Your prison is walking through this world all alone

Fences are dividers.  They either keep something in or keep something out.  I’m big on fences.  They keep my dogs safe.  The first thing I did when I bought my other house was rebuild all of the fences.  $7k worth of fences.  Both neighbors jacked me on that project.  One guy said he’d pay half of the part that adjoined his property and never did.  The other bartered with me, after saying he would and I ended up taking several hundred less than he owed me just because I was afraid the alternative was nothing.  The relationships with those neighbors was never the same.  There was never an ounce of trust because they’d shown what they were made of.  Now my neighbor to the right has shown what they’re made of.  The fence I’m pissed off about is a divider.  Before they started their little project the two front yards adjoined and were an expanse of light and air.  Now there’s this divider.  I’m not as pissed off about the fence as I am with the spirit that went into it’s creation.  I can work with the fence.  I can’t work with people who behave like that.  As angry as I am about it, I’ve chosen to do nothing.  My theory being at the end of the day, they will always be the assholes that built it.  I will always be the bigger person for not reacting.  Ok, I might have glared at her the other day when I was trying to finish clearing the front yard.  And those who know me know that if I glared at someone in anger, well, she’s lucky she didn’t spontaneously combust.  I was just having a moment, and they’ve been screwing around with the damn thing for ever and it’s not done.  Now I just wish they’d finish the damn thing.  I’ve never seen anyone take so long to build a fence.  They poured the posts probably a month ago.  That sat for a week or so.  They he loose framed it.  He’s got exactly two panels complete.  Now when I built a fence with Professor Cousin, there was the potential between the two of us to over think the project into the third millenium.  We built it in two hours.  So I really don’t understand why it takes this guy a month to build a half fence.

My neighborhood is really an interesting little place.  The more diverse something is, the more characters that are hanging around the better I like it.  That’s one of the reasons I loved living in San Francisco so much, the characters.  I remember going out one night to a party being hosted by Carl English, the firefighter who’s  Firehouse #1 barbeque sauce had just taken off.  We showed up at the party on Muni, road with Carl in his limosine from several locales to anothers and took a cab home at the end of the night.  (Carl was still at the party).  The point is, who shows up to a party on Muni and leaves in a limo?  I love that town.   My neighborhood is a little like that.  I’ve got the bi-polar drunken Irish lady a couple of doors down.  She goes away on a 5150 a couple of times a year.  There’s Gene next to the corner.  He doesn’t seem to work.  He’s my age.  He inherited the house, which he also grew up in with his Grandmother.  The house is immaculate.  The yard is park like.  He owns chickens that he’s trained and they hang out with him in the front yard when he’s working out there.  The Chef from a local country club lives across the street from him.  They took the worst house in the neighborhood and dumped around $100k into it making it very nice now.  It took about 3 months from start to finish.  The two houses at the end of the street are both trainwrecks.  The one on my side is just pure white trash, no question about it.  Broken down cars on the property, a hanging blue tarp, lots of those plastic yard chairs and a general sense of filth.  The house on the other side is my favorite house on the block.  That’s where the bleeding heart liberals live.  That house was built well before the subdivision which was built in 1958.  She hand makes signs and posts them in the front yard.  She accurately creates new signs for each new issue.  And she spells all the words correctly.


She has plenty in favor of Obama.  Then it was No on 8.  Now it’s health care reform.  There are always 5-10 signs in the yard and she takes those pens most people use to write “Go dolphins” or whatever their kids swim team is named and writes messages on all four of their trucks.  (they run a landscape business).  The funny thing is their yard is usually as bad as mine.  A couple of weeks ago someone came along and tacked up signs on their property that said “Take your junk yard and move to Canada”.  I’m sure they were referring to the signs, since sending liberals to Canada seems to be the GOP’s solution to just about everything.  Did she take the signs down?  Nope.  She did weed the yard.  I love her.  Recently she’s posted a couple of Bible verses on one of the trucks and the house.  They were two unusual ones that I had to go look up.

Matthew 25:35 35For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,

Matthew 25:40  40“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

She’s applying these to health care reform and that makes sense.  It’s just she’s got these bumperstickers on all the vehicles too.  Stuff like “Straight but not narrow”, “Jesus was a liberal”, “We cannot solve today’s problems using the mindset that created them.”  “Sorry I missed church, I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian”.  So when she started quoting Bible verses on the front lawn, it just makes me laugh.  It probably really pisses off the two Yes on 8 houses, but those guys piss of the rest of us.

