffins and took them out BEHIND THE TREE where I could not see what she was doing and ate them all.  That is the sort of premeditation that can only be expected from real dark hearted criminals.  Keep in mind, the only time I have ever seen this dog totally at peace was after she assasinated the rat in my office.  The dog is a criminal.

Down to Gasoline Alley where I started from

There was something I meant to write about from my trip, but almost forgot.  Almost.


I assume this is part of either TARP or Arnold’s cutbacks, but nearly every rest stop on the 5 is closed.  Either way it’s a bunch of crap.  Closing every other one makes sense.  Sending motorists through the belly of this State without a place to pull over and stretch or potty break is crap.  But that’s what the State of California has done.  Add to that the fact that I drink gallons of water when I drive.  It’s almost a nervous habit or something.  It started with the powerlifting.  Powerlifters drink gallons leading up to a contest.  It flushes the system and helps you make weight.  It also kind of cleanses the road out of you so you feel pretty decent when you arrive.  Especially when you’re going to spend 10 hours in a car getting to an event.  Closed rest stops become a ginormous problem.  But it shouldn’t be, because you should be able to stop and buy gas at a filling station and their restrooms are available right?

Wrong.  I don’t think there is anything worse than stopping at a gas station that is clearly located on a highway route and finding out that their restrooms are “Out of Order” or “Closed” or “No restroom”.  You see, I don’t think they are.  I think some cheap ass toad doesn’t want to pay to have them working, clean, stocked and in decent condition.  Why would I think that?  It’s the way people now act in American.  Nobody cares about doing a good job or the right thing, just did I get mine and can I not pay taxes on it.  Small business owners are the worst at that.  Now that I am a small business owner, I make those sorts of decisions every day.  And every day I strive to make the right one.  Not what’s right for me, but what’s right, period.  And if you’re a filling station owner the right thing to do is to have clean, well stocked restrooms available to your customers.  Period.  And another pet peeve of mine, some some of that freaking receipt tape in your pumps.  After you leave me out in the rain and the cold and the wind to pump my own gas, don’t make me walk back into the station to get a freaking receipt from the same jerkoff that didn’t clean the restrooms.  Which pump was that?  I don’t know it’s the one next to the green BMW that doesn’t want to be here any more but you’re lazy ass is wasting my time, in the rain.  Because I remember before “Self Service” and “Full Service”.  I remember when they were called Service Stations.  I remember when a guy used to come out and clean your windows and check your oil and water while your gas was being pumped.  So don’t chase me around for a freaking receipt if you’re going to make me do all of the work.  Get your lazy butt out there and change the stupid little tape.

When I pulled off the 5 in Kettleman City and the Mobil there had a giant sign in the window that said “Clean Restrooms”, I didn’t even notice the price of gas.  I did think that it was pathetic that they could advertise that and get me to pull in and buy their gas.  Then I noticed the price of their gas and it was comparable to the other four stations I could see from the pump.  Actually less than two others.  And angel sang.

So dial zero for assistance if this all confuses you

Yesterday was a really frustrating real estate day.  The first guy I was supposed to meet didn’t even bother to show up.  Or call.  The second guy was legit and we had preapproved him so I knew he’d show.  Super nice guy.  I had eleven properties to show him.  That’s a ton but it was his first venture out and I wanted him to have a complete understanding of what his money would get, so it was educational.  Of the eleven, one was an REO, three were vacant and the rest required appointments.   I dutifully called six occupants and seven listing agents.  One listing agent returned my call and set up the appointment.  One.  One guy didn’t know we were coming even though I’d left him a voicemail five hours earlier.  Another guy was turning agents away at the door because his daughter was sick.  Why the little twit didn’t answer his phone or call back to cancel is a mystery to me.  I guess wasting my time, my client’s time and the fossil fuel it took to drive up there only to be turned away doesn’t matter to him.  Sorry, I’m glad you’re getting evicted.  Learn some manners.

But that’s not what we’re writing about today.  Today is about the wine portion of my Southern California adventure.  Normally there isn’t much photojournalism of these adventures and if there is, it’s usually best to keep it to yourself.  But I’ve got a good one this time.


