It’s all Reagan’s fault

We have a guest blogger this morning.  Actually, he’s never heard of Pink Bunny Ears.  Maybe his people will tell him about our little thing. I don’t always agree with this guy’s spin on things, but sometimes he nails it.

There’s a catagory here called “It’s all Reagan’s fault”.  That’s because it is.

Here it’s all laid out sucinctly and properly.  And he’s right.  He should have entitled it “It’s all Reagan’s fault.”

Just have your party on TV

Let the jackassery begin!

First up, last week’s training ride.

Don’t forget to click the “view elevation” button for more entertainment. How much did this suck? Well, it shouldn’t have. I really enjoy Morgan Territory for some sick reason. Good climbing, but the descent is a big sloppy reward with a cherry on top. It’s smooth, scenic if you look up, well banked and a lot of fun. Unless the wind is gusting freaking 40mph and you have to grab the brakes all the way down. The second hard climb in as many weeks where the descent was ruined by wind. I would like to file a complaint. Yes I would. Yeah, there’s a Cat 5 hill in there. I’m getting so those are the only ones I notice. At one point the grade is 17%, according to my pals with altimeters. That’s wicked steep. The other annoying thing about this ride was that there was some sort of dedication for a park supervisor who had passed away a few years ago. They were shuttling people to the service or dedication or whatever the event was in big East Bay Park vans on this little one lane road we were trying to climb. I googled the guy, he was a friend to Mt. Diablo and deserved to be honored for sure. I could have done without the Ford Econolines on that little road. With the 17% grade. Just saying.

That being said, I’m about $260 bucks away from my goal. (I have some checks that I’ve sent in that don’t show up on the page.) How about just a little tiny bit more to kick this over the top. Like $10? Anyone got $10? Thanks!

And the AIDS ride is why PBE has been so sporadic as of late. Nine hours in the saddle on Saturday, another two on Sunday, two today and two on Thursday. There just isn’t enough hours in the day. I should be getting in the shower right now for a marketing meeting but I decided that I didn’t need to attend the meeting. I’ll go preview properties later on today. They’ll be open whether I go to the meeting or not. Because all of you gentle PBE readers deserve some jackassery this morning.

So on the subject of jackassery, I give you the Governator. At least he wasn’t sitting in Sacramento telling everyone else what to do while he was banging the maid a staffer. He’s always been good about staying out of personal liberties. Are you there? Boehner?

Speaking of lunkheads and looney tunes, you know I can’t leave this one alone. May 21st we will be heading out for the last training ride for the AIDS Lifecycle, it will be 100 miles. It seems to be fitting to me since May 21st is apparently Judgement Day. Who knew? Why Harold Camping did. Harold has clearly been sipping on the Jonestown Kool-Aid, which has brought him to believe that on Saturday there will be a horrific earthquake that will shake the whole earth and then comes the Rapture.

Fab Five Freddy and all. (Watch me resist temptation to run off on a tangent right here.) I wonder what old Harold is going to do on May 22 when he’s still there and so are all the idiots who gave him money to put up the billboards all over Oakland. And CNN and everything else. Harold is the founder of Family Radio, a Christian radio network. People listen to this idiot. It may be Harold’s personal Judgement Day, he’s 89 years old. At that age you pretty much have one foot on a banana peel anyway. Every where else when an old guy blathers on they call this dementia. Be the president of Family Radio and it’s an end times prediction. No disrespect to normal old people who wish somebody would get Truman out of the White House. This jackassery has spawned more jackassery. There are now Facebook Rapture After Parties and the latest Post Rapture Looting Party. OK I can’t resist, that Blondie video features cameos by Fab Five Freddy and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Which gets us back to my tangent.

