Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

Keith Olbermann is God

OK, we all knew that. The guy was funny as hell on ESPN and then he moves over to MSNBC and hits his stride. Dude is setting the world on fire, as well it should be. No, you can’t call the VT kids an example of the wussification of America because they weren’t packing heat and didn’t fight back. They ran. They’re kids. Neal Boortz you fat overblown moron, shut up. Rush Limbaugh calling Cho a liberal and then saying that Media Matters fell for your “joke”? You drug addled sweaty pig! You need a call from Alec Baldwin. You are what’s wrong with this country. And News Flash! Looks like the DNC has hit puberty and their balls have finally dropped. Now they can grab them and have at the liars and thieves that have been running this country. Party’s over Mr. Rove. Hello Club Fed because that’s where you’re going. I don’t think Criminal Ignorance is an actual crime so Condi won’t have to do any jail time, unless she lies about something else…something beyond the Weapons of Mass Distraction. Alberto, 74 I don’t recalls equals you getting recalled. Go home. You’re an embarassment. So is the fact that 150 “attorneys” from Pat Buchannan’s law school, a grade 4 school according to U.S. News and World Reports, work in this Administration. This country wouldn’t be so stupid if not for your Great White Hope Ronald Reagan. Yes, this is his fault too.

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