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It’s over


This is bad.  (not the picture, the situation)  Lender’s First Choice, done.  Jerry’s line of credit ran out.  Something about complying with the terms of the agreement, which required him to keep a certain amount of cash in the bank.  They pulled the line, game over.

And I have never made so many posts on the same day.


  • Pamela

    Hello, my name is Pamela. I think this blog is really interesting, specially all the information you have about Alliance Title Co.

    I would like to talk to the creator of this blog (Pink Bunny Ears).

    I think we may have a few things in common.

    Please call me
    Editor’s note: I took your phone number off. If you really want it published on the internet, post another comment. (That’s how we roll)

  • EO in hell

    I called about 5 Financial offices today and they just have their night message on. You can get right to a persons extension with their own private message. People who aren’t aware that they shut down will be really really angry when they don’t get a return call. Same thing happened with Alliance. It took a month for them to shut the phones off.

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