I’ve been on a documentary kick. The latest have included Radiant Child and The Universe of Keith Haring. And a few others about street art jumping off of the buildings and into art galleries. They all knew each other back then, along with Deborah Harry and Madonna and Grace Jones, it must have been amazing to be in New York then. If you were one of the cool kids. The Keith Haring documentary talked about his involvement in ACT-UP. I always hated ACT-UP, I thought they were way too “in your face” and they made me uncomfortable. Well, the reality of the situation was that no real research was being funded, people were dying and our President hadn’t uttered the word “AIDS” in public. Radical action was needed. I wonder where we would be if Reagan had understood what AIDS was and what it meant to the world. Would it be a pandemic today? I kind of think they are going to ultimately find out that the virus has existed since the beginning of time and a combination of antibiotics and evolution mutated it to what it is today. Unless Saturday is Judgement Day in which case all bets are off. There’s my tin foil cap theory of the day. Anyway, if the world didn’t have a massive earthquake and shake our asses off it back then, I really doubt we’re doomed this Saturday. I’ll be at the after party.

And can you hear the sound of hysteria?

I was going to talk about wine today, but I just got pissed off enough at the GOP to talk about those idiots.

1.  They don’t pay the troops, or the federal employees but they pass a bill to pay themselves?  WTF.  I think we should all write our incredibly rich Senators and tell them that they need to pass a bill that says if we don’t get paid because they didn’t do their job, then they don’t get paid.  The leverage of course is that Senators are a lot richer than the House of Representatives.

2.  Boehner brought the country to the brink over social policy.  The party who says they are about less government brought us to the brink over social policy.  The party of personal responsibility brought us to the brink over social policy…bullshit.

Because people who end up having kids they don’t want don’t put any strain on the system.  Jackasses.

The thing is Obama gave in on some of the Planned Parenthood bullshit, but Boehner wouldn’t stop.  And then Obama shut his ass down.  Boehner drew a line in the sand and Obama folded his arms and said we’re done here.  Actually his exact response was “Nope.  Zero.”  And that was the right response.

Did you know that they were also trying to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greehouse gas emissions?  Yeah, all the tin foil hat crowd is up in arms over minute levels of radiation which has reached California’s shores but the real killers?  No problem.  Get a clue people.  It is time we invested in clean energy.  We wouldn’t be broke if we weren’t dependent on foreign oil.  We all drive self charging hybrid automobiles and Khadafi, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Afghanistan are irrelevant and we can bring our troops home.  Here’s a little calculator.


Thibodeaux, fontaineaux, the place is buzzin’

Jack Assery, party of one, your table is ready.

OK, I know.  blahblahblah.

Thieves.  These thieves are lucky.  I don’t know that I would have been able to restrain my desire to fire off rounds at them if I’d been home.

These little d-bags stole my catalytic converter.  They unbolted it at the back but then used a pipe cutter to cut my goddamned header because the front bolts were seized.  I want to shoot them all.  I was out of town at The Cult of Red’s Family Reunion (an amazing event that makes me proud to be affiliated with them) when this happened and my dogs were in their kennels while my dog sitter slept.  If my dogs had been in the bedroom with me, I doubt these asshats would have gotten away with it.  I truly believe Ike would have woken up and at the very least given a bark.  I could have gotten off a round or two before they got away.  But finally I have to say something nice about Concord PD.  They caught them.  And they got my cat back.  And they talked Concord Toyota into reinstalling it.  So instead of having to buy a new one at $1200, I bought a new header at $300.  Add another $300 in labor and it’s back out there for these little turds to try and steal it again.  Yes, we’re going for restitution.  There are four of them.  I want every one of them to pay $600 and I want the extra to go to charity because I couldn’t use my truck to rescue any dogs or go to any AIDS Lifecycle training rides because of them.  There are consequences goddammit.

On a lighter note.

Duke is a very sensitive young man.  He’s a bit of a serial little dog mauler.  He went after a Boston yesterday.  Twice.  The little girl was just trying to say “Hi!”.  Duke was trying to do a Sylvester/Tweety bird on her.  We had a very serious discussion about his behavior.  When we got back to the condo Duke put himself on a time out.  I’ve never seen a dog who punishes himself before.  I’m down to the three who belong here and that’s kind of nice.

Prescott is living merrily up in Rossmoor with another old lady.  I thought I might have made a mistake with him.  He was a little younger and stronger than I expected.  I suggested that maybe he wasn’t the right dog for her.  Two days later everything is solved and there are no more issues.  Because Prescott is a perfect dog.

