Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

Hang myself if I get enough rope

That was for Sonofabun.

I’m pretty light today and I need to get out of here early. The lean green machine no longer shows the five green balls, or four, or three or two or one. Not only does it show a yellow one, but also a red one. That means I will lop off a pound of flesh and pray to the Bavarian car gods that I have enough credit to get this thing serviced. At least they’ll wash it when they’re done.

So today, we have google key words.

  1. van williamson ed meades (van is ed meades winemaker, ed meades makes rockin’ zin)
  2. Doberman foam mouth (don’t google me, I’m an idiot take your dog to the vet he’s sick)
  3. crossfit wheelbarrow video (sorry, unless you have a mac you can’t view PBE videos)
  4. ups sucks ass (yes they do)
  5. wine dog leashes (how about Wine Dog Unleashed?)
  6. John Harritt (yawn)
  7. mercury lawsuit first american (let me know if you found this thing, I can’t find it)
  8. barbara chambers (shouldn’t have turned me in for asking for a professional courtesy…)
  9. mercury companies labor commisioner

If spending the last two nights chasing a phantom UPS package around wasn’t enough, last night I had to go over to the Parental Unit and change out a faucet. My dogs have had enough of this crap and have taken to waking me up at 3:30 a.m. because they haven’t gotten enough attention because I haven’t been here. Very charming. Today I willed their little butts back to sleep for another hour and the dog walker will come mid day and hopefully run their butts out, because I need some rest.


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