Hush hush keep it down now voices carry

The feedbag is going to be fun today:

Now Jerrold G. Hauptman, you signed documents saying to the best of your knowledge these are the 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors and you know this to be utter Bullshit!  You might want to rethink some things and redo your little list because I know what you know!!   The powers that be(government, judges, EBSA, Dept of Labor) are  gonna look at you and wonder if your not telling the truth about this little document what else have you not told the truth about and when they start digging all your gonna end up with is one deep, dark, black hole that hopefully Patty slips off her Prada heels and falls in.

I hate when bad things happen to Italian designers.

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  1. Whenever I feel the need to laugh uncontrollably I just check out this site. Thanks for making my day WD

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