The sign says long haired freaky people need not apply

For some reason, I’ve been noticing signs a lot lately. Signs of the apocalypse. Signs on buildings. Signs in general. Today’s curiosity was a Yogurt Shack. Signs said “Do not touch” on an award thingie by the door shaped like a guitar that, trust me, everyone wanted to touch. On the door said “No Restrooms”, “No Pets” read another sign and yet another one in the window said “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. Not one sign that said “Welcome”, “Open” or “Come on in”. I also went to the Contra Costa County Recorder’s office today. There wasn’t a single sign telling me that I had found the right building but every parking space was marked “Employee Only”. So I parked on the street and then tried to use an entrance that said “Staff Only”. That same sign was on the elevator. Apparently, you assholes forgot who you work for. Here’s a hint, it’s Us, the Taxpayers, we pay your salary and it’s about damned time you paid some proper attention to us.

Denver Omelet

What’s this I hear? The Alliance and Financial and Investors and, and, and…Cobra checks not being cashed and oops! Thanks for playing our game but you have no health insurance? Do I need to bring out the Kangaroo here? Mercury isn’t administering it like they’re supposed to be?  Not good. As a matter of fact, bad. Speaking of health insurance, my Cobra for my single all by my self dumb ass is $446 a month. WTF said the Kangaroo. So I have endeavored to get health insurance on my own. Get this…I am a risk and they want to charge 150% to insure me. That’s right, 150% of the premium for me. Why? Good question. Last time I had this problem I offered to kick Blue Cross’s CEO’s ass in the parking lot. If I won, they had to insure me. Seemed as logical to me as their asinine underwriting policies. I’m high risk because of my weight and the fact that the Amateur Manager nearly gave me a heart attack last winter. I’m not sure how some ass klown like that guy can run someone into the ground like he tried to do to me and then the insurance industry can say “sorry, thanks for playing our game” because my body couldn’t handle the emotional abuse. The Bloodless Empire should be embarrassed for having a guy like him on the payroll. And they should be paying my insurance at this point. But seriously, what’s wrong with a country that this kind of bullshit can go on and now I have no health coverage? (All you Mercury folks are twisting in the wind with me) When I was in Germany I sprained an ankle, bad. I went to a Doctor. He fixed it. My out of pocket? Zero. Yeah, we don’t want that here. We want to pay a bunch of extra money to a bunch of companies to make a bunch of money they don’t deserve by telling people that they can’t have the surgery that they need or the medicine that they need. Yeah, that’s a better plan. I hate to have to utter these words, but Hillary was right. She was right 16 years ago and we’re too ignorant to see it.

At this point y’all are asking “What’s the Wine Dog drinking?” Funny you should ask. B.R. Cohn Silver Label Cabernet Sauvignon. $60 at Bing Crosby’s. The best deal on the menu. Berry, black cherry and vanilla. We had it with the pork chop. Perfect match.

A little light reading

Here‘s a little something from our pal with the Pacer account. Well, Parker, thanks for playing our game, and as a little parting gift, we have these lovely steak knives.

Why I lost the battle in my own house:


And in lieu of Olympic coverage this evening:

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  1. WD, about the COBRA thing, should we (who need insurance and probably can’t get anything else right now) contact say The Department of Insurance to ask WTF? I think the State of California should have taken Mercury by the nuts in December when ATC was closed, should have never allowed FTC to continue doing business here, and should have siezed anything they could get their hands on to offset what is now even a more horrible horrible situation. Didn’t Hauptass say in this “declaration” that there was $$’s set aside for health benefits, blah blah blah….oh yeah, that was only for his dear dear Colorado family…this is a bunch of bullshit. I think we all should fly to Colorado and pay that assklown a visit!!

  2. You should certainly check with whatever DOI or AG or other authority exists in your state. Cobra is Federal, however I’m not absolutely sure it applies if the employer goes out of business. Do try to find something else, the temporary Blue Cross program for me was 90/month when I was out of work.

  3. Thanks for the info Brother, however, my husband is a diabetic, just (July) had his lower left leg amputated, not so insurable right now, or probably ever. He is disabled, I have no job, so even if we could get insurance it would be really expensive (right now the COBRA is $827 per month). I am in California, one of the 1st round loosers with ATC. Thanks for the info again.

  4. grooks – In California & disabled? Have you been down to the social security office to see about medicare? If not, do that. My wife is disabled and on medicare because of it.

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