Bon Mots and Cheap Shots


Yes, I have been missing, but I have been working out, diligently. I have another meet coming up in July and I’m working very hard towards that. For the most part my eating has been pretty good. This week was:

Oatmeal with cottage cheese

1/2 WW english muffin, slice of lean ham, slice of lowfat cheddar

WW sourdough little roll with tri tip and salsa

apple and string cheese

Swordfish, ww couscous and salad

ricotta and strawberries.

yesterday, not so much. I’m remodeling one of our offices and the stress was off the hook yesterday. I shut down our biggest branch at 3pm and had every thing moved out on the balcony. At the same time a KD’ed all the existing cubes and had new workstations brought up and stored on the balcony. Finish time? 7:06, yeah I rock. Today the carpet goes in, tomorrow they build out the cubes, Monday the furniture goes back in and we’re ready to run on Tuesday morning.

I’ve been running again. Hanging out with Mrs. H got that going. I got my new shoes two days ago and can’t wait to take them out. I’ve been biking too. New shoes, new cleats and I can get out of the clips now without falling down. It’s a great day to be me.

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