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Swappin’ tales and tellin’ lies from days when they were young

What’s this “we” shit Kemosabi?

Dinty Moore is keeping a “skeleton” staff here in CoCo County because they don’t want to appear like they run when things get bad and come back when business is good. The Wine Dog has never called them carpetbaggers. (in this blog) I’ve called them carpetbaggers in real time. They are carpetbaggers. When my friends were all on the street with the Alliance Title Company shut down, I told them if there was anything they could do BESIDES go to Stewart, they should. That first full month, they took the REMS. Those guys could do some business. Houston is a bunch of wussies. They are carpetbaggers. I said back in December 2007 that Dinty Moore would just roll up the carpet and go back to Houston until the market picked up that they didn’t have the stomach for down cycles. BUSINESS IS CYCLICAL. DAMMIT! How many times do I have to say that. And I got my MBA from the School of Hard Knocks. Magna Cum Goddamn Laude. But the Alliance crew didn’t have a choice and quite honestly, local management was smart enough to pick them up. Houston wasn’t smart enough to let the ponies run. Too bad. We know what it was all about. And we know who buried what knives in whose back. The Wine Dog has had to pull a few daggers out of her own back.

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This just in:

Gale Bode (Mercury Technology EVP) laid off Mitch Tanenbaum (Mercury CTO, Guardian Mortgage Documents CIO, and Jerry’s personal geek). It seems like 15+ years with the Hauptmans really isn’t worth much. Everybody who is left on the 14th floor of 1515 Arapahoe was asked to take a 10% pay cut. We have a pool on when they’ll be forced to shut their doors, my bet was Labor day.

I’m taking Thanksgiving. Patty Hauptman likes to put people out on the streets for the holidays.

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