All the pay I need comes shining through his eyes

Even though there’s a couple of great wine posts in the works, a lot of you know how sick Bubba has been, so I think a report is in order.


I gave both dogs a meaty bone last Thursday.  They loved them.  I got a lot of work done while they were occupied. Hours worth of work.  Hours and hours worth of work.  Unfortunately, I was so busy working that I forgot to take them away from them.  And then the bad thing happened.  Rita was over it in a day.  Bubba not so much.  It was like a snowball rolling down a hill with him.  I put him on a bland diet on Saturday with no improvement.  When he’s sick he’ll lick his chops over and over again and his nose gets raw too.  Yesterday morning I took him to emergency.  I called to see if the internist who he’d already seen twice was in, but she wasn’t so we went with a walk in emergency.  Turned out it was a good decision.  The vet Dr. Priest, took a few minutes to look over Bubba’s chart and suggested a plan of action and then went to get an estimate.  Then she returned with Dr. Johnson, the founder and a pretty gifted Veterinarian.  I knew of people who had spent thousands only to come to Encina and have Dr. Johnson finally figure out their pets problem.  She introduced him and I knew three things.  Bubba was a very sick dog,  she wasn’t comfortable with the original plan and if anyone could figure it out Dr. Johnson could.  Bubba’s weight was down to 65 pounds.  He weighed 72 when I got him, I struggle to keep him around that, but he should really weigh around 78.  His ongoing stomach issues were probably the cause.  And I knew he was in trouble even though he wouldn’t show that anything was wrong.  I was afraid of him crashing today, so I took him in yesterday.  Dr. Johnson explained a couple of ways we could diagnose Bubba.  Optimal approach would begin with ultra sound and if nothing was found then move on to an Endoscopy.  The nice thing about being a Realtor in this market, people understand.  I had a big deal fall out of escrow two weeks ago and there isn’t much inventory to sell my buyers right now.  I’m smart so there were reserves, were.  But it’s been a tough slog.  When Dr. Johnson paused and asked me if I had any questions I said “I’m a Realtor”.  He said “OK, then you probably need the most bang for your buck in whatever we do today”.  He then went on to explain statistically which test would have the best chance of finding what was wrong with Bubba.  It was the Endoscopy.  It was pricey but he found things not right and that’s worth it to me.

Whatever the thing is at the top of the stomach that should close after he swallows, it stays too far open.  He doesn’t know what that means, but I’m sure he’ll be checking it out over the weekend.  The important part is that both is small and large colons were inflamed.  He took biopsies from both.  The other delightful thing that occurred was that while he was under bloody mucusy grossness leaked from his butt.  Now I’ve been cleaning up that bloody mucusy grossness for three days around here and my carpets are beat up, but I was really happy that the Doctors got to see it.  Dr. Johnson believes that once the biopsies are back it will show either Irritable Bowel Disease or another condition that I can’t remember this morning.  That one is a bacterial imbalance causing the similar symptoms as IBD.  IBD is treated with cortisone the other is treated with antibiotics.  This explains why he has been “massaging” his midsection and why his gut seems so touchy.  Now I’ve got to go sell a house, or in spite of my Bah humbug attitude, there really won’t be a Christmas around here.  Or a January 1 for that matter.

I used to get really despondent when crap like this used to happen.  Right now I have no room for any screw ups, so when I started up the car yesterday and only 5 cylinders were firing, it was not a good thing.  Between that and a crappy Word document from one of the Asset Management companies, my voice is shot this morning from yelling at inanimate objects.  Luckily the good engineers at BMW built this thing in where you can shut it off and restart it and the computer resets.  After two attempts all six cylinders fired.  I really need it to act right until I get another deal or two going.   So two good hits yesterday and I was pretty numb.  That’s the thing about being a Realtor.  Your car screws up and you’re toast.  It’s not like you can take the bus.  Then my good buddy Alfred E. Neuman re-appeared and I went about the rest of my day.

I got home last night with the intent of eating what I should, having a glass of wine and finishing up my paperwork.  Then there was a knock at the door.  I looked and it was the guy across the street.  He has never knocked on my door before.  His children have brought me cookies for Christmas and one time they brought me some salsa they made with tomatoes they grew in the back yard, but him, never.  We chat all the time, he’s a good guy, but he’s never knocked on my door.  Since both dogs were in the house, I figured someone sideswiped my truck.  It was that kind of day.  Nope.  He’s a commercial fisherman and he had a pot full of fresh crab, did I want one?  Oh hell yeah!  He went and grabbed me what he called a big juicy one and showed me how to clean it.  I built a fire in the fireplace, made some drawn butter, cracked a Spellbound Riesling and sat down to forget about yesterday.  That Spellbound Riesling really is something.  I mentioned it when I got it, but here’s your real notes.  Melon, stone fruit and honey, but dry on the finish.  Very unusual viscosity for a dry white wine, beautiful mouthfeel.  It would be excellent with spicy food, but it made me happy with my fresh cracked crab and drawn butter.  Add a nice fire in the fireplace and a blue Doberman finally sleeping peacefully on the couch and life is good.