French police wouldn’t give me no peace

Bubba mixed it up with Loki yesterday. It was the worst fight he’s been in. They locked on each other and weren’t giving in. The Brother had Loki I think by the scruff or maybe in a barrel hug and I had Bubba by his haunches and I was pulling away. I thought Bubba was ok, but he just continues to get his ass kicked. His face is punctured. He’s still on antibiotics from the asskicking Rita handed him, so it’s just another day at the farm. He was actually really protective when they first got here and he really didn’t back off that position too much. Loki was a little pissed off as he’s a regular at this bar and grill. I think it was a case of “Don’t mess with my Dad” as Brother was sitting with Loki and Bubba came up to them. It’s funny since the worst ass kicking Beau ever got was at the hands of Xica over The Brother’s attentions.

We don’t have a lot of rules here. Rule One, no playing in my bed.


I have a sneaking suspicion that rule is not being followed.

I spent a goodly portion of the day sanding down the siding. The Farm needs a paint job.



Wood destroying pests have left ridges in the wood.



Black and Decker rules all. I’m also working on the Japanese Maple stump. I had this tree cut down last year. Somebody came up to Jesus the tree cutter dude and complained that he couldn’t do it. Jesus, who speaks pretty good English no comprende what they wanted and the tree came down dove nest and all. I later learned the doves were the dumb blondes of the bird world. It was probably the crazy lady who incidentally got hauled off on a 5150 about two weeks ago. Glass houses, dear. Anyway, the damned termites didn’t eat that so I’m having to use Grants Stump Kill. It involved drilling these 1 inch holes in the stump and then putting this stuff into it.


And last but not least. This dude:


I didn’t sand over there and just let him be. Don’t know what he does or doesn’t eat, but he didn’t look like a termite, so I figured he could live.

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  1. Not a stupid question at all. Bubba has met them in the past. He was territorial when they first got there. It was the first time I’d ever seen him like that. He was clearly trying to protect me from them. I think we probably made a subtle mistake we didn’t notice but the boys did and that’s what let it happen.

  2. I think there are a number of factors going on, In Loki’s eyes, the farm was originally Beau-land, then there was Rita the Usurper, who competed with Loki for Beau’s affection, then Beau passed, Rita and Loki had one tiff and worked out their relationship, but now there is a new male, and who the hell are you? and the new male has issues with this other guy over who is Rita’s best friend, and isn’t too crazy about strange two-leggers for that matter, and etc., etc., etc., I’m thinking they have to have more time to get used to each other, and drive-by “hellos” aren’t going to cut it. Shelley’s dog Bobby was the original male who Loki had trouble with, and the two of them are the best of buddies now. Of course, if Loki starts playing with Bubba the Jack Russell, Bobby the moosehead hound will bodycheck Loki out of the way.

    BTW, I was pulling on Loki’s back legs, and they both had a mouthful of each others face. I’d never seen Loki’s face stretched out that far. Sorry to hear Bubba was punctured again. Loki’s got a ding on his neck but he gets those at daycare rather regularly.

    Stay tuned for the story of Loki in the fish pond.

  3. Yeah, Bubba is working on what his position is here. He was the great protector on Saturday. I’m surprised that Loki didn’t get a piercing too. Those boys weren’t backing down.

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