Right before your eyes we pull laughter from the skies

Some of you had BETTER guess that line correctly. Just sayin’. I do answer requests and today’s answer has to do with Body for Life. Unfortunately pink marshmallow bunny peeps are not an authorized food.


Body for Life is a program developed by Bill Phillips. I believe at the time he worked for EAS. Down the line it was sold to EAS and all the products mentioned are now EAS products. Their good stuff, but pricey. Lots of professional athletes use EAS products. I don’t know that the average Joe needs to. The fundamental precepts are simple. Six small meals every day consisting of a fist or palm sized portion of an allowed protein and an allowed carbohydrate. I can’t remember how many servings of vegetables are supposed to be in there, but I throw vegetables in there whenever I can. Generally, only twice a day and I think it’s supposed to be three times, but kale in my Post Whiffies just doesn’t seem right. Here is the list of authorized foods. On the fats I stick with olive oil, canola oil or nothing. Generally, I just spray a non-stick pan and leave it at that. NOTE: there are vegetarian proteins listed separately. Then there is a training component to the program. That is divided into two parts. The weight training and the cardio. It takes a while to get the cardio right. Most people, including myself end up not getting enough intensity. When you hit the 10’s on the cardio, you should be just about ready to puke a lung. If not, work harder.

I do the eating portion of the program. I augment it with wine and bad behavior which is why my results tend to stall out. When I do it properly, I’m very successful. My weight training is a powerlifting routine so it’s a lot more intense than the Body for Life training program, which is a straight beginning bodybuilding program. Here is my weightlifting program. When I imported the blog over to this domain the X’s turned into _’s so just imagine 1X2 rather than 1_2 and you’ll see how it goes. It’s a four week cycle. The current change is that on Wednesday I do kettlebell swings to warm up and on cardio days I work out on the Graviton before I start my cardio. That’s it in a nutshell. I’ll start sharing some recipes again soon. They can currently be found by clicking the Eating for Life category. There’s some stuff already posted. The beef stew is off the hook.

Currently, I’m gearing up for the Best of the West at the end of March in Sacramento at BodyTribe. These guys are really cool. A gym with no mirrors. No glass, no ass. Just heavy lifting. I love competing up there with those guys.

Parting shot

Cheap entertainment. Feel free to post your results. The Wine Dog is 56% Dixie.

He had a gang of crapshooters and gamblers at his bedside

Sometimes things crop up that just make you feel mortal.  A couple of days ago a very well known woman in Doberman circles passed away.  I knew she’d been sick basically the whole time I knew her.  What I didn’t know was that she was the same age as me.  When I saw her obit come across and it had the date of birth as January 1959, I took notice.  Quite honestly, having not met her in person, only spoken on the phone, I thought she was in her sixties.   We worked together on a Doberman that had been rescued and was severely malnorished and I believe had a broken femur.  This gal made things happen.  She worked on the DPCA legislative council and fought valliently against Breed Specific Legislation.  Another woman had passed away a couple of weeks ago.  I knew her name but had never personally dealt with her, just seen posts on various Doberman lists.  I found out yesterday she was only 47.  She lived in the PNW and rescued and bred and showed Dobermans.  Between these two ladies they did a ton for the breed.  In both cases, I thought they were much older than they actually were, just based on accomplishments.  I had a conversation with a friend of mine after her mother passed away last year.  We were talking about obituaries and how ours would read.  I joked “I better get off my ass because mine’s pretty thin right now”.  We laughed but I know we’ve both been thinking about getting off our asses.  (If I keel over tomorrow you are all REQUIRED to show up and bring pink marshmallow peep bunnies.)

It’s all about Patty Hauptman

The Hauptmans get where they are because they count on people to cave.  I would venture a guess that if you talked to ANYONE who sold the Hauptmans a company they would tell you about the bad taste that transaction left.  Probably anyone who has done business with them would have the same bitter after taste.  I personally know of over $250,000 owed to former employees, not counting the number the Mike Vera tossed out in his interview with Silicon Valley,  and not that many people have discussed how badly they got hosed.  The real number has got to be in the millions.  I implore you all to follow through.  The chickens have come home to roost.  Who gets the chicken shit?  You or Patty?  Do I need to post more pictures of their vacation homes?  I’ve been hearing from various sources that there’s some reindeer games going on out in San Joaquin County.  Y’all are showing up en masse to court?  May the Force be with you.  And write us and let us know what you can (with out tipping your hand on your case…of course)

with the barkers and the colored balloons

Yesterday I ran my ass off and finished the half fence. I had to do all the work as the day laborers that I got down at the Home Depot spent all their time taking siestas. Evidence:


Lazy bastards sleep with their eyes open. Anyway, I did manage to get the fence complete in spite of my dead beat helpers. The gate is hung, but not complete.


