Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

Structure is good

Started my new job on February 13th. I’d been out of work since the first week in October, for the first time since 1981. Yeah, that was rough on me. BUT, everyone that saw me during that period commented that I had lost weight. I hadn’t, but I was working out much harder and biking pretty regularly.

Well, I got a sweetheart job with the company and unit I wanted to be in. Took a huge cut in pay from the other place, but that might be the price of my soul, which I believe I’ve gotten back. Anyway, there’s a one hour commute each way, so I had to get my life in order and it’s been great. My superpowers have returned, I’m lifting much much better and feeling great. I’m struggling with my weight a little, these guys have chocolate and chips and all kinds of landmines all over the office. I’m just working one day at a time. Yesterday, I did not touch one thing that I wasn’t suppose to. Today, I will work hard to duplicate yesterday.

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