The third time he jumped on me he got a knee in the chest.

Little Sister is doing awesome in Oakland at her new home.  She had a little adjustment period too.  Crates.  That’s all I have to say.  Use crates.

Last I heard, Hannibal had everybody wrapped around his paw in Michigan.

Tomorrow I’m rolling out my new project.  It’s pretty simple and self explanatory.  Oh yeah, and if it catches on like it should it will save our nation $2 billion annually.  Really.  The Wine Dog will save this nation $2 billion annually.  Starting tomorrow.

And you’ll be pleased to know I’ve got a few rants in me.  But today in the interest of time, I’ll boil them down to a paragraph.

Somalian pirates.  The solution is simple.  Hook all 15 of those little rat bastards to the back of the US Navy destroyer and use them for chum on the way back to port.  Then stack up their ransom demand, whatever it was, set it afire and burn whatever the sharks didn’t eat for all to see.  These guys are savages and this is what they understand.  I don’t understand why we have been such pansies about this crap.  We go blow up a bunch of mud huts after 9/11 after waiting 32 days to do anything, and now we let these maggots continue to operate.  They are criminals acting in international waters.  Game over.

Gaddafi.  Or Khaddafi.  Or whatever.  He’s the best argument against what Bush did in Iraq.  We don’t have the man power to get involved in another skirmmish and over throw another crazy guy in the Middle East.  Even though this is the one that really deserves it.   Although every time I think of him I remember that we had a toy ball, I don’t remember where we got it, that my rugby team used to play with before practice.  It was the head of a terrorist.  This was back in the 90’s.  We called it the Khaddafi ball.  Or Gaddafi.  Or.

Wisconsin.  Cheese.  Remember when Reagan broke the air traffic controllers union?  Think we’re better off because he did that?  Nope.  Not a fan of union breaking.  I know the UAW is out of control, but from my experience, the unions allow people to do their jobs without worrying about a lot of other crap that people worry about in their jobs.  Union workers have superior benefits.  Wouldn’t you like to have better benefits?  Work conditions are generally better.  And they don’t find themselves involved in class actions suits for wages not paid.  I’m on my fourth now.  I got the call the other day.

Like The Brother says, if y’all would act right, but you won’t.  So here we sit.

Just for the record, I hear all this bullshit about bad teachers who just go on and on with tenure.  Name one.  Name one goddamned teacher that is so shitty that they need to be fired but can’t be because of tenure.  Name one.  I dare you to.  Can’t?  That’s what I thought.  That teacher is a right wing bug-a-boo and doesn’t exist any more than the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus.

OK, not that Santa.

Will you remember me?

Apparently this country thinks that going backwards is the way to move forward.  Thankfully, California was smart enough to recognize the two charlatans.  Naturally I received Jerry’s “victory” letter.  It contained the following quote:

“What we need is a larger sense of agreement and the only way we can get beyond where we are — which is polarization, division and hostility — is to get past these partisan divisions.”

The word that jumped out at me is hostility.  I’m sick and tired of the outright bullying from the Right.  It’s ok to disagree.  As a matter of fact, some of my best conversations are with Conservatives.  Intellegent Conservatives.  Conservatives that want to discuss ideas not shout me down with bullshit numbers.  Not these brown shirted puppets of the current Right, who are more incapable of independent thought than the liberals they vilify.  I blame Reagan for gutting our public schools and making the population as a whole stupider.  We’re all up in arms right now about cyberbullying and bullying in the schools.  What’s the difference?  Seriously.  What’s the freaking difference?

Getting people to go vote is not voter fraud.  It’s what we do in a democracy.  Just because the people don’t embrace your ideas doesn’t mean asking them to vote is fraudulent.  It really just means you have crappy ideas and are full of shit.

Speaking of full of shit…

Just for shits and giggles, the text of the First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Right there.  And look at that!  Coons could quote the Constitution.  I’m just glad that Delaware figured that one out.  All we need is another Michele Bachman.

I remember.  And I’ll be watching.