The rest don’t make my two favorite lady realtors who aren’t me look as stunning as they are in person, so I’m skipping those shots.  And there’s one more than I don’t think we killed, but we certainly got into it.  An Agua Dulce Angeles Crest Chardonnay.  I don’t have the year on that one but it’s definitely flying under radar.  For coming from somewhere that wasn’t Carneros, it certainly had a lot a characteristics that you find in some of the big California Chardonnays.  It was buttery and oaky and creamy.  I was impressed that it mimiced the thing they look for in Carneros Chardonnay with fruit from the Antelope Valley.  Next up was one of the tasty treats I brought with me, the Benessere 2005 BK Collins Old Vine Zinfandel.  Generally I don’t like old vine Zin but I do like Benessere’s old vine Zin.  A lot.  It’s a fruit forward, lush, jammy, loud Zinfandel with a peppery finish.  There’s some earthiness in the middle, it’s just a party in a glass.  I love this Zin.  Next up we got in to the Rosenblum 2006 Lyon’s Reserve Zinfandel.  I find Rosenblum to be hit or miss.  They make 39 different wines, seventeen Zinfandels.  That’s a lot and sometimes shit’s going to get sideways on you.  As I rule I don’t grab a Rosenblum unless I really know what I’m doing because they’re so spotty.  But this one was a gift so I thought I’d share.  BTW, clients who bother to buy their realtor a good bottle of wine make it all worth it in my book.  This one was so worth it.  Not as “in your face” as the Benessere, but full of jammy fruit up front with a nice pepper finish as well.   There was some elegance to this Zinfandel that came from it’s balance.  It had what it takes to stand up after the Benessere, but did nicely with our snacks.  Next up was the La Storia 2006 Petite Sirah.  A dark, purply, inky offering from winemaker Miro Tcholoakov.  A deeply concentrated wine with a smoky, coffee, tobacco and dark ripe blackberries.  Typical of Miro’s wine this had incredible balance and a nice tannic finish.  We were on to dinner by the time this one got opened and it went beautifully with our south of the border feast.  But then we drank it all.  So our hostess pulled out another treat.  The Rosenblum 2003 Boot Camp Vineyard Zinfandel.  There’s something to be said for leaving a wine in the bottle for a few years.  It did this wine well.  It had a lush complexity that can only be achieved with time in the bottle.  It most certainly had been mellowed by time.  The fruit was opulent without being in your face.  Gentle tannins on the finish.  If they still made that one I’d be all over it.  And the Spaniard.  What can be said about the Spaniard?  I don’t think I’ve talked about a Twisted Oak wine here, but I’ve had a couple of them.  OK, I’ve had El Jefe’s entire line way too many times to count.   I have yet to make the pilgrimage to Murphy’s, but why go to Murphy’s when they bring Murphy’s to you?  He makes some of the most interesting wine out there right now.  Because quite honestly I get tired of the same old same old.  Yeah, it’s a gift to make an amazing Napa Valley Cab.  I’ll give you that.  But it’s the hand of God that makes a Tempranillo in the California foothills.  Or a Mourvedre named “River of Skulls”.  Or the Spaniard, essentially a blend of Spanish varietals.  Geeky shit that no one else is doing.  Really geeky.  Who’s growing graciano fergodsakes?  Jeff is.  That’s a level of uber geekiness that would be difficult to understand had I not been shipped out to those special classes in the 5th and 6th grade.  I still don’t know how a 5th grader was supposed to ghost write Nixon’s inauguration speech but that was one of our assignments.  Seriously, one of the guys in that class became a nuclear physicist.  He is retired already and sits around writing poetry.  No shit.  Another is the President of a division of Tyco.  That’s the kind of guy it takes to dream up a wine called Murgatroyd and call it a “Kitchen Sink blend”.  Well, the Spaniard is an amazing bottle of wine.  We had the 2007 version.  One word Tempranillo.  It’s becoming my grape of choice as of late.  Bold, bright lively fruit, nice depth and balance, spice and pepper on the back end.  A little tight on the finish, but it was my last wine of the night and sometimes I think your palate is through after four bottles of wine.  OK I was through after four bottles of wine but I couldn’t leave the Spaniard alone.  I think if we had let it open it the tightness would have disappeared, but after four bottles of wine a lot of common sense gets checked at the door.  The good Wine Dog says “Let it breathe”, the bad Wine Dog says “Drink it before you fall asleep”.  Everybody is saying to pair it with lamb.  Maybe we’ll see a Spaniard at next year’s Family Massacre.  Of course the Cousins might be serving buffalo and ostrich next year.  They’re geeks like that.