The problem with manuel labor is what it does to my hands. They crack like cement workers’ hands. I’ve tried L’Occitane shea butter, Udderly Smooth, (the instructions admonish you to wash udder and teat parts throughly wth clean water and soap before each milking to avoid contamination of milk) and Zim’s Crack Creme. And my hands are still cracking and hurt like hell. My middle finger broke open on the golf course today and bled like I’d been playing a contact sport. While it is a good idea to wear a helmet and a cup when golfing with me, golf is not a contact sport.

For what it’s worth, I love where I live. As much as I hate BARF, every night as we pull into Walnut Creek you can see Mt. Diablo casting it’s shadow on all of Contra Costa County. I live about a mile away from Mt. Diablo. I couldn’t be happier. Yesterday I went for a beautiful bike ride and only spent about a third of the time on city streets. Today I played golf about a mile and a half from my house. The course (which is now a little bloody) is on the edge of Mt. Diablo State Park. I don’t spend enough time taking advantage of this park, it’s gorgeous. Last time I took Beauregard out there some cows followed us up to the cattle grate. Beau wasn’t too sure about the whole bovine thing. Rita hasn’t seen a cow yet. It should be interesting. She has some serious prey drive. Sonofabun’s rat terrier bit me yesterday. I told him that next time he sees me, I’m bring Rita and telling her he’s a fat squirrel. That SOB has bitten me once before and broken the skin and snapped at me numerous times. Yesterday he couldn’t break the skin because he’s only got one tooth let, that snarky old smelly little bastard.

I was fooling around with the camera this weekend and got this shot:


Doesn’t Beau look a lot like a realtor in this shot? Sans the Photoshop. He was so disinterested in the fence construction and the squirrels in the tree that occupied every moment of Rita’s time and every ounce of her attention. He’s really kind of an old lady at time. He really just couldn’t be bothered with either of us yesterday.


Yesterday, the attitude was free. He was pissed off that I came home smelling of Sonofabun’s dogs. He didn’t know that the ‘Toine had tried to gum me to death again, and that my job was simply to let the little snots out and get them some food and water. Trust me Beau, they got NO LOVE. OK Bogey got a little, but ‘Toine is just a bitch.

I will explain Body for Life in a day or two, today I’m more interested in Hayseed Dixie.

And here’s a little test for y’all.  I caught up on some Law and Orders this weekend.  They had to one where the guy was the Foreclosure Consultant and was taking $50k outside of escrow and running.  (I’m sure the old Title Officer in me didn’t mean to grin when they hooked up the EO on a murder rap.)  He was getting the property through Quitclaims that he told the people were just until their credit was cleaned up.  Now, I know this is a typical scheme in these times, but usually they base things on real cases.  Anybody know what case this was? I know Financial Title had a problem in Hayward or San Leandro or something like that and they hooked up the EO, but I suspect this case happened back East.  Anyone?

By the way, contest is open until the 28th to name the 4th quarter loss for FAF.  I’m at 48.6 and dolpyngryl came in at 68 mil I think…grab your chance to win absolutely nothing!

