Are you going to eat that?


Welcome to Pink Bunny Ears! Why Pink Bunny Ears? Simple, Pink Bunny Slippers was taken.

Here I am documenting my adventures and the things that make my whiskers twitch. There will be midget wrestling, dwarf tossing, the incredible lobster boy, the bearded lady, lizards and rubber sheets.  I am a powerlifter, a golfer, a wine, uh, er, a wino, a distance cyclist and a bleeding heart liberal. I’ll document my powerlifting meets (currently I hold 27 records) my horrific golf scores (shot a 139 in Hawaii) and some truly great wine. There are plenty of pictures of my dogs Bubba and Rita and homage to the greatest dogs that ever lived, Beauregard the Doberman and Xica da Silva. Don’t miss Beauregard’s Bon Temps Zydeco Memorial Tribute Band page.  And there are various rescues who come through here. Currently Ike has found a place to rest his weary head. I’m remodeling a house and that adventure is chronicled here.  And I will call out bullshit when I see it.  What you won’t see here is crap scraped from other sites and slopped in here. Pink Bunny Ears is all original material and copyright is reserved. You are invited to trackback to your heart’s desire. Most of all, enjoy yourself. We do.

photo copyright Cheree Thomas

Want to get ahold of the Wine Dog?  You’ll find the winedog (username) by addressing it to winedog at astound dot net  Die spammers.

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  1. Hi Wine Dog, here I sit, 7 mos later, same shit different (yet the same, duh) company. Screwed a 2nd time, only this time no final paycheck in addition to not being paid our accrued vacation. Truly amazing that this heartless company would and could ruin so many lives. I feel sorry for the couples that worked at FTC, now both income earners are unemployed. Sooo sad. Wonder where all that money went, during the heyday, they were making money hand-over-fist, elaborate managers retreats, corporate jets and enormous salaries, it was good while we were making money for them and they were spending it. Where is our hard earned salary, I don’t work for free! So much for dedication and hard work, look where it got us.

    Hope you’re doing well, love you and the wine dog!!

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