Institution, electrocution

I kind of think our nation has gone insane.  I don’t know if it was the blood thirst after 9/11 or what.  But we suck.  A lot.  The fact that Americans are doing shit like this makes me wonder are we as great as we say we are?  I think it’s just a bunch of imperialistic crap.  We certainly aren’t civilized.  And we’re stupid.  How about these assclowns?  Seriously.  Not civilized.

There’s a portion of this society running around spewing hate and calling themselves Christians.  Now the Wine Dog might be a bit of a junk yard dog from time to time, but I’ve read the Bible.  And I know the tenets that it teaches.  You sir, are having problems with reading comprehension.  As did the Devil himself.  Or the current dumbest guy in the room.

I got one of those bullshit emails yesterday that was just about half truth about Denzel Washington going to the Marine Corp burn unit and pulling out his checkbook.  Close.  Mr. Washington did make a sizable donation to the burn unit on behalf of the troops, he just doesn’t carry his check book with him.  He had his people call their people.  He is a gentleman and a consistent philanthropist.  He quietly does the right thing.  And we don’t hear too much about it.  We get to hear about Michael Vick.  We’re busy worrying about Lindsay Lohan’s latest drug test.  Or Paris Hilton’s last bust.  Or watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Or Snookie’s latest misadventure. What the hell is the matter with us?  Why does anybody watch Glenn Beck?  Why does that guy have a job in the first place?  What can you say about a guy who accused the President of hating white people?  What is the purpose of such a lame comment beyond polarization?  Fear and polarization.  Yet he gets a ton of wingnuts to attend a rally and they think that they are making some sort of break through.  No, the truth is y’all are pining for the good old days.  I call bullshit.

As a nation, we won’t get off of our lazy fat overstuffed American asses and make a difference in this world.  And not just any difference, a positive difference.  There is little honor in a lot of what I’m seeing from our country right now.  Bush I talked of a kinder, gentler nation and then took us in the exact opposite direction.  And now a bunch of wingnuts are pissing and moaning because Obama wants to restore the United States position in the world in the form of a benevolent leader.   These are the same wingnuts who are in favor of torture.  If you still believe torture works, I recommend watching Return with Honor.  It’s about our POW’s in Viet Nam.  It came out in 1998, we ought to have known better.  An aha moment would be when the men talked about telling the Viet Cong a bunch of bullshit to get them to stop the torture.  And the torture they endured was horrific.  They never told them anything that was helpful.  Only bullshit.  Do you really think religious fanatics would behave any differently?  They actually have more reason to hold out.  The torture that occurred in Guantanamo Bay and throughout the system on Bush II’s watch didn’t do a damned thing to advance the fight against terrorism.  In fact, it took moderately committed Muslims and radicalized them, increasing the threat to Americans everywhere.  That’s not progress.  That’s not Christian and that’s not American.

It’s the Homeland of the soul

I don’t usually do quotes, but here’s a good’n.

The tea party is just the Klan with a few simple old ladies thrown in for good measure.

Glenn Beck is a racist and an embarrassment to America.  Boycott Fox.  That is all.

I guess it doesn’t matter any more

It’s been a wild couple of days here at the Farm.  I’m hoping the worst is over.  I said I had some news earlier in the week.  On Tuesday I started with a national firm and left the REO business behind me.  I’d find myself driving around thinking “God I hate the banks, the corporate ass monkeys that made this all happen”.  I hate that the Harvard MBA program started teaching essentially Reaganomics.  And I hate Reaganomics.  And I’m not really fond of Reagan either.  You know he’s why pilots make spit these days.

