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Needle and the damage done

UPS Today’s Worst Persons in the World!!!!!

How effing stupid do you have to be? My 88 year old Aunt sent two boxes via United Package Smashers to The Parental Unit. Shouldn’t be that hard…right? My dear Aunt wrote out their stupid little form, absolutely properly. The jackass with the hand sticking out of his forehead in Joplin, Mo, turned 5484 into 5456 on the shipping label. I realize typing four digits in the address must be difficult when you have a third hand growing out of your forehead because you’re some ignorant inbred piece of crap. What really chaps my hide is the local people telling me that my 88 year old Aunt should be checking this AssKlown’s work. I guess if she was a retired school teacher but really…her glasses are as thick as Coke bottles, she hasn’t been able to read the fine print without a magnifying glass in 20 years yet she’s supposed to correct this monkey scribe’s typo’s? Are you kidding me? Really? Are you? UPS, you are the worst of what’s wrong with corporate America. You have taken over 100 years of family history and left it on not only a porch, but the wrong porch, where it was stolen. It really doesn’t freaking matter what it was insured for. Our Grandmother died in 1968. Her music box probably was thrown into a dipsy dumpster by the crackhead who stole the package off of the wrong porch. Nice job jerkoffs. Somebody must be really proud of the job you do. My father’s sister has been dead for over ten years. Her silver might have made it to craigslist, or the flea market or who knows what where. I can’t tell you where we could possible start looking to find the stuff. And you are going to give us $200 because that’s what the declared value was. The declared value was priceless. How do you rectify that? You’re ignorant and you suck.

A couple of years ago they left my roommates new computer on the porch when no one was home. My old neighborhood was a transitional neighborhood. I would regularly see guys walking down the street that had their I just got out of prison suit on. And they left a $3000 computer on the doorstep. We never saw it. That driver asked me about it. I said “Are you nuts? The boxes probably said DELL all over them. Try the flea market, dumb ass.”

I’ll include the $36 million additional advance that I sent to the Santa Clara County Recorder via UPS. That was when I was at LandAmerica in 2003. To date, it hasn’t shown up, but by God supposedly someone signed for it.

We are now accepting your best of the worst of UPS.  I’m thinking Big Brown Turd haiku in the next few days.

The little engine that could

Yesterday’s post seemed to have hit a nerve. Sorry. Is that a bruise? A friend stopped by today and we chatted for a while. She mentioned Placer. You know, Placer Title is the little engine that could. They have like four people left in the plant and I think their legal department is located in a hunting lodge in Jackson. But they just keep chuggin’ along. I think I can, I think I can.

Poking fun

I went and saw an old friend today. She’s an acupuncturist. Really, she’s a natural healer. Healing is in her soul. I decided to see her about why my left shoulder, left hip and left knee and left sciatica were never completely healing. Notice, no injuries to the right side. And I’m left handed. She is still a gifted healer. I guess I’ll be switching to Stevia. I think she’s probably on to something. We hadn’t seen each other in probably four years. She was around when I got Xica…the 6.9 pound ball of Hell on four paws. She owned her place and switched apartments with me when Xica wouldn’t stop screaming due to her separation anxiety. Even though it’s been over three years, telling her that Xica had died tore me up. But I’m going to switch to Stevia and do what she tells me to, most of it. I’m just not sure if I have the right knob to dial it down.


  • dolphyngyrl

    I was walking out to the truck one day after work (I park in the way corner of the lot), and a hottie cruised into the parking lot in one of those big brown trucks. And then I noticed her big brown truck was taking a shit. Yup – dropping boxes out the back end because she forgot to close the back.

    I was trying to think up a good ups story for you, but then I realized that the last time I worked for a company that used their services was way back in the day when I worked for a DishNetwork distributor. UPS left a couple hundred dollars worth of satellite system hardware sitting on a porch. And, no, it wasn’t there when the purchaser arrived home that evening.

    As for dialing it down, sometimes it’s as much about burning it off as it is dialing it down.

  • judir6

    Awww man that totally sucks about what happened with UPS. Fuckers.

    Acupuncture – and how long have I been telling you to go?

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