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The man who only lives for making money, lives a life that isn’t necessarily sunny

I had a little down time today, so I started cleaning up my office. It is still not set up so that it works, but it’s getting there. Things I found, $45 claims settlement from a suit against Microsoft. Another claim involving someone named Doral, which quite honestly, I don’t know what that’s about, so I shredded it. I lost out on the Enron one because Morgan Stanley couldn’t pull their collective heads out of their collective asses long enough to look up the information for me, despite repeated phone calls. Thanks for nothing boys. Can’t wait for the next one of your boiler room boys to give me a ring a ding. It’s going to go just like this.

[youtube sW-PHukzdgM]

My work life started the day in two Corovan boxes. That’s it. 32 years, two Corovan boxes. Inside were such jewels as the framed Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass albums that hung on the wall…because everyone new who came into the office discussed them. Several triangles, the nice one got broken in transit. Several architect and engineer’s rules. Yeah, you title guys know what I’m talking about. My OWN colored pencils and Stabilo Boss set. Yeah, I got’m. The Costco sized bottle of Advil AND Tylenol. A cork screw. A Handbook for Title Men -1971. The teletubbie and matching photo. Some dog pictures, the framed thank you card from Hank…you know this one.

Thanks for all your help with the XYZ Holdings, Ltd. transaction. Your professionalism, calm demeanor and good humor were much appreciated. (They are in short supply in many organizations these days) I hope we can work on another closing in the future.


Several rate books and a nail file from Exchange Resources. And last, but not least, my Service Star paper weight with my name inscribed on it. You had to do something really spectacular to get one and I did, and I have one. I promise you the Amateur Manager doesn’t have one of those.

Coconut Telegraph

I’m hearing a big National division in Santa Ana was closed down and the accounts were moved to Florida. I don’t understand exactly how it all goes together, but it’s the division that negotiates the big contracts for big companies with loads of sites. What a bunch of maroons! Y’all keep playing this account shuffling game with the clientele and they’re going to shuffle over to the Evil Empire or NASCAR Teddy’s Excellent Title Adventure which should prove to be a much friendlier environment. I’m also hearing that not only are they moving their DataTrace unit, but they are reducing staff as well. The showed the door to a dear lady and one of my favorite characters. Not cool.

Let’s try the new math here. Your net income was $42 million. I guess you’ll write off that $37.3 million, since Bill plucked the Eagle one more time. Net income is now $4.7 million. Around $.04 per share. Nice going. And your legal beagles got their asses handed to them in court. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.


  • EO in hell

    Boxes of work memorabilia. I have some of those I didn’t bother taking to the new location. I’m bitter.

    What is FATCO going to do with that huge building in Santa Ana now? Is Florida that much cheaper?

  • OldTitleGuy

    Sheesh. I have at least twelve boxes of books and manuals in my garage and the trunk of my car. I need a job just to have a place to put that stuff. Not to mention my paintings, little refrigerator and microwave.
    (that last might explain why I weigh what I do. Aren’t frozen burritos a diet food?.)

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