So much for the golden future, I can’t even start

Dolphyngyrl likes to get me going first thing in the morning. Today she rolled snake eyes. Bikers down. Yeah, holy crap.

Sonofabun is certain that Rita looks just like Ben Affleck in Daredevil.


OK, she kind of does. Today I found her crouched in the doorway of the dining room stalking squirrels. She was on full alert, primed to spring, just watching. It was kind of cool and kind of evil all at the same time. She is kind of cool and kind of evil most of the time.

Connect the Dots

It is my life’s work right now to find the missing link that pierces Jerry’s corporate veil. Every day I hope that the smoking gun finds its way to me. The next dot we need to connect is Centennial Bank. I’m sure there’s a skeleton or two in the vaults. The question is how are the Hauptmans all wrapped up in the machinations of that bank. It’s believed that they are. Who holds the missing puzzle piece. Email the winedog at astound dot net. I’m sure there’s a prize in it. Or maybe we’ll do it title company style and I’ll take the credit myself. And get you a 35% cut in pay.

Oh Patty! Did I make you pucker?

Now that’s a Mofo!

I also hear that they aren’t sending those buckets full of money to Mofo any more. While I can attest that they are some of the best legal beagles out there, doesn’t make sense to pay that hourly rate so Jerry and Patty can continue not paying the people who worked for them…ouch mon! On the other hand, Mofo should have seen that one coming. I wonder how much they got stiffed for.

Shout out!

If in Alameda, you should do as the Alamedians do and stop by BarCeluna. They’ve moved for what seems like the 37th time, but it’s really just the third time. The new place feels lush and comfy. It’s all small plates. It is the brainchild of my friend Chuck, his brilliant Chef John and another partner who I will apologize for not remembering her name. Small plates, great wines, awesome staff. You have to shout out to any businessman who has after all this time the same Chef and the same kid who walked in with a broken arm and asked for a job in the beginning. That’s how you run a business. Originally they were to be a neighborhood steak house. Chuck used his Grandmother’s sauce recipe. They did a NY with pasta with a cardinale sauce that would just make me nuts. Then they moved to the small plate format and never looked back. I had lamb tacos last week. Awesome! If in Alameda, check them out, they’re doing a good job.

Today’s best person of the day

This dude fought the law and won. What are the odds? Nearly insurmountable. Nobody beats the tax man…except old Charles. We raise a glass to you tonight sir. You are one smart mofo!

[youtube OYn5hxeFt10]

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