There’s Bruce across the street.  He’s a diabetic and has lost both of his legs.  He’s a gruff guy.  I figured out in Concord he was going to be a hard core W guy.  Nope.  He was the Union steward before he became disabled.  He’ll sit out front when the weather isn’t so scorching and I’ll go chat with him.  He was an electrician and he’s got great stories.  The old guys up the street all know about my Mustang, they’ve seen it in the garage, so they’ll come by to chat about it.  One guy is a retired metal fabricator.  He’s got a couple of old cars himself and has made the parts he’s needed.  Another guy has a Javelin.  Who still owns a Javelin?  Our neighborhood doesn’t come up at all on the Megan’s law website.  We don’t have riff raff passing through because the street is circular.  You have to want to be here.  We chase off the guys who steal the recycling.  It’s that kind of place.  It’s not the sort of place where you build fences like that.  And that’s why I’m so bent out of shape about it.

Some white trash version of Shania karaoke

Grab your bleeding liberal hearts, I’m on a roll this morning.

First up, the most important.  Forever burned in our memories is the events of the morning of September 11, 2001.  Those of you who know me, know I wasn’t in the title business when that happened.  That particular event drove me back to the title business, but at the very moment it occurred I was working for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.  I had gotten to work early that day.  I was a broker and we had to be in our chairs by 6:30 a.m. every morning because that’s when the stock market opens.  Once your book of business started rolling you didn’t have to do that, but the rookies had to.  I think it was part of Wendy’s hazing.  She was the toughest, but one of the fairest people I have ever worked for.  And she had a $10,000 funded trust set up for her Golden Retriever if anything should happen to her to be sure the dog was properly taken care of for the rest of it’s life.  I learned from her and adored her.  And I got my ass in my seat on time.  I got into the elevator at 101 California and this kid Jeff was in there coming up from the 2nd floor.  (Where compliance was located)  He says “Dude, a plane it the World Trade Center”.  Really?  Like a Cessna or something.  “No, dude, like a 747 or something”.  So I follow him up to his cube, which was diagonal from my cube and they interrupt the replay to show the second plane piercing our offices in New York.  The second plane hit that thing right around Morgan Stanley’s offices.  Right where Jeff and I and thousands of other squids had stood watching out the windows on breaks from our month long training at that site.  The headquarters was located there.  We used to be able to see planes flying BELOW us in those windows.  The buildings swayed in the wind.  You could feel it.  We bought tickets to the shows at night at the Half Price Ticket counter in the lobby.  The elevators in that building were the size of rooms and held 7o some odd people.  Don’t ask me how I remember that.  And now the building was engulfed in flames.  The news cameras were going back and forth between the buildings and you could tell that the media was freaked out.  Bush continued to read My Pet Goat to school children.  I looked at Jeff and said “We’re under attack, they’re going to shut this building down.  I’m freakin’ outta here.”  I left the building and got on BART.  All of Charles Schwab’s employees were already there.  Schwab’s management had arrived at the same decision I did.  They were all freaked out and crying.  Then I realized that the Transbay tube was a great target.  I decided if my number was up, it was up.  I was so not sleeping on the way home.  Five minutes later the management at 101 California shut the building down.  I was home by the time the first building collapsed.  The stock market was closed for the next week and my commission only career was torpedoed.  Two weeks later I took over as the plant manager at American.