I thought about the ghost that we left behind

In case you missed the comments section yesterday, Professor Shays left this little jewel for everybody.  It doesn’t help the Alliance employees yet, but recovering 92% of the unpaid vacation, commissions, notary fees for the Financial and Lender’s Choice folks is pretty remarkable.  A big PBE thumbs up to the Labor Commissioner and in particular David Balter who prosecuted this one.  Nice job dog.  They’re still working on the Alliance case and for all of you who got stiffed, I hope he’s equally successful.  The law has been laid down, what Jerry Hauptman and Patty Hauptman did was wrong.  For what it cost them in attorney’s fees, and the settlement, they did not benefit and that’s a good thing.  You know how a lot of companies do stuff wrong because it’s cheaper to fix it when they’re caught?  Not so much for Jerry and Patty.


Yesterday I went out to throw some people out of their home.  Merry Christmas.  Actually in this guy’s case Merry Christmas asshole.  This house is in a gated community, although I’m not really sure why.  The houses aren’t that nice.  I’ve seen much nicer homes that weren’t gated.  The house is actually in his wife’s name, never a good sign.  He barked at me about how he was going to sue me.  You’re not going to sue me you jackass.  You sue the bank.  I’m just the schmuck standing at your door.  Then he went on about how much money he put down on the house.  At the end of the day it was about $40k more than I put down on this place.  Only he paid over a million.  Maybe they overbought.  BTW, he still hasn’t really pissed me off yet, so I’m just letting him run.  I reiterate how he needs to call our office and let them know what he’s planning on doing and how his rights are spelled out in the letter I gave him.  I also tell him that if he feels the foreclosure was not just he should talk with an attorney.  I would get sued if I told him he didn’t have a case or told him an attorney couldn’t help him.  So I always tell them that if that’s what they feel they need to do then they should do it.  Then he says “It’s all Obama’s fault”.  For some reason I could not help myself.  I said “Actually, no it’s not.”  There may be a lot of things that will ultimately be laid at Obama’s doorstep but the mortgage meltdown ain’t one of them.  That’s Bush.  And a few pals.

Historically the real estate market is cyclical.  There was an adjustment in the early 70’s, the early 80’s and the early 90’s.  I remember the one in 1991 the most simply because it was severe.  People who bought homes in 1991 spent the next six years upside down.  And a Bush was in the White House.  Savings and Loans failed.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Flippers and investors get caught flat footed.  Homeowners shouldn’t matter unless they’ve had a catastrophic event in their lives, like job loss, loss of income, serious illness or a death in the immediate family.  Otherwise they can just keep tooling along until the market comes back.  And it will.  It always does.  There’s a reason that as financial advisors we never put older people in stocks, only bonds.  If the stock market crashes they may not be able to make up the loss in the period of time they have to make it up.  The bond market is much more stable.  It’s like investors and homeowners.  So when this guy whined to me that the house was worth less than what he owed on it I didn’t have a lot of sympathy.  My feeling on that is “so what?”.  Are you going to continue to live indoors?  Then shut up.

This turd of an economy can be laid squarely on the doorstep of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan and George W. Bush, saving a bit for Paul O’Neill, John Snow and Henry Paulson.  Glass Stegall?  Never should have been repealed.  The removal of all of the regulation?  Bad move.  And I’m well aware the Bill Clinton participated in it.  Bush and Greenspan used smoke and mirrored economics after 9/11 to keep the economy rolling because it was stuck in a snow drift on 9/12/2001.  I was sitting in an office at Morgan Stanley looking at my telephone.  I couldn’t get a wrong number to ring through on that bitch.  It was two weeks of nothing but crickets.  It was stalled out.  It was the end of irrational exuberance.  Then the barely regulated mortgage industry got busy.  2001 should have been the beginning of a market contraction but Greenspan and Bush opened up the Treasury Fun House.  And here we are.  It’s a lot of things, but it’s not Obama’s fault.

So when this guy tells me it’s Obama’s fault that he lost his house all I can say is “you’re an idiot”.  Get off of your fat ass and get a job.  And for the love of God turn off Fox.  The mortgage mess is not Obama’s fault.  He’s actually done some good things to help people stay in their homes.  There’s a DIL/Lease exchange program out there.  These things will help prevent blight in the neighborhoods and help families in danger of being displaced.  It will also weed out the riff raff who think they’re going to walk away since they’re upside down.  It could potentially speed recovery.  For those who did chose to walk away even though they had no change in circumstance, I hope it does speed recovery.  And I hope we’re recovered long before those asshats can get another home.