Tach it up, tach it up, buddy gonna shut you down

The State of California likes us to smog our vehicles. I’m good with that, I think it’s a good idea. I’m just not so good with what it costs to get it done. Especially since the BMW registration comes up the first week in November and the truck registration follows in December. With the holidays and everything else and then paying the registration, sometimes paying the smog too is just a little more than the old budget can swing. So I’ve learned to pay the fees and wait to get the smog letter back and then go smog them. I have never had a vehicle fail. I’d like to think that it has to do with the fact that I do keep my vehicles in good working order. When something gets hinky, I get right on it. I change the oil regularly and do regular services. I should probably wash them more often, but there comes a point where you have to draw the line. That’s where I draw the line. If I have time to get the oil changed and get the 35 empty water bottles out of the back seat, that’s a good day and the actual act of applying soap and water to the exterior can be waived that weekend. It’s particularly stupid because my gym membership allows full service the local car wash for $10 instead of $20. It should be a no brainer, but by the time I remember again (again because it’s 6:21am and they aren’t open for another 99 minutes) it will be 2pm and the line will be out into the street. So it’s strangely complicated for me to wash a car, or two. Anyway, I got both vehicles in yesterday and $250 later, they both are now smogged. The original plan was to take the truck to the place on the corner and walk the Hounds of Hell to the pet store for bathes. But that place was a something and something and not a Test Only and there’s a difference and I had to drive clear down to Heather Farms to get it done for $80 more than a regular test would have been…because it’s a 1994 truck and anything before 1995 has to pay more. Dear State of California Department of Motor Vehicles, that was a rip. It passed, just like it’s done on every other every other year since 1994. Thanks for giving it to me up the ass yesterday. There was nothing else I could have done with that $80 yesterday. I wouldn’t have bought dog food, or people food for that matter. I wouldn’t have paid a bill or put it in the bank because I just didn’t need that extra $70. $160 to smog a vehicle is a rip.

Unfortunately the Test Only place was no where near a dog bath so I had to take them for a walk instead. They did great. They’ve actually always walked well together. It was the first time I’d walked Rita with Beau outside of our neighborhood. She was a little leery of some of the people we passed on the walkway (we were at Heather Farms). But I used her “leave it” command and she did great. We stumbled upon the Heather Farms dog park. I stood there for a few minutes considering letting the Hounds of Hell off leash to play with other dogs and then remembered Rita protecting Beau from Loki (protection Beau didn’t need but Rita was hellbent to provide) and decided that any dog that chose to play with Beauregard might be in for a long morning and thought better of the whole thing. Upon arriving at the Test site to get my truck there was a guy there with two Corgis. He wasn’t a very smart dog owner. His Corgis were acting up and talking dog smack at my dogs. I moved back so that a car blocked my dogs view and the Test Site guy came out to me. Then this jackass with the Corgis moves so his dogs can see mine AGAIN. Well, my guys have something to say now. Now I have not one, but two Dobermans barking back, talking their own version of dog smack. The Corgis now look like two Pepperdine students that went to East LA to prove they were cool. And my dogs are Jimmy the Nose’s enforcers. So I move again and tell the guy to please keep his dogs out of the sight of my dogs. (not mentioning that his little delinquents started the whole mess). So he does, for just then. I sign my papers, get my cert and head back to my truck. As I’m giving my guys the command to get up into the truck, Beau’s head starts swiveling around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. (Yes, I did ask Linda Blair to “do that head thing” one night when she came in and sat down at the bar I was tending) This makes Rita’s head start whirling around and this Ass Clown with the Corgis is now walking his dogs over towards where we are. Dude, could you have just pulled your head out of your ass long enough to let me get my dogs into my truck and drive away? And I’m sure it would be my fault if something went hinky, even though your dogs were jawing at my dogs from the get go and you thought there was nothing wrong with that and didn’t attempt to correct your little munchkins.

Began career at the Continental Baths

On the way back up the hill, I stop at the dog baths and there are two Doberman already there. I stopped by the register to pick up a couple of towels and said to the gal “Have you ever had this many Doberman Pinschers in here at the same time before?”. She didn’t think so. As it turned out, it was this guy Frank, who I had met at the Lafayette Street Fair. He’s got a beautiful bitch and a rescue boy. The boy is floppy eared and skinny. The bitch is being shown today in San Jose. His daughter will be handling her. Frank took a look at Rita and said “Worms”. I told him I’d wormed her, and he said that yeah, they were dead but it would take a while to get the weight back on her. He asked if she was flighty and she is in constant motion. He said it’s from the worms. Their tummies are still damaged and it takes a while for that to heal and when it does, she’ll put the weight on. He said she’d never have the nice mass the Beau or his bitch does, but she’d eventually fill out like his boy had. I enjoy running into this guy, he’s a good guy. Two dogs washed, priceless. Their coats are so gorgeous and all the mud from the three weeks of raining is gone.