That’s what the guy who flies those 727’s around gets. Kind of scary actually. I want my pilot in the six figures and really really paying attention. That’s pretty much what they were making during the Reagan administration. But I digress. I’ve spent all week getting my license moved over, learning the new this and that, getting the MLS to work at the new firm and getting a couple of listings up on the market. I finally get to start my own business and get on with my life. No more corporate flying monkeys telling me what to do. Even though I work for the third largest real estate firm in the country…the guys with the red logo for those of you who are curious, they are letting me handle my marketing my way. That means I get to keep my super cool signs and cards and notepads that were designed by Calson Graphics, who I can’t say enough nice things about, Cate is a slice of awesomeness. I’m very proud of how nice my business photos, graphics, card, notepads and yard signs look. People recognize me and that’s what we’re looking for. The new cards will be printed on recycled paper with soy ink. How cool is that? At the new shop, they are all so nice and so positive. There are about 15 training classes a week that we can pick and choose. They handed me the two kick start programs they have. I’ll start one tomorrow and the other in September. The most shocking part of this move is how I can get everything done that I need to do and have some time to myself. I’m still kind of worrying about emails that an Asset Manager might send over the weekend, but then I tell myself “Not you’re problem any more.” It feels good.

Since we’re talking about the real estate industry, here’s a quote from the Money Times, the article was entitled The Good, the Bad and The Ugly, the subject was buybacks:

Buybacks: The Ugly
The most egregious buyback situations usually show up in the related-party transactions, as listed in the annual report. Here’s a past example from Fidelity National (NYSE: FNF):

In August 2007, FNF’s chairman of the board, William P. Foley II, planned to sell 1,000,000 shares of FNF stock
on the open market. Because the company was actively purchasing shares of treasury stock on the open market at the same time, the company agreed to purchase 1 million shares from Foley on Aug. 8, 2007, for $22.1 million, or $22.09 per share, the market price at the time of the purchase.

Fidelity National currently sits at just under $15 per share. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want an insider sitting on both sides of that decision. Is he serving his fiduciary obligation to shareholders or serving his best interests? It seems like an inherent built-in conflict to me. As it turns out, it seems like Mr. Foley the individual got the best of Mr. Foley the CEO on this one.

While buybacks are always pitched to investors as a wonderful opportunity to “return capital to shareholders,” it’s not always the case. They are only wonderful if the company has excess capital and is repurchasing shares at a discount to their intrinsic value.

When will the rest of the world catch up to this guy? Who knows, but I do know I like rumors. Here’s a rumor that makes me happy. Or at the very least a rumor I hope is true. LandAmerica Commonwealth, the gift that keeps on giving.

Just in case you’re one of the schmucks still employed over at the Evil Empire, consider this, Number 16 on the list of the top earning CEO’s for the last 10 years, Bill Foley. He’s up there with such notables as the jackass from Countrywide and the dolt from Lehman Brothers. Now there are some stand up guys on there, but notably absent are any women. On the other hand if my choice is Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman, I’ll go with the guys. Which gets us to another subject. Someone asked me who I thought was going to win the Governors race in California. I don’t like my answer, but I think Meg Whitman is going to win. I hate her racist ads, I hate her Rovian campaign so far, but part of me wants her to win just so this State can kick her ass and send her back home just like it did to the Governator. This State is just a mess and can’t really be run. Creating the 51st State, be it North California or South California (God knows we’ll spend ten years arguing that one…who is #51 and who retains the original #31) is the only solution.

And it’s time to do away with that stupid term limits bullshit. No one knows how to get things done any more. You may not have liked how Willie did things, but things got done. If you happened to watch Oakland on Governor Moonbeam’s watch, it wasn’t all that. Strangely it was better than Dellums, but it wasn’t all that. I think we need more than “it wasn’t all that” running this State. Granted Jerry knew once upon a time how to run the State, but back then we liked Linda Ronstadt dating the Governor.

You look so angry as I crawled across your floor

You know the downfall of this country is going to have nothing to do with Obama.  It’s going to have to do with lack of education, racism and hatred.  Did you know that there are more groups dedicated to racism and hatred in this country now than there were 10 years ago.  We’ve created a culture where it’s ok.  It’s ok to yell “liar” at the President of the United States when he’s delivering his State of the Union address.  If that was ok, then why did no one yell it about the phantom WMD’s?  Or are y’all still jackstepping to Karl Rove and Dick Cheney?  They manufactured intelligence, just like they manufactured intelligence for Viet Nam.  And then they lied about what happened on the ground, just like they did in Viet Nam.  Did they forget that the truth did come out about Viet Nam?  Do they think it won’t come out now with 24 hour news stations?  And of course Faux News, who won’t report anything that any conservative or Republican gets wrong anywhere.

