Crime Scene Clean up

OMG. I don’t know what went wrong yesterday. The Marketing Department had a bunch of chocolate Santas and Reese’s bells. I went insane. I might have eaten all of them. This morning they said it looked like a crime scene. No wonder yesterday didn’t go like it should have. Ah, but tomorrow’s another day.

And today was another day. Excellent workout. Ate exactly what I was supposed to and even got a ton of chores done around the house. Tomorrow, I’ll get my back worked on and finish my Christmas shopping, because tomorrow is another day.

Stuff that bugs me

They’re called Stored Product Pests. They bug me big time. I’ve been fighting these damned moths for about two months now, maybe a bit longer. An occasional white worm was showing up, I threw out some flour but didn’t really get to the bottom of it. Today, I got to the bottom of it. It was the lauder cabinet and it was riddled with the damned things. I now have no flour, no sugar, no pasta, no rice, no corn starch, no nuts, no KOSHER SALT are you friggin’ kidding me? They got into the SALT! The couscous you name it if it was a stored product it had a pest in it. Mealy bugs, white worms, moths, nests, eggs, freaking gross! Ick! OK, I’m starting fresh next week. I still want to wash down the cabinet and everything remaining, which is my spices and some sealed tapioca, who eats tapioca anyway?

There’s something about Harry. We went Christmas shopping today. He’s always so late and today was no exception. I called him 4 minutes before he was supposed to be here and he was brushing his teeth. I figured I had time and I bought food for the week and Doberman food and still was waiting for him when he finally arrived. OK next weeks alleged food. Tuesday morning doesn’t count as it’s the CCRIM breakfast and while I will endeavor to eat correctly, all bets are off. Thursday is a Manager’s meeting at the Marriott and similarly all bets are off. That being said:

WW english muffin
Canadian bacon
Lite Jarlsberg

String Cheese

Chicken & Grape curried salad sans almonds, damned bugs.

Enriched chocolate pudding or protein bar

Chicken Parmesan
WW pasta

Low fat ricotta
Wild Blueberries.

Hopefully I’ll keep my head screwed on properly this week through Hurricane Gail. . . or Gail force winds or something…

The proof is in the pudding

And maybe I should have had less pudding. Yikes. Over the last 12 week cycle I gained 3 pounds from 201 to 203 and a percentage of body fat from 34.7 to 35.7. That’s what you get for screwing around. I think I’ll spend today getting my head screwed on correctly.

Not the week I planned on

I missed a workout on Friday. The first workout I’d missed since November 7. I think I had the same issue, exhaustion. You’re supposed to take the week after a meet off to rest, but I’m always so fired up from the meet that I want to keep lifting. I had to lay off two ladies at work on Wednesday. That just spins me out. Especially if they a single mothers with children, which they were in this case. Not only was my boss no help, she actually seemed to be doing everything she could to make my life difficult that day. Finally, I called her bluff on something around 4pm and she had to back off. This started the chocolate consumption. There is so much crap around the offices right now, that a little bit of stress, ok a buttload of stress and I’m doing the wrong thing almost instantaneously. Not to proud of last week’s performance. I’ll weigh in in a little bit and see where I ended up. Yesterday started off correctly, went to the gym and had a protein bar for breakfast. Next thing you know I’m drinking Kir Royale at the Left Bank, ordering French Onion Soup and all hell is breaking loose. I had to pick up KO’s son at his hoop game in San Anselmo and drive him to the Fairmount for a family event. I had a couple of glasses of wine with them at the Fairmount and headed home. I ended up skipping dinner, having a BFL dessert and calling it a night. Today is the last day of a 12 week challenge and I think I actually finished heavy a couple of pounds. Hopefully the fat percentage will be down a bit.

Lock and Load

OK, Laughlin is done, now we’re on to Napa, January 14. I need to help them compile the records, I will get after that soon. I started benching today and realized that my shoulders were a little more sore than I had originally thought. No worries, I did the first part of the bench work out, 5X50%, 4X2X60%, 3X2X70% and then instead of doing 3X6X80%, which was 185lbs, I did two sets of 3 and went to the dumbbells. I did my old shoulder capping routine that I hadn’t done in a long time and followed that with my PT shoulder routine. Good enough for government work.

All the candy and crap that’s all over the office today and I walked by all of it. That was harder than the workout. The chicken parmesan came out perfect tonight and damn! I can make me some red sauce. The ticket is very high quality ingredients. Garlic brought back to me from the Gilroy Garlic Festival, olive oil, organic diced tomatoes, dried wild mushrooms, Petite Sirah, home grown Thai peppers and a touch of brown sugar to cut the acid. MMMmmm. I’m going to try and hit yoga tomorrow, looking forward to getting back into thatk. Tonight is Obedience school with the Devil Dog himself. I don’t know who keeps getting this dog so spun out before school. Today he spun around and took my knees out from under me hyperlocking the left. Hopefully I can walk tomorrow since I was seeing stars tonight.

Today’s consumption

1/2 ww english muffin
3 slices lean black forest ham
1 slice low fat jarlsberg

1 apple
1 string cheese

1 roasted potato
sliced london broil

ProMax bar

EFL Baked Chicken parmesan

Riccotta and blueberries

Good dog!

The numbers

Well, if I keep it real, here’s the daily numbers for next week:

Calories 1544
Fat 35g
Protein 133.5g
Carbs 164g

I need to add about 5 grams of protien somewhere, but it’s gonna take some figuring. Maybe adding an scrambled egg and some whites with breakfast…


OK, here goes, this week’s meal plan:


1/2 ww english muffin
3 slices lean Canadian Bacon
1 slice low fat Jarlsburg
1 small orange

Fat Free Cottage cheese

London Broil on ww Sourdough w/lettuce

String Cheese

Chicken Parmesan
WW pasta

Low Fat Ricotta
Wild Blueberries

I’ll figure out the calories protein and fat a little later.

Laughlin, NV

It’s like being in Hell. You can’t breathe through all of the smokers and you can’t eat in that damned town. The River Palm is a huge hotel with the world’s oldest HVAC system. You can barely breathe fresh air even on the the non-smoking floors. Luckily it was cold outside so fresh air could be found if you went somewhere alone.

How do you mess up a baked potato? Ask the River Palm, they did it. How do you screw up hof brau style prime rib? Ask the River Palm they did it. Their food is designed for old people (like over 70 old) who can’t taste the difference anyway. How I managed to lift on that garbage is a mystery to me, but I did. I walked over to the Golden Nugget in the morning for some Starbucks since there was no in room coffee. Had a blueberry muffin just because I figured Starbucks wasn’t going to poison me. I lifted at 10:30 that day so I went back to the room, had my coffee drank a bit of water and waited. I had a ProMax bar about 20 minutes before I went down to warm up and away we went. After the bench I went over to Subway and got a sandwich on whole wheat bread with cheese steak, a slice a provolone and some Chipolte goo on it. Nothing else. No damage and that’s a good thing. That’s the last I ate in Laughlin. I waited until the next day in Vegas to eat again. I just couldn’t bear to deal with crappy food any more. I will be back on BFL today. In Vegas I went to Mon Ami Gabi, my favorite lunch spot and had a couple of glasses of Laurent Perrier, an order of garlic toast with goat cheese baked in a ramikin with a tomato sauce, then it was Quiche Lorraine with a lovely baby green salad. Finished it off with an espresso and vanilla bread pudding with a caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream on top. That’s all I ate yesterday and it was more than enough. I feel surprisingly good and ready to be back on track today. I’m off to my e-diets page to plan this weeks food.