You can see here that she’s got some musculature but just isn’t carrying an extra ounce of fat. And not one squirrel came out of the trees yesterday. You can also see how beautiful her red is when she’s clean.

I also spent some time out at Lowe’s (my home away from home). I got the wood for the fence. After some mathematics I determined that pre-cut picket stakes was the most economical way to go. It looks pretty good too. I’ll finish this off and hopefully build the gate today.


And so we are told this is the golden age

OK, this just chaps my hide. There is a new government program that helps people get Converter Box coupons for the new upcoming switch to all digital television broadcasts on February 17, 2009. Of all the ignorant stuff my tax dollars are going for…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are taking my tax dollars and making it possible for some person who can’t afford to upgrade their television to continue watching American Idol? For the love of God, NO! I should not be paying for this. Budweiser and Miller Lite and Coco-cola and every single hair product,  beauty product, Chevrolet, Mercedes and Ultimate Driving Machine that has ever been sold on a television should be paying for this. Not me. I would concede to paying for it for low income seniors and people who are so disabled that they can’t go out and play. After that NO! I watch about an hour of television total per day. That’s at the end of the day when I can no longer comprehend anything else and I need to chill before I hit the sack. It’s that last bit of the day where I know that if I read I will retain nothing. I supposed maybe I should get a book of poetry and read the same thing over and over again and do an experiment on how long it takes for the information to sink in. Or maybe a Bible verse, or the Koran. If all my televisions blew up tomorrow, I’d be okay. I’d miss the Biggest Loser finale, but I’d be okay. The Brother doesn’t even own a television.

I don’t know, it just seems like really skewered priorities in this country. I don’t see the government buying us books to keep us entertained, but oh yeah, we’ll pay so you can keep up on Access Hollywood, and Wheel of Fortune. I don’t see the government paying to pipe the Internet into people’s homes. That could get a lot of underemployed people better jobs by allowing them to take classes online and apply for better jobs. They ain’t paying for that. Nope. But their paying to keep the babbling box running throughout this country. Could it be that books don’t have commercials? Could that possibly be why we’re paying for these converter boxes but not books or Internet service? It makes it pretty damned clear who’s running this country.

And on another political note. I really don’t give a goddamn if Roger Clemens was given steroids or HGH or sheep whiz. I don’t. Quit wasting my money on that and solve some of the issues in this country, like the crappy state of education. Educate our poor and they can get good or even better jobs or even take themselves to college. Then I can stop paying for them and we all thrive. Is that so damned hard to understand? And by educate it’s a lot more than sitting in class and learning sentence structure. (which I never did learn and still question my need to know it) Teach them how to live. I would much rather teach a poor child how to keep his things nice, his neighborhood nice, the real meaning of respect, how to be kind to animals, love his God, treat his spouse, use his money, what foods to eat to stay healthy, how to care for his children, how to read a document so he doesn’t get ripped off. Some math skills, some trade skills and maybe just how to live. So many kids are products of situations where the parents aren’t capable of getting a bowl of cereal on the table for them in the morning. Let’s teach them differently. I used to dress next to an Oakland school teacher at Gold’s in Oakland. She told me the hardest part was kids that couldn’t pay attention. She’d ask them last time they ate. Generally it was the day before at the school lunch. They all had headaches and couldn’t concentrate. We can’t get their absent parents to come to the table, but we can feed these children and teach them and turn them around. That is more important than Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds or Jose Canseco or Andy Pettite. That is more important than paying for converter boxes. When we have solved THAT problem, then we can worry about entertaining ourselves.

And speaking of bowls of cereal, no, I don’t know who pissed in my Wheaties this morning.

maybe i’m wrong, but who’s to say what’s right?

I’m so right.  The Sommellier is now working at the Epic Roasthouse.   I went over there for lunch.  Couldn’t get a single one of my lunkhead buddies to go with me, but I’ve got nothing to do, I’m sorting old emails, great food, great wine and a great view sounded like a pleasant diversion.  It was.  They have a skirt steak salad (hopefully they don’t have a rotating picture) on that menu that I just want to strip naked and roll around in.  It is soooo damned good.  It’s got a anchovy mustard demi sauce on it that is out of this world.  The steak was perfect and it was just a gorgeous dish.  I had two amazing glasses of wine.  One was called “The Prisoner” it was a Zinfandel, the other was a beautiful blend.  It was their Spencer Roloson Palaterra.  Both were beautiful wines by the glass.  I sat at Pat Kuleto’s beautiful bar and looked out on the bay and thought “I don’t think this moment in time could be more perfect”.

