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Had enough of the monster you’ve become

 From the comments section

ITC is still in operation, Mercury has no control over the assets because of the Alliance BK filing. ITC was owned 80% by Alliance and 20% by 1st am. Oh by the way Patty resigned from Mercury today.

Comment by titleguy — July 30, 2008 @ 6:13 pm

Do you think she got her last paycheck? Vacation pay? Does she think this will get the Wine Dog off her ass? For the newbies, go back to December 2007 for the Architectural Digest pictures of Patty’s homes.

From the Wine Dog’s inbox:

Chris White sent an email this morning saying that they were no longer owned by Mercury. You’re right, they are under the control of the Trustee. REDACTED thinks they are trying to get sold, but in this market, to whom? I asked if they had more layoffs, and REDACTED said no, there really wasn’t anyone left. (18 minutes of erased tape) I can’t believe that they pulled out of the hole they were in when I left. Chris White told unintelligible that they were already 1.5 million in the hole, so how much could that have improved?

Yeah, so I protected the author. So sue me. That being said, maybe we should ask the trustee of the bankruptcy case… Dude howzit?

I’m afraid a lot of Financial Title people just found me. I’ve been warning for about seven months on this. I hope y’all had been squirreling away your nuts because that rainy day is here. I’ve been in this business for 32 years and I’ve never seen it this bad. I’ve seen lay offs and I’ve seen staff taking pay cuts and working two jobs and doing their own office janitorial and everything in between. I’ve never seen company after company folding. I would recommend that escrow staff look at picking up as Asset Managers with the lenders who have a lot of failed mortgages. I would recommend title staff look to solid companies that have a real estate department. Companies like Starbucks, Chili’s, Chevron etc. all have real estate departments. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a coordinator job. Best of luck to all of you, it blows. Trust me, I’m out of work with you.

Which gets us to my final (maybe) comment of the day. When I look at the hits I got today and the organizations and government bodies who have come here for information, I am infuriated at the Bloodless Empire for doocing me. It makes me wonder what are the suits trying to hide? What nest of cockroaches do you not want me to shine God’s flashlight down on? What do I know that frightens the flying corporate monkeys so much that dumping 32 years experience was the preferred decision? What is it that needs to stay buried? Or is that just who you’ve become?

[youtube 8yPTsGrfcVE]


  • formertitlegirl

    So does this mean Patty will be retiring to her home in Montecito? I truly hope that the DOI will never allow Mercury (the Hauptman’s) to do business in California again-what a mess!

  • EO in hell

    The Patty resigns thing baffles me. Why would it matter? Did Jerry make her resign? From what I’ve heard the company was doing ok before Jerry let Patty start controlling things. She was his secretary and I guess he dipped his pen in the company ink, they marry and she takes over. Whatever!

  • Former1515Employee

    My question is when or did they already, fire Baby Eric (Patty’s baby boy). He was milking the payroll for quite some time.

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