Since then there has been a sea of lies and bullshit surrounding the events of that day.  You have to know that I would have a copy of the 9/11 Commission Report.  There are some inalienable truths to that day.  Most importantly, Condi Rice and Bush missed it.  They had the report (bin Laden determined to attack inside US) and they blew it.   And 3500 people died that day.  They kept us safe, except for that one day that they didn’t.  And they spent a lot of time telling us lies.  We know that  because even the mainstream media has debunked a ton of crap we were fed over the last eight years.  Saddam Hussein never did have weapons of mass destruction.  But with all the lies and crap we were fed over the last eight years, no one behaved as egregiously towards the President as Rep. Joe Wilson (R) SC did last Wednesday night.  Worse yet, this little shit stain did not even bother to present a proper apology.  The Party leadership called him and told him to apologize so he did.  Barak Obama is the President of the United States.  There is a certain level of decorum the President is afforded in person.  He is not Mr. Obama, he is President Obama.  Or Mr. President. Or Obama in reporting.   Shouting “You lie” from the floor of Congress is appalling.  I would be equalling disgusted if a Democrat did that to Bush, in spite of my conviction that 80 percent of what left his lips was lies.  He was the elected President of the United States and a certain amount of decorum is required.  Period.  Rob Miller who is running against Joe Wilson in 2010 raised over $700,000 yesterday.  I hope Joe Wilson goes down in flames.  Discourse if fine, but I’ve had my gut full of these people in the public eye acting like petulant children.  It’s time the Democrats grabbed their balls and stood up for something. They’re the ones who are failing us.  If they did a better job of getting their message out we wouldn’t have to deal with the likes of Joe Wilson because his constituents would know that he’s ignorant.  Speaking of ignorant, I know that the most of the ire about the illegals here in this country are directed towards the Hispanics.  Did you know there are over 2 million illegal Chinese just in the State of California?  They don’t go to the ER for fear of being caught.  So what’s this really about?

We all know the best health care in the country is the health plan afforded Congress.  I am on board with Senator Boxer.  She is calling out everyone in Congress who won’t approve a public option.

“If you don’t vote for this then give up your health insurance, because your health insurance is run by the public. It’s a government run plan.  And if you don’t think it’s good enough for you, then drop it and then don’t offer it.  But if you’re going to keep it, you’d better give other people the chance.

Can the Senator from California get an “Amen”!  Which reminds me of one of my favorite Bette Midler lines.  She was discussing her former backup singers, The Staggering Harlettes.   Miss Midler has been asked what projects her former back up singers were doing these days.  She retorted “One is starring in Married with Children, the other two are Senators from California”.

[youtube P_JlAx-TtXU]

Liberals are Americans too.

Finally, the actual point of this one was that today has been declared a National Day of Service and Remembrance.  I got this from my blood bank and since I’m due, I’m going down and giving a pint.  I did not give blood on 9/11/01.  I waited 10 days because I knew the outpouring from the public would get them what they needed that day.  I wanted to be sure they had something for later.  So I encourage everyone to do something for their country today.

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, inspired Americans to come together in a remarkable spirit of unity and compassion.

In April, President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act which, for the first time, officially recognizes September 11th, as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

This September 11th, all Americans are asked to remember that Tuesday eight years ago and to recommit to service in their communities.

A powerful way to serve our community is through the act of blood donation.  The transfusion of blood from one human being to another transcends political and social divisions, nationalities, ethnicities, and creeds.  One human being giving blood to another is a gesture that unites us all.  It is our link with the future – and a way to say yes to life.

To donate blood, please visit   or call 888-393-GIVE (4483).

To learn about other service opportunities close to you, please visit

You can read the President and First Lady’s call to service for September 11th here:

Thank you.

Set restrictions, separate from the world

It’s a three day weekend. All this means to me is I have an extra day without the office badgering me about some keys missing from some lockbox in some remote location. Or a phantom broken window. Or a door lock that doesn’t work but really does work. The ultimate result in my world is a little time to catch up on stuff, before I get beaten like a bad dog tomorrow. I used this time wisely to open my mail. Hey, something had to fall by the wayside around here. It’s the mail. I found stuff clear back to just after the 4th of July. Makes sense. That was probably the last time I opened my mail. Generally it’s a thankless process. This time I found a thank-you card from a client with a $25 gift card to BevMo. (Wish I’d seen that before I went there on Saturday), an $80 a month reduction in my auto insurance. Remember when they jacked it up for smacking, ok destroying, the travel trailer? (We’re going to come back to that one) A notice that my polling place had been moved, something I should have opened say last Monday. And the most shocking thing I’ve ever received in the mail. An apology from American Express with a $320 check attached. (insert the sound of the record needle being ripped across the vinyl here) What? Yes, an apology AND a check. Signed by the CEO and everything. Here’s the back story, complete with Seymour Butts reference.

While American Express never charges a fee for a declined convenience check, we sincerely regret that you may have incurred fees from your bank or a merchant as a result of the check no clearing. As an expression of our sincere regret, please find enclosed a payment in the amount of $320.00, which represents $160 for each American Express convenience check that we did not honor.

We recognize that as a result of our declining your convenience check, you could have been placed on a “bad check” list or similar registry. To assist you in removing your name from any such list, we have enclosed a letter, which you may presnet to any party that maintains such a list, that explains your convenience check was not declined based on insufficient funds, a closed account or any other reason that typically justifies placing an individual on a “bad check” list.

I am certain this has little to nothing to do with me in particular, any letter I wrote or their corporate citizenship but has everything to do with either the threat of litigation or impending Government action. No matter. It’s money found. Woot!

And just because this is such a source of amusement…

I spent yesterday helping a friend get her place ready to sell. I need to load the listing up to the MLS in a minute. Anywho, I had to put another load of green waste into the truck but didn’t get home until after 6pm yesterday. There was my neighbor working on his fence. How best to convey my aggravation? Load the truck. Why? Because shovelfuls of green waste make a hellacious amount of dust and if it’s close to another work area, like say a fence building project, well, it makes working on that project a hot slice of hell. I quit shoveling about 15 minutes after he gave up. I’m waiting for him to come out this morning to finish loading up the truck. He’s figured it out, but his wife is the driving factor. He’s going to have to do something to find some middle ground or explain to the City when he’s done why it’s built absolutely to code. Of course not a moment before it’s complete. Passive aggressive behavior should be left to the professionals.

[youtube QxCOY4MFg0g]

Something has left my life and I don’t know where it went to

It’s going to be a little light this morning, so maybe we’ll sneak in link dump.  Actually, I think I’ll throw in The Google keywords of the Weak Week as an opener.

fidelity national title claims department -that’s got to make their claims department just proud to know that people google them and come here.

boylove -you sick bastards.

jocelyn saenz escrow fraud -this one was hot last week.  not finding anything new though

RESPA -God knows we don’t have any useful information on THAT here.

Bill Foley Wine -Hopefully they learned about our boycott

jerry hauptman colorado bunny -Is Jerry dating a bunny now?

Old title insurance people never die -No we don’t.  We come back as zombies and eat your brains.

Dan Gaudrau -this one was hot last week

That was like a trip down memory lane.  And did I get some spot on bonzo journalism back when all of that was blowing up.  Clearly there is a lot less going on right now.  I will say to the Evil Empire, you posted stellar profits last quarter.  It’s time to restore those salaries and rehire those workers.  Do the right thing.

And it’s time the FREE THE PINK BUNNY.  I’m tired of being banned by the Bloodless Empire.  Apply the pressure.  For the record, in response to their banning I have allowed exactly one transaction to go through them.  That was only because it was a builder escrow.  It went through their San Jose escrow and it was the worst transaction I’ve had since I’ve been selling real estate.  They barely paid attention to anything throughout the entire transaction.  The builder moved it to another company and then back to FATCO during the process and after two months they still hadn’t gotten the deposit back from the other company.  It’s like it was too much work to get off their fat asses and do anything about it.  They changed the gender of my client, sent the papers to the wrong address and still haven’t gotten him his refund a month later.  I will fight against allowing another transaction to go through that company for the rest of my career.

Speaking of the Bloodless Empire, look what they spent in legal fees and they’re no where near getting this to court. In practice, they’re trying to run out the clock on the Plaintiff, can’t fool the Wine Dog.

Here’s a little something to keep Skip and OTG busy.  I know how you guys love this stuff.  Looks like a creditor’s rights issue, with a dash of broken priority and shaken with a heaping helping of matters known, created or assumed by the insured.

And while we’re in court, glad to know they’re following up on this stuff.

And on the topic of ridiculousness, really.  God knows the rabid right wing wouldn’t want kids to stay in school, study hard and be good students.  Actually, they’ve found that this birther/Glenn Beck/Tin foil cap crew is predominately white, Southern and barely educated.  Who cut education?  Reagan.  Nuff said.

A constant wave of tension on top of broken trust

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned the front yard here recently.  It got out of control this year.  Basically, I’ve found that if you work for yourself, at least in my case, you work harder and longer hours.  Generally on Monday and Tuesday, I work 14 hour days.  On Wednesday I can get it down to about 12 hours, Thursday about 10 and Friday around 7-8, then there’s usually four hours each day of the weekend.  Sometimes I’ll skip one day completely, but it’s rare.  And occasionally I’ll just run away and drink wine or watch falcons or both.  I rehired my housekeeper about 4 months ago so that part of life around here has moved along as it should.  There is and has been no landscaping here.  And the house needs to be painted.  The exterior has needed painted since I bought the thing in June of 2007.  It’s bare wood that should be either sealed or painted.  I’m sure the old woman that I bought this place from never did either.  So not only does the front look like ass, there are weeds about waist high in the front.  After a long day of throwing people out of their homes, I would come home to my place that looked a lot like a few other agent’s listings.  (not ours, I make sure the lawns are watered and taken care of)  As a matter of fact, my neighbor has been installing a half fence between the front yards.  This really chaps my hide.  But she’s one of those pious NIMBY church ladies that I really don’t have much respect for.  Last election I watched the pastor stop by and drop off “Yes on 8” yard signs.  OK, right now I have no respect at all for her.

In June when I initially decided to I could redo the front yard I called the Contra Costa Water District and said “Hey, I’ve never had landscaping here and I live alone.  Can I get a special dispensation (from the rationing) in order to get this place up to par?”  No.  Really?  Because my neighbor has a beautiful expanse of green lawn and washes all three of his vehicles every weekend and I’d just like to get my place up to the minimum standards of the neighborhood.  Nope.  How come he gets to wash three cars and water his lawn every day and I can’t do anything?  Now keep in mind, this is the same Contra Costa Water District who supplies water to Brentwood Water and Antioch Water, but those guys have ORDINANCES REQUIRING people to keep the lawns green.  WTF.  So I get pissy and let it go all summer.  And then the neighbor started putting in that half fence.  And that really pissed me off.  So I waited another two weeks and then realized there was only one way to properly send her to the moon.  Hire a truck load of day workers.  Because I know she TRIES not to sound racist, but I know she is.  So Sunday morning I went down and got me a truckload of dayworkers.  They hollered at each other in a language I don’t understand, played really loud Mexican music and generally were pretty obnoxious.  And the front yard is stripped.  Two loads have gone to the dump but the dump here is charging me nearly $50 per load.  I ran out of budget last weekend, so I’ll take the rest down this weekend.  Last night she came over and knocked on the door.  It was already dark.  Her husband has been out of town for nearly two weeks now.  Because he’s gone their green can is empty and did I want to load some of the stuff into their green can.  Not tonight, it’s dark and I’m still working.

Someday a real rain will come and wash this scum off the streets

I had to go over to San Francisco today to meet a client and visit with my acupuncturist, one of a collection of natural healers who glue my tire old body back together.  I should probably hire a witch doctor.  Anywho, I also got a couple of commission checks today so I spent too much time downtown trying to spend one of them.  (I spent none)  By the time I got to the bus stop there was no making it on time on the Hayes 21.  So I hailed a cab.  Occasionally, I think we all need to ride in a taxicab.  My guy never stopped talking.  Some jewels include:

  • “Where are the clergy?”
  • How’s that?
  • “The Bible says we’re supposed to care for the sick and the weak.  Where are the clergy with all this health care nonsense?”
  • Interesting point.
  • “They were all up in arms and in the street when the gays wanted to get married, but now that we want to heal the sick they’re no where to be found.”
  • I suppose they aren’t.
  • “And it’s not like they follow the book to the letter.  There’s only one place where they even mention gays, but look at all the places they say not to charge interest.”
  • (I’ll have to look that one up)
  • “And the Bible says not to start wars.  They don’t need to follow that part”.
  • Actually maybe they should
  • “That’s what I’m saying.  They just take the part that they want”.
  • Ouch mon.
  • “What gets me is these old people on Social Security and Medicare who don’t want a public option.  What do you think you got?”

We should all take a taxi cab now and again.  And in lieu of real content, Bubba in repose.


And a falcon up close and personal.