Today is one of those days that it’s just great to work in the City.  You can walk around without a jacket, you can see clear across the bay.  People are hanging out along the Embaradero enjoying the day and ships are sailing by.  It is a great day to live here and Epic Roasthouse was a great place to spend my lunch hour.

In the staff room the verdict is in

I might own the dumbest dog in the universe.  Tonight I was trying to take Rita out front and spend some time doing her training exercises when Beauregard bum rushed the front door.  No lead on him and off he goes with me screaming for him to come back.  He takes a quick few steps down the walk and then realizes that he’s free.  He bolts through the neighbor’s yard and out into the street.  Generally there aren’t to many cars on my block but it’s 7pm and it’s dark and people are coming home from work.  I run inside and put Rita in the bathroom and shut the door, then I holler for Beau.  He’s dancing down the middle of the street like he’s got the world by the tail.  I call his name again and off he goes to the left.  I don’t know what’s down there, but I know that most cars come from the right.  I jingle his walking collar and call him again, as if I were the most fun thing in this world and here he comes galloping up the front walk and into the house.  He runs into the house and looks at me with his eyes just as black as ever.  When his eyes get black like that, he’s up to no good.  But you can’t punish him, because he came back.  That’s the part the sucks the most.  You want to just light him up for scaring you so bad, but you have to praise him for coming when you called him.  He’s now under the computer desk with his head resting on my crossed ankles.  He just needed his Mom time.

St. Valentines Day Massacre

Why is it, on the one day I want to get home before the sun sets, I get on the train with the crazy guy.  How crazy?  Hold the train at 19th Street until the BARF cops arrive.  I think that any body who screws up a commute by being an ass clown like that should be publicly flogged in front of the passengers that were inconvenienced.  But that’s just me.  Go be crazy on someone else’s clock.  It’s like the guys who decide to end it all in front of the 5:11.  Thanks a hell of a lot, jackass.  The 11:35pm will run you over just a thoroughly and you won’t screw up our commutes.  Thank you.

Since the stock market is really legalized gambling

So I thought I’d have a contest revolving around the market.  FAF said they will post a fourth quarter loss not to exceed $50 million dollars.  So, what does everyone think they’ll actually lose?  I’ll through mine out there right now.  I’m picking $48.6 million.  I have no insider knowledge, that’s just a number I pulled out of my ass.  There will be no prize.   I might not even recognize you for your effort.  It’s kind of like working for a title company.

Yeah, the Wine Dog is drinking

And it’s about goddamn time.  I’m not nearly as fun when I write well thought out posts.  I know y’all love the wine fueled diatribes.   I don’t know how you read through the typing errors.  After all, I do run spell check but it doesn’t catch things like mixing up one and won.  Or wear and where.  Or there, their and they’re.  (OK, I usually get that one/won right)  Gunlach Bunschu 2004 Merlot.  Kind of weak actually.  It’s medium bodied, got some good cherry notes, but it’s a Monday through Thursday, certainly not a Friday through Sunday wine.

NOTE from the Wine Dog

I’m going to be doing some upgrades to the site over the weekend.  Hopefully they’ll look like upgrades when I’m done.  If it looks hinky from time to time over the weekend, fear not!  It’s just progressing technology.

Goodness knows what the end will be

Asset managers vs. Ass hat managers

When we bought the REO condo we found out that there are asset managers and then there’s these clandestine guys that I’d never heard of. They are an ancillary service of, you guessed it, the title company. They get as much as a point on the deal. They’ve got one of those really long acronyms that really means “we just got another point from you”. The banks don’t handle their own sales once the property is sold. Certainly a good place for unemployed title folks to look for work.

It’s the Tax Man!

Remember gentle readers, those W-2’s are from Mercury Companies. They can call it anything else they like, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. On the other hand, apparently I work for FATCOLA. Blink blink.

