Ships were made for sinking, whiskey made for drinking

And now, for something competely different:

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Crossfit workout

Yesterday I did the crossfit workout. It was 150 wall balls. OK, that was intense. I skipped Wednesday’s bike ride. Some critter bit my leg right where the calf attaches and then continued up my leg and bit me four more times. The one on my calf blew up about the size of a golf ball, like the bite I got last year right before I went to Hawaii. I couldn’t bench at all with the infection in my arm last year. The thought that riding in the heat with the same sort of infected bite was a bad idea. So tomorrow I’m going to repeat last week’s ride. And maybe get up earlier so if I have more flat tire problems I will still get home before it hits 90 degrees. My pump didn’t work and I just had enough CO2 for that ride. Now I have a new pocket pump and more CO2.

History Lesson

Let me just take a moment to say, I think I have the best readership in the world. I’m honored to have the site where the title industry comes for gossip. It’s the Perez Hilton in me. My inbox is full of awesomeness. Here’s a little something from earlier this week:

History lesson
1) 1946 Paul Hauptman forms Jefferson County Abstract to support his homebuilding activities (and early AfBA!)
2) Jeff Abst becomes Security Title Guaranty Company to work outside of Jefferson County CO
3) Underwritten by Stewart Title, gets into pissing match over claims, money etc (the usual suspects) and goes to FATCO in 1977
4) FATCO gives them their small Colorado direct ops and an exclusive contract
5) The FATCO directs become First American Heritage Title about 1979.
6) Jerry takes over from the retiring Paul, early 80s
7) Finding competition even amongst his ops to be healthy, Jerry starts or purchases Title America with Doug Peters.
8 ) Jerry & Doug have falling out. Doug starts Title Services and later sells this to Lawyers
9) Jerry unites the 3 companies under one holding company, United Title around 1988. Previously they were owned by Hauptman Family Enterprises. However, HFE remains the owner of United Title and later Mercury (formed in 2002) until Jerry buys out the other family members in 2005 approx., with the hope of taking company public. This is why they went thru the explosive growth that killed them – buying companies to get large revenue streams to make an IPO attractive
10) United becomes Mercury about 2002

Yeah, it killed them. And check this out in the peanut gallery comments section:

As far as Landam, FNF and FAF go, and who eats who, according to the financials, ORI has been acquiring Landam stock and now holds roughly 10% that should buy them a seat on the board. Think about it.

About Comerica pulling the plug, Mercury had broken 6 of the convenants of the line, within 5 weeks of it being renegotiated after the Alliance BK, buy it, they were smart.

Jerry not playing by the rules? Perish the thought. ORI has a 10% stake in LandAm? That’s so sending me back to the drawing board. Another gentle reader forwarded me the Mercury Dun & Bradstreet reports. I feel like the Verizon guy “Do you hate me now?”


I haven’t heard a peep from Oregon. No one has even logged in recently from up north. So I’m a little weak on information. I know it blows being in the title business and out of work in Oregon in good times. It doubly blows right now. I haven’t heard much from Arizona since half of them got picked up by Dinty Moore. Texas, I hear ya! And my goodness, I’ve never seen so many hits from Colorado. Lucky for y’all, The Burgermeister keeps access to my site open to FNF employees and I thank him for that. I think it’s chicken shit when they block me. If in fact you are blocked at work, a simple work around is Google Reader. Add a PBE subscription and voila! There we are in all our freakish glory. It’s not like the Bloodless Empire they can block the Google.

And a little something that I can through into the mix.  There’s been a siting…yeah that former CEO who’s still on the payroll working on the bankruptcy….wonder what’s happening to all that equipment in all those offices.  I’ve seen two recently sitting there looking like museums… or mausoleums.

Travel Advisory

I believe there’s some wine tasting in my weekend plans, so lock your doors and keep your children safe. God only knows what the Wine Dog might say.

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  1. Title Folks you ever been to a party where some asks you what you do for a living?…and when you tell them they all roll their eyes and suddenly you’re the one with the booger hanging out of your nose…they scatter like roaches and not the good kind either. PBE ( WineDog) have created our own party place to vent bitch moan or hopefully help expose bad guys and open doors to potential jobs..thanks WineDog and as for my children I taught them how to open the bottles just in case you show up.

  2. Just tell ’em that you work in Specialized Fraud Prevention Research. Then wander off.
    This site, and our glorious leader WD, has in no small part helped me retain my sanity, such as it is.

    Wine tasting?? They still make Red Mountain in them gallon jugs?

  3. Anyone ever hear what happened to Jerry’s sidekick Steve Brockman? Now that’s not a name that has come up for some time…..
    Just curious as he was like glue to Jerry’s side for years.

  4. Steve Brockman helped Jerry aquire several companies is Santa Clara. He helped establish a lender division in the east bay. Then he disappeared (along with his bible). I heard there was some folks snoopin’ into his backround. Hadn’t heard of him or from him in 7-8 years.

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