Proud to be an asshole from El Paso



(redirected from secessionism)

The U.S. Civil War was the result of the single most ambitious secession in the history of the United States. In February 1861 South Carolina seceded from the Union, and Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee followed suit shortly thereafter. These states seceded because they objected to attempts by the federal government to abolish the enslavement of black people. The mass secession led to four years of civil war and the death of hundreds of thousands of people. The seceding states established their own government called the Confederate States of America and fought the U.S. military forces with their own army. When the Confederate forces were defeated in April 1865, the seceding states rejoined the United States.
Also found in: Dictionary/thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Hutchinson .

The act of withdrawing from membership in a group.

Secession occurs when persons in a country or state declare their independence from the ruling government. When a dissatisfied group secedes, it creates its own form of government in place of the former ruling government. Secessions are serious maneuvers that lead to, or arise from, military conflict.

A secession can affect international relationships as well as the civil peace of the nation from which a group secedes. Most countries consider secession by a town, city, province, or other body to be a criminal offense that warrants retaliation using force. Because the primary mission of most governments is to maximize the comfort and wealth of its citizens, nations jealously guard the land and wealth that they have amassed. In rare cases a government may recognize the independence of a seceding state. This recognition may occur when other countries support the independence of the seceding state. However, for most countries, the involuntary loss of land and wealth is unthinkable.

Most countries have laws that punish persons who secede or attempt to secede. The United States has no specific law on secession, but the federal government and state governments maintain laws that punish Sedition and other forms of insurrection against the government. On the federal level, for example, chapter 115 of title 18 of the U.S. Code Annotated identifies Treason, rebellion, or insurrection, seditious conspiracy, and advocation of the overthrow of the government as criminal offenses punishable by several years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines. These are the types of crimes that can be charged against persons who attempt to secede from the United States.

Just for shits and giggles, let’s highlight a little portion.

On the federal level, for example, chapter 115 of title 18 of the U.S. Code Annotated identifies Treason, rebellion, or insurrection, seditious conspiracy, and advocation of the overthrow of the government as criminal offenses punishable by several years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines.

[youtube BmqtNiy4lgc]

Why is this man not in jail? Enough is enough. Throw this sonofabitch in jail where he belongs. He has committed treason. Be done with him. How does he run for Governor of the State of Texas? Texas continues to be an embarrassment for the rest of us.

Equally embarrassing is the jackhole up in Redding who called himself a Right Wing Terrorist. Really? Here’s your silver bracelets, the bus to Leavenworth leaves in 15, don’t be late. Or the imbecile Congressman who AGREED with him. Wally Herger is an embarrassment.  Has anyone noticed besides me how the hysteria got a lot worse when a man of color was elected into the White House?  It’s not even thinly veiled.  Perhaps the Representative from Kansas, Rep. Lynn Jenkins could talk about the real Great White Hope.  Dumb racist bitch.

[youtube BIjNqH-Xg50]

Speaking of embarrassments, Glenn Beck. Why does this man still have a job? He’s losing sponsors by the fist full because he called the President a racist. And people are whining about it. No, he should lose his job for that. It’s an outright lie designed specifically to inflame. It has no other purpose. There are certain things that go beyond the bounds of decency and his bullshit crosses those boundaries regularly. He rants about czars and elements of the Obama Administration who “don’t answer to anyone”, while Dick Cheney, who truly has answered to no one does a bunch of softball “interviews”, noticeably never on a real news station. Beck’s mother was a paranoid schizophrenic who committed suicide, and I don’t think the apple falls far from the tree as far as mental affliction is concerned. The weird thing is I’ve watched the guy and he’s barely literate. The only reason he has an audience is because this country is equally illiterate, a condition we all know I blame on Reagan. He spouts this paranoid contrived horse crap about “they want to….[insert some wild eyed conspiracy theory here]” Really? They do? Who they? (sound paranoid or schizophrenic?) He can’t possible mean the Democrats because they’re still the train wreck they’ve always been. They can’t even agree on the direction to take the health care bill. Think they were directionless before, wait to we get a load of them with Teddy gone. What on earth makes anyone, short of a delusional think there’s a “they” in the Democratic Party. There ain’t a they there. There’s a joke about liberals screwing in a light bulb in there somewhere, surely someone can help me out. And if you can’t help me find the door, how about helping the State of Texas out the door.