I had a little down time so I looked up the big three on yahoo finance or google finance or whatever it was. Want to see some hinky charts? Put in LFG, FAF and FNF. LFG actually looks like you skied off of the front of Half Dome. Do you think Ted Chandler could be heard screaming all the way down? FAF is going to post a after tax loss not to exceed $50 million? Can’t wait for that 2/28 call. YIKES. And the bonds were downgraded to a breath over junk. Not good. FNF posts a net loss of $44.9 mil. Ouch mon! And yeah, I’m happy I sold that stock. NY has filed an anti-trust suit against FNF, FAF, LFG and STC. ORI, Old Republic seems to have gotten the Glengarry Glen Ross steak knives for their 6% market share. They aren’t even significant enough for Cuomo to name them in the suit? Ouch!


Quick note, be sure to keep your Financial Title friends informed as PBE is still blocked on their servers. Come on Patty! Let’em have some fun with us!

Customer service, redux

Because you just can’t complain enough about bad customer service. I called the BARF parking permit people the other day. They did not go to Customer First training. They didn’t even stop by Customer Second or Third or As a Passing Afterthought training. I called to say I got a ticket and I needed them to write a letter to the policing entity letting them know that my permit is good.

Not it’s not

Yes, it is

No, you haven’t paid for it since 11/30/2007

On 11/30 I had to give you a different credit card number, I did that on your website, just like the email told me to.

You did that on 12/2

Ok, I did it on 12/2, so what? I did it

You had to do it by 11/30.

I didn’t know it was a problem until 12/1. How would I do it by 11/30 on 12/1?

You were supposed to call us.

I did call you. They told me to put it in on the website, which I had done the day before.

No, you have to give us the information over the phone.

I would I know that?

That’s what you have to do. You’ve been parking free for all this time. You’ve been getting away with it.

Not in my book. In my book I put the credit card into the website to pay my parking.

But we never took it out so you were parking for free.

How is that my problem? I did everything you told me to.

You didn’t call us with your credit card.

How would I know I was supposed to do that?

You should have paid us, let’s see, 42, 84… $126 . You’ve been parking for free.

You know what? I’ll pay the ticket and park in Pleasant Hill.

When everything’s a little clearer in the light of day.

Giving me this stuff is really like handing a toddler a loaded gun… 

Subject: FW: Alliance/Mercury lawsuit Dear poor schmuck:

The Labor Commissioner filed its lawsuit against Alliance and Mercury on February 5, 2008, which was served on February 8, 2008. The lawsuit is brought pursuant to Labor Code section 98.3 which provides:

“The Labor Commissioner may prosecute action for the collection

of wages and other monies payable to employees or to the state arising

out of an employment relationship or Order of the Industrial Welfare


The Labor Commissioner sues to collect wages and penalties due to employees and then pays that money out to the employees if and when there is collection of funds. The Labor Commissioner does not establish an attorney-client relationship with the employees in 98.3 cases, but does work with the claimants to make proper presentation to the court.

This action does not preclude a claimant, such as your client, from proceeding independently with retained counsel.

There is no fee charged by the State to employees for seeking recovery of their wages and related statutory penalties. On the other hand some claimants (especially those with larger claims) may prefer the special attention available with private counsel where an attorney-client relationship is established.

As with all litigation there are no guarantees of success and no guarantees of collection if liability is established.

If Mercury’s litigation history is indicative of what to expect in this case, claimants should be prepared for what may be a lengthy process, where any recovery could be long down the road.

Mercury Companies, Inc.’s Chief Counsel has disavowed any responsibility on the part of Mercury for the wages of workers at Alliance Title. We have informally collected significant documentation which supports a contrary conclusion. Claimants should retain all employment related papers of any kind whatsoever for later review. We will be providing information concerning the collection of those documents in the near future.

We are in the process of developing ways of to keep claimants apprised of the developments in the case. In the meantime please copy this e-mail to any claimants who have contacted you.

Very Truly Yours,

David Balter

Staff Counsel

Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

—–Original Message—–


Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2008 12:08 PM


Subject: Alliance/Mercury lawsuit


A lawsuit was filed by the State Labor Commissioner in the Superior

Court of the State of California, Alameda County, on behalf of all

former Alliance/Mercury employees who are owed vacation pay,

commissions, bonuses, expenses, and other compensation. We are also

seeking waiting time penalties.

Further information will be forthcoming shortly. If you have not done

so, please be sure to mail in a claim form which can be accessed with

all necessary information at: