Long Slow Distance

I’m staying on track and this is a good thing. Yesterday’s workout was epic. I got to the gym on time, I was focused, did it all, didn’t cheat any out and was beat. Stayed on track with the food with an exception to a stop at Papillion in Lafayette. Even that wasn’t bad, a Mexican Mocha, no whip and a ginger cookie. My weight is heading in the right direction. I got a jump rope the other day. I’m going to start using that in the morning. Maybe this morning. Variety is definitely the key to my success. Yesterday I put green peppers and mushrooms in my omelette. I also sauteed mushrooms in with the spinach. I should be dumping the retained fluid today so tomorrow should be a good day! Today’s weight is 208, yesterday was 209 the day before 211 and we started at 209. My cycle is all but finished and I’m ready for a good month.

My back is a little tight from the deadlifting but the meet is 9 days away and I can’t be fooling around right now. I took advantage of the rain and did some digging in the back yard after work yesterday. I got a 4 foot trench going for the loose brick patio. Tonight I will need to move a bouganvillea. Hopefully we’ll get this office moved on time.

Off and running

Today was a rough start. I’m 47, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that or not. When you’re 47 and female, sometimes your body screws with you. Like waiting and extra two weeks to cycle, then kicking your ass like there’s no tomorrow. OK, yesterday I got my ass kicked, but I kept coming back. I woke up at 2:00am and couldn’t go back to sleep until, you guessed it, 3:15am when I would have gotten up if I woke up then. Then I slept until 5:42. Yet, I got up, made my chicken salad for the week, went to the gym, did my cardio, like a fiend, did 100 crunches came home, made my lunch, now my breakfast is cooking and I will stay on point today. This is how you do it.

Decided to make it official

I’m entering the Challenge. I’ll start “Officially” tomorrow. Company has gone home, that helps.

Starting weight 209.
Starting Fat 36.2%.
Starting BMR 35.6
Bust 47
Waist 43
Butt 48

Any questions about starting fat take a look below. OMG. OK so I have 133 pounds of muscle and bone. Not so sporty. I should weigh around 155. Got a long road in front of me. I will prevail. No more screwing around. I will bench 220 by the time I get to Chicago. I will have 35 pounds off by then. Nothing will stand in my way. None of the usual suspects will get me to buckle. At the end of the day I ended up a total of 3 pound up from the holidays. I can’t complain about that. BFL has taught me some healthy habits. Not that I can’t misbehave like the best of them, I can. I’m just finding that I do it a lot less often. Christmas wasn’t as bad a NYE. New Year’s Eve, eve took me to Ruth’s Chris for Petite filets, creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin, NOLA style. Finish it off with their cheesecake. There’s a bad idea, but good. That would have been fine, but the next day was NYE. Start off with lunch at Emporio Armani Cafe. Kobe beef on panini, mmmgood. Then that silly meal at Teatro Zinzanni…smoked salmon, celery root salad appetizer, carrot soup, wild greens with walnuts and blue cheese, lamb filets with root vegetables, chocolate silk cake. Start with Perrier Joilet, then Sonoma Culter, then Provence Cab, then champagne. Yeah, I felt like crap yesterday morning. Today, a lobster salad sandwich at the Yankee Pier in Santana Row with their lemon meringue pie for dessert. That’s how you go out in style. I will be the biggest loser, but hell, I had company…

This week’s food
Denver Omelet and 1/2 ww english muffin

apple and string cheese

chicken/grape curried salad

ricotta, berries and almonds

brown rice

protein chocolate mousse