Yesterday I walked away from this jackass, because in my book he’s just another jerkoff who blames everyone else for his problems.  Two words for you dude.  Personal responsibility.

Run around yellin’ “I gotta Mustang, it’ll do eighty”

Whoa, road trip.  I left Friday morning for Laughlin, Nevada for the AAU World’s.  The trick heading to a meet is to get out of the car every two hours and stretch but make good time.  I took it just a smidge farther and made my lunch so I didn’t have to stop except to fuel and stretch.  I made Laughlin from Concord in eight hours and change.  As I was approaching the road to the town there was a cop there stopping everyone.  He was Tribal Police.  I had passed another Y to the left where a cop had that blocked off.  This guy was turning us all around and sending us into Laughlin via Arizona.  Just what you want to do after eight hours and change of driving.  Highway hiccups are the theme of this trip.

Saturday morning I set a total of four records in the AAU.  Squat 85kg (187.2lbs).  Bench 90kg (198.2lbs) and Deadlift 125kg (275.5lbs)  The deadlift was a personal best.  Not sure about the squat because I squat so infrequently in competition.  The cycling is helping my squats a lot so I’ve been doing more squatting than I’ve done in many years.  After the meet I headed to Rancho Mirage to go to Camp David.  I haven’t been there in over two years, just due to circumstance and the economy.  Mostly the economy.  It seems like light years ago, but I did lose my job twice since 2007.  And I did just start a business in a terrible recession.  These friends or one of the few consistencies in my life, but it had been so long that I couldn’t remember the house they lived in.  Once I got there I remembered everything except the pool.  The desert is a fascinating place.  If I were to have a second home it would be there.


Those are wild finches getting after the fresh bird seed in the feeder.  The hummingbirds out there are amazing.  Unfortunately time means the dogs I knew had moved on and new dogs lived there now.  Meet Tony.


He’s a cool little dude.  Greyhound and Chihuahua.  There’s another little guy but he’s camera shy.  Also brindle, like a miniature Tony.  They don’t yap or shake or do anything of that annoying shit that Chihuahuas do.  They’re cool.

On Monday I headed down to San Marcos to see some other friends.  The news said the storm was supposed to hit between 4-8pm.  I thought I’d get to San Marcos by three and miss it all.  Idiot.  Driving from Rancho Mirage to San Marcos is a westerly trip.  A Pacific storm is heading easterly.  Time adjustments should be made.  It started raining around Corona.  I didn’t take them mountain route because I was afraid of the weather.  By the time I got to the 15 it was pouring.  And blowing.  And scary as hell.  There was a pick up off to the side in a ditch and the tow truck hauling him out.  I slowed (from the 55 I was going on a 70mph strip of highway) as did the car to my left.  There was water rushing across the freeway that we couldn’t see.  The guy next to me was just in front of me so when he hit it he buried me in a wave of water.  Then I hit it and hydroplaned.  Luckily I got off the gas when I started hydroplaning.  So for a moment I was driving blind and out of control.  Scary shit.  I’ll talk about the wine tomorrow, but suffice it to say, the wine was amazing.

Yesterday I got up at the crack of dawn so I would have plenty of time for silliness.  I had to pick up the dogs by 5pm.  If I was out the door at 6am and held the course I should be home by 2pm.  Plenty of time to get the dogs.  I got out on time and stopped at the Starbucks on the corner.  I was talking to the girls behind the counter about my ride down to San Marcos and then mentioned I was heading home.  Where’s home?  I always say Walnut Creek because people know where that is, even though Concord is bigger.  One of the girls said her best friend lived there and was supposed to come see here the day before except the Grapevine was closed last night.  I’m sure it was, but I’m thinking it’ll be open by the time I get there.  Not so much.  By the time they opened the Grapevine I was in Ventura.  On the 101.  So the home route was 78E, 15N, 210W, 134W, 101N, 154N, 101N, 680N home.  One the of by-products of a rain like that in the southland is that you can see the San Gabriels.  This happens about once a year.  I took this from the 15 around Norco.


Yes, that’s snow, but look!  It’s the San Gabriels!

You vitriolic, patriotic, slam, fight, bright light, feeling pretty psyched

President Obama needs to sit down with the Iraqi government and the Afghanistan government and lay it on the line.  We’re there because of Bush’s terrible policies and Bush’s incompetency.  It’s not a problem of Obama’s making.  However, like the economy, it is a problem he has inherited and problem he must solve.  And history will judge him on how he gets us out of George Bush’s mess.  Obama needs to tell both governments to provide an Army and a Police that can stabilize their own country because we’re going home.  The criminals who are setting IED’s and ambushing our troops needs to be arrested by the local police and government and dealt with according to local law, which I believe involves some beheading and other delightful medieval stuff.  I don’t care, they shouldn’t be our problem any more.  I understand that they need the extra troops to stabilize it, and I want to see more NATO troops in there.  You should have seen the House of Commons lambasting Gordon Brown on a lousy extra 500 British troops.  In retrospect it was probably just as idiotic as watching our Congress, it just sounds better with a British accent.  Afghanistan and Pakistan need to understand that there’s some unfinished business and the quicker they solve that unfinished business (i.e. provide the head of Osama bin Laden) the faster we’re completely out of the region.  And then we need to stick with it.  To quote Young Frankenstein, our previous foreign policy “was doo doo.”


I was having a conversation with a Broker who was clearly a conservative.  But he was a conservative and not a Republican and I acknowledge the difference.  He said “George Bush was a boob”.  That needs to be repeated often.  We have lost thousands of American soldiers for nothing in Iraq.  That is a travesty.  We should have never been there in the first place, it was all a lie.  We should have focused on Afghanistan, found the REAL terrorists and arrested them.  And handled them like the criminals they are, not shuffled them around in some habeas corpus never never land at great expense to the taxpayers.  And then executed them after they were lawfully convicted in a court of law. Because we were attacked by terrorists during the Bush Administration on our own soil.  We knew it was coming and his response was “now you’ve covered your butt” when he was informed.  George Bush was a boob.  And Dana Perino you are too ignorant for words.  STFU.

[youtube 4kpfhGxJbLc]

And some folks are up in arms because the Obama administration won’t go on this station?  We should be up in arms that it exists in the first place.

Those of you who have been following me for a long time or know me in real time know that I also think Bush’s original handling of Afghanistan was wrong too.  I think he should have picked up the phone on September 11th, 2001 and said “We’re on our way and we want Osama bin Laden.  We know he’s there.  Cough him up or by noon tomorrow your landscape will be turned to glass.”  Period.  But he dicked around for 32 days before he sent anybody anywhere.  It’s funny how short term every one’s memory is.  Obama sets a time line to release his decision and he’s “dithering”?  Bush lets a wounded Nation fester for 32 days and, well, isn’t that the height of incompetence?  We have teams of guys who love to go balls out and take care of business.  He had those guys at his disposal and he DITHERED around and let Osama bin Laden escape into the tribal mountains of Afghanistan and ultimately Pakistan.  “George Bush was a boob.”  Here we are eight years later and somehow this is Obama’s fault?  STFU.

Can’t believe you fake it

I would be really pissed off if I weren’t so relieved. When I got to the vet yesterday he sat me down and told me to relax. He was not happy with the results on Bubba’s tests and made the lab retest what they had and recheck their work. They came back with “Oops”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He took a second biopsy to be super sure, but it seems like the lab made a mistake and wasn’t smart enough to know that there was something wrong with their results. Today I could make a list of things that I would like to do to the Pathologist. They would include drawing and quartering. Execution. Public flogging. And then I would go medieval on her ass. After I screamed at her in a little tiny room for an hour or so.  He wants her fired. That’s not bad enough for me. I’m writing a letter to be presented to the lab basically explaining what her incompetence did to me and those who care about me and my dogs. Today’s phone call should be the all clear for Bubba and that makes sense. They did not find IBD but they did find the other condition in his gut. He’s being treated right now with Prednisone. We’ll adjust the dosage in a couple of weeks. He’s gained back to 69 pounds, he was 65 when I took him in. He should be 75-80.


I understand mistakes happen.  We all goof things up now.  I do stupid shit.  But telling someone their dog has cancer when he doesn’t is monumental.  It is the height of incompetency.  When my vet called them to verify the first time, that should have been a clue that the animal was not presenting as if he had cancer.  That should have been the hint to look at the sample again.  But this person didn’t do any of that.  And she made me and those who care about me and my dogs ride a terrifying roller coaster yesterday.  For that, she should lose her job.  And be drawn and quartered.  And listen to me berate her in a little tiny room for about an hour.

[youtube kQFKtI6gn9Y&NR]