The downfall of this country will be guys like these assholes.

[youtube 6ik4f1dRbP8]

Hereis the full report and interestingly enough if you look at the people hollering against health care, I’ll show you a bunch of people of Medicare.  I think Congress missed the mark because I think we should have gone to a single payer system.  Actually, I would rather pay what I pay for health insurance in extra taxes and have the thing actually work.  Mandating the purchase of insurance seems to me to be fraught with peril.  Corporate executives in this country always find a way to jack the public for their own personal gain and I can’t imagine that the same slimey bastards who have been screwing us for years won’t figure out a way to continue to stick it to the general public.  But that’s just because I grew up in the Viet Nam era when the country spent a lot of time lying to us.  Kind of like the Bush era.

But the thing that bothers me the most it the outright viciousness of the extreme right and how it has trickled down into the Republican Party.  It doesn’t help that the victim was a Parkinson’s patient.  He was also a former nuclear engineer who has been debilitated by the disease.  And this health care bill will help him.  Next to Lou Gehrig’s, I would say that being debilitated by Parkinson’s is one of the worst things that could happen to you.  I never got to play golf with my father.  Like Letcher, he is trapped in a body that won’t work for him any more.  As for Chris Reichert, the dirtbag who threw dollar bills at Robert Letchert the Parkinson’s patient, it’s between him and his God.  He better hope his God is the forgiving one and not the unforgiving one the extreme right likes to extol.  Because he’s in some deep shit if his God is unforgiving.   Reichert whines that “people are hunting for me”.  Well, jackass, hate begets hate.  You showed who you are and now you get to sleep in that bed.  Personally, I think that fact that he is scared for his life is the only reason he said he was remorseful.  Little does he realize that the last liberals to get it together enough to actually do any damage were the SLA.

The other thing that infuriates me about the recent behavior is that the idiots who are acting like this have no idea what they’re talking about.  Last night I saw someone say that Lincoln was a Republican and George Wallace was a Democrat.  What they don’t understand is that the evolution of the Republican party that Lincoln was a member of has now become the DNC of today.  And George Wallace was a Dixiecrat and most of those guys are Republicans now.  They have no idea who John Lewis really is or what he’s done for this country.   And if God forbid he was morbidly ill not one of the Tea Klansmen BaggersPartiers would be qualified to carry that man’s drool bucket.  As for Barney Frank, if they knew anything beyond the bullshit rhetoric they read on the Internet they would know that even Congress calls him the most partisan and the most bipartisan Member of Congress.  Translation, he’s the biggest lightening rod.  And he’s a big old Queen.  And tough as nails like a Massachusetts Congressman should be.  And he’s good for Massachusetts.  And he’s good for America.  Did you know that Barney Frank has consistently supported the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment?  That’s the one that would prohibit the DoJ from prosecuting medical marijuana patients.  How is this good?  Decriminalization is the first step towards taxation.  Imagine not spending all the money that we spend to track down pot dealers/smokers?  Then imagine getting 8.5% on the sales?  How many gazillion dollars will that save the government?  Frank fights tirelessly for the republic, if they knew about his accomplishments on both sides of the aisle, well, they’re too stupid to understand.  He was attacked for being gay.  “I’m used to being in the minority.  I’m a left-handed gay Jew.  I’ve never felt, automatically, a member of any majority”.  He said that in 1996.  The Tea Klansmen aren’t qualified to speak to Mr. Frank.  They are bullies.  Hateful, racist, bigoted bullies.

