I’m drunk and dirty, don’t you know

Here’s a remarkably poorly written article. All of us title folks here know what really happens. There’s notice given at the Notice of Default. If you’re a renter, stop paying rent RIGHT THEN. You ain’t gonna see your deposit back and you’re going to have to move. Put yourself in the driver’s seat. The landlord will come and lie to you about how it’s all a big mistake blah blah blah and then do exactly what this woman did to this family. They lied to get the loan in the first place. They’re liars and they’re going to take the money and run. Landlord wants more rent? Make them show you the recorded Rescission. My money says they can’t. Pay rent again only when they prove that the loan has been caught up, or better, just move. Be done with your deadbeat landlord. Granted SB 1137 took effect upon signing, but why fuss around with that. There’s 90 days from the Notice of Default. Use it. The first 30 you use to get your deposit back, the second 30 to get your rent money for the next place in order. And to the author of the article, it’s not the bank’s fault, so mentioning them in an unfavorable way is bullshit. And as much as I love to pick on the Bloodless Empire, it’s not their fault either, so why use the actual name of the title company. It would be just as simple to say “the title company”. Crappy journalism at its best. The truth is that the landlord, Yvonne Cuevas, is Today’s Worst Person in the World, (with a nod to Keith Olbermann)

Since I’m on the subject of banks, let’s pick on my favorite bank to pick on Washington Mutual. What a bunch of dumb asses. Their website is set up so that if you’re at home using a router, you can’t log on to your accounts. I’ve been trying for a week to pay my Mother’s mortgage. Finally, I called them and that was their lame answer. So now every time I want to pay bills online, I have to re-configure the system here at the Farm. Bullshit. I paid bills off of the iphone yesterday. (Love it!) As a little Coconut Telegraph aside, I’ve been hearing rumblings about Washington Mutual for about a month now. Be sure you don’t have more than $100k in any one account with those guys. It’s the sort of rumblings your hear right before the implode.

If it’s Saturday on the Farm, it must be Bath Day


Bubba had never ridden in the truck before yesterday. I had to lift him up. Rita sprung right into the truck. He’d also probably never had a bath. The poor guy was terrified of the automatic doors at Pet Food Express, then I hooked him up to the bath station and I was surprised he didn’t wet himself. Blue Dobermans are famous for having crappy coats. Bubba, however, has a thick coat. Once I gave him his bath yesterday, I can say that he has a wonderful coat. It’s not coarse or thin or falling out. It’s luxurious and soft and beautiful. Rita’s coat is spectacular. It’s been that way since about two weeks after I started her special supplements. It’s tighter than Bubba’s and it was thinner than Beauregard’s, but she shines when I get her cleaned up. The both look great.



Inflated tires

I was amused by the dialog this week about inflating tires. Comedian Rush Limbaugh lit into Obama for suggesting that we check our tire pressure and keep our tires inflated. Except Obama was quoting the American Auto Association. McSame joined in only to have someone whisper in his ear “Pssst! He’s right“.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “every pound per square inch of tire underinflation wastes 4 million gallons of gas daily in the U.S.” Survey information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 27% of the cars on the road have a significantly under-inflated tire.

Actually the Popular Mechanics article states that nearly 80% have some under inflation. So McSame joins in and agrees and says that the inflating your tires is endorsed by the American Auto Association and NASCAR! Then it must be true. I guess we know who his perceived audience is.

It is true. And it’s true on two wheelers as well. I had two flats two weeks ago and two flats last week. I finally got the situation worked out and had no flats yesterday. The result? Less effort and I finished faster and stronger. I suspect that if I wasn’t riding in that nasty wind yesterday I could have cut 10 minutes off of my time.

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  1. I didn’t see that one. Although where to start? The LO? The brother and sister? I imagine if you were to run the property you’d fine numerous refinances. Who’s to say if it went to taking care of the old folks or Hennessy. I’m betting she had a job when they took out the note and didn’t have an income in December 2006. As usual, not enough information in the story.

  2. Yeah, where to start. I have nothing but sympathy for the old folks. And no sympathy for anyone else involved in it.

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