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Today is a day of reckoning let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong

More off the Coconut Telegraph

-Ivy Anderson resigned the day before this all went down (I had the chance to work with her on a few things when she was the CFO at Alliance; I’m not a fan of hers at all)

-Sandi Sigg knew of this at least a couple of days in advance, but didn’t even tell a soul until late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning (I heard the Sac Region President Mary Lou Oaks wasn’t notified until very late Tuesday).

-As of 7:30 PM last night, no final checks with any type of wages were issued. It looks like they worked for nothing for the past two weeks.

If this is the case and you’re in California, here’s something else off the Telegraph:

This just in from Mark Simpkins, who represents some Alliance ex-employees.

He will probably be expanding the lawsuit to include LFC, Investors, and Financial. All former employees should file a wage claim with the State as soon as possible. Here’s the Link: DIR Once they do that, they will automatically be included in the State’s lawsuit, and will receive e-mails updates from Mr. Balter. They don’t need to contact him unless he asks them to do so.

This will work for any now ex-employee of Financial Title Company, Lender’s First Choice or apparently Investor’s in the State of California who was not paid wages, vacation or commission earned.

OldTitleGuy sent me this little gem this morning.


In case you missed the original filing…


Now if anyone would like to play a round of “Find the missing $37.3 million Dollars” we’ll be choosing up teams later on today. Maybe Skippity would like to captain Team Ice Cream?

Be sure to check out the Radical. She occasionally scoops me and she got me this morning on bounced LFC checks to the notaries. Ouch mon!

Did the Bloodless Empire finally block my ass? That’s what I’m hearing. What a bunch of cry babies. Sorry, your Kool-aid wasn’t my flavor. That’s ok, I come in nice and clear on your home machines, and then you can get the videos too. It’s not like I posted a photoshopped picture of Park Kennedy and a Las Vegas show girl or anything.


Now, you can block me.


  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Dolphyndyrl, There is Ice Cream!

    The Flavor of the Day is:

    Jim Jones Tropical Extravaganza!
    (connect the dots if you can)

    We started with the finest Fruits and Nuts from Guyana hand picked by child slave labor imported from the Bay Area under the guise of religious nervana…then we slowly churn them with fresh “White” “Milk” add a heeping helping of ignorance and trust and then at the very end spray it liberally with lead, Jackie might want to duck on this one as apparently this “flavor” is toxic to politicians and in particular to the ones that bad mouth the title industry..I’m just sayin’ and top it all off with a Twinky for plausible deniability and VIOLA!..We’re ready for the next Mercury Company Family Picnic! but be sure to watch your children remember what happend to the Lindberg baby? coincedence? again I’m just sayin’.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Dolphingyrl it’s my ice cream and I like my ingredients exploited prior to whipping….it makes it more title umm..I mean consumer friendly.

    and who’s that guy standing next to John Harritt???

  • anescrowperson

    You’ve got it wrong about Ivy. She resigned after the **** hit the fan. The ever marvelous Hauptmans got her like the rest of us. How they can live with themselves is beyond me.

  • anescrowperson

    Oh sorry I got it wrong! I looked back at my emails when this was announced and she hadn’t resigned and never did and did give us her phone number so we could call her.

  • bigscreenbigpicture

    No sympathy for anyone in the Mercury Companies management…they were all greedy and it caught up with them in the end. Too bad for some of the good people that they recruited into the fold. Sad to say I was employed by both companies at one time (as were quite a few of us) and I got out before the fallout…thank god…but greed got the better of most and they stayed for the big bucks…and now its all gone. The pompous attitude of the management and some of the prior managment was uncalled for and now its karma baby!!

  • Former1515Employee

    I agree w/bigscreen on this one…that lack of sympathy runs farther down then just the Board too.

  • stopthemadness

    how is it karma for all us little people who were just happy to have a job and do the best job we can…the top dogs (and that’s being kind) were not hurt at all…I didn’t get paid and don’t have a job. I didn’t deserve this an neither many many others just like me.

  • Wine Dog

    Me too. I’ve thrown that out there and haven’t heard a peep either way. The Google was no help.

  • bigscreenbigpicture

    If PH did resign it was only to CHA (cover HER ass) She and Jerry give no thought to anyone but themselves as evidenced by what is occurring within the Mercury right now. They created and starred in this drama.

  • anonomous

    Regarding, Sandi knowing about the collapse prior to the 29th is just not true. She just did a bonehead move and wrote down the wrong date on FATICO doc to access FTC facilities. She got the doc and immediately signed and emailed back to John Hollenbeck at 5:05PM on the 29th. you can confirm with John. So, please don’t think Sandi was complicit in any of this. She was busting her rump right up to the end like the rest of us.

  • Wine Dog

    kbee, sorry about the rent, that blows. But thanks for the distribution. And welcome UTC employees!

  • bigscreenbigpicture

    To the tune of The Times They Are A-Changin’ a little folk ditty……

    Come gather round people
    You are now alone
    And admit that your checks are now so long gone
    And accept it that
    You’ll soon lose
    your home.
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start suing
    Or you’ll soon lose your home
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come managers and officers
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t go too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’.
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come Parker, Patty and Jerry and all
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’.
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come lenders and consumers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    Your trustees and your NOD’s
    Are beyond your command
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’.
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    The line it is drawn
    The curse it is cast
    The old one now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The -changin’.

    Yes, I indeed do feel for the lower level management and those that have families and careers that were blindsighted by the diabolic duo – Patty/Jerry
    Mercury and FATCO

    Remember this too shall pass….
    the times they are indeed a changin!!!

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