Of course I blame all this crap on Reagan.  I lay it firmly on his doorstep.  He wasn’t the Great Communicator.  He was an actor.  His rhetoric led this country away from a place of responsibility in this world and to a place of Me, Me, Me.  Because the 8o’s were the Me, Me, Me generation.  And we taught our children that.  And now there’s a whole segment of this population who are so self entitled that they behave as if they are the only individual on the planet and the rest of us are there to serve them.  It’s time as a nation we rejected this and got back to who were are supposed to be.  This country was founded on the freedom of religion and the rejection of taxation by England.  We were a nation of approximately 2.5 million people, in 13 little States.  With that growth some things need to change.  And some will remain the same.  Freedom of religion means something different today than it did in 1776.  Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were slave holders.  Human bondage is not something to be proud of.  The King got richer with the taxation back then.  Now taxation results in services.  Not the same.  And there was no electricity back then.  Most homes had no floors.  Most people lived in very cramped quarters with several generations of the family.  Doctors didn’t discover until 1847 that simply washing their hands before delivering a baby dramatically reduced the death rate in the new mothers.  The world has changed.  You can’t have it both ways.  It’s like a Chinese menu.  Pick a little from here and the little from there and know that the other people at the table are going to have something different than you.

[youtube SaqDbHSm4T0]

Who’s crying now?

Well, they did it.  And I really hope they got it right.  The Republican Party does not have any idea what the American people want or need.  They don’t know what our lives are like.  They are rich bastards.  It’s all good for them.  Strangely, I think Carly Fiorina gets it.  She was faced with the worst diagnosis she could have gotten but because of her station in life, her existence was spared. For the most part I think she’s ineffectual and during her tenure, I thought she was what was wrong with HP, but I think she gets what’s wrong.  At the end of the day, I really hope that the American people win here.  Remember, the Wine Dog can’t get insurance because Randy Sierra is an ignorant bastard I had that bout with tachycardiomyopathy.  I have insurance with the Board at a rate of $300 a month with a $2700 deductable.  Think someone in Kansas could afford that?  Nope.

I am sad that Teddy Kennedy didn’t get to see this.  His absence is palpable.  Half of this rhetoric never would have occured under Teddy’s watch.  But they did it, and they got it passed.  Rest in peace Senator Kennedy.  You are missed tonight.

Let’s see, some of my favorite quotes of today…from the Ignorant Wench from the State of I can’t Remember who said that the members of the military didn’t want the government to mess with their Tricare.  Hello?  Stupid.  You don’t want the government to mess with the military’s government health care?  Idiot.  Seriously, how stupid do you have to be?  It’s not like I can sign up for it.  And good on the Gentleman from California who said that the American People deserve the same health care that is afforded Congress.  Yes we do.

And really, these guys quoted Reagan and Jerry Ford.  Seriously, one woman quoted Jerry freaking Ford.  That guy’s role was to keep the seat warm for the next guy.  That’s it.  Do I have to talk about WIN buttons again?  Don’t make me go there.

And now for a moment on the subject of racism.  I almost went all postal on this but I have decided to dial it back.  Devin Nunes (R-CA) defended the TeaKlansman and their racial and bigoted attack on Barney Frank, Emanuel Cleaver and John Lewis saying that “When you use a totalitarian tactics, people, you know, begin to act crazy”.  Where was this wetback Representative during the Bush Administration?  How quickly we forget eight years of “shut up we know what’s best for you” even though they got us into an illegal war that we shoudln’t be in.  WMD?  No such thing.  Which really makes Saddam Hussein’s execution questionable and possibly murder by the Bush Administration.  And I’m not talking about the suspected terrorists they murdered in custody.  Want to talk about tyrannical?  How does it feel being the bus boy on the other side?  Pot kettle black.  You are way out of bounds Mr. Nunes.  The time to resign is now.  You can’t swim?  I’m sure there are still holes in the fence between here and Tijuana.  Yeah, how does it feel?

The TeaKlansman are a bunch of racist, bigoted assholes.  They aren’t smart enough to even understand why they are so wrong.  Not only that, their banner was created by a Progressive Palestinian.  You guy’s are really idiots.  Here’s a quote from the Moron from the Great State of Wisconsin Paul Ryan tonight.  The country’s founders believed in nature’s god.  If so, then the fundamentalist Christians are out.  Way out.  Because nature’s god equals paganism.  Dumbass.  That’s how stupid our Congress is.  But we aren’t educating the public so what do we expect?

Years ago, The Brother said that Dan Quayle’s roll was to lower expectations of the American people so Bush I’s idiot son could be elected.  Sounds like it worked.