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And one name read and nobody really cared, but a pretty little girl with a bow in her hair

Lucky you, it’s a good day for a rant. But first, I rode 33 miles yesterday on a ride I did all the time on my other bike. I took 22 minutes off of my average time. The new bike is fast. Or maybe I’m stronger. No, the new bike is fast. I bought new tires for it, but I haven’t installed them yet. I took them out of the box and they are “breathing” on the floor next to the bike. Judi suggested asked Dominic, what tires to get and he suggested Continental Grand Prix. I got the grey ones, I wasn’t feeling ego-centrical enough to get the red “look at me, look at me” ones even though my bike is red. Now I’ll have to figure out how to install them. We went to Sports Basement to get them. They let well behaved dogs on a leash come in. I didn’t have one of those so I brought Beauregard. He was the hit of the party. Everybody loved him, and he did act right, in spite of himself. Anyway, the point of the story…oh yeah, everyone wants to know how Beau’s doing. He is doing excellent. The vet doesn’t believe the weight loss is due to my stupidity and I don’t believe my dog has cancer. So we’re at an impasse there. He got some meds for his diarrhea, which thankfully has subsided, even though I had nightmares about it last night. Poor Beau, they took a fecal sample. He didn’t offer it, they took it. Yeah, like that. I was out in the waiting room and heard him let out a yelp. He’s just not into that backdoor thing. Anyway things have stabilized here, hopefully weight is being gained. They’re both getting three substantial meals a day right now. I am the food God in service to the dogs. But that’s not the point, the point is with all that bike riding and then I did a ton of yard work yesterday afternoon, I got dehydrated. I split a bottle of wine with a friend last night, but it took us nearly five hours to get through the bottle, so that wasn’t the problem. Lack of water. I drank about a half liter last night after I got home while the dogs ran, but it wasn’t enough. I drank some more at 4am, 5am, 6am when I finally fed and let the dogs out and then finally 7am when I got up and the headache had subsided enough to start my day, all ready to crank on a subject.

Danger: Rant ahead

One of the local websites reports local events, local happenings and the death of local soldiers. We’ve lost a disportionate amount of soldiers from this area. Almost as bad as Stockton. Whenever the death of a soldier is reported some ass clown comes in and starts a political discussion. It happens all over the internet and all over the news. I find it utterly repulsive. I don’t care if you’re for or against the current war. You don’t argue politics over a dead soldier’s body. Would you argue politics if their lifeless body laid at your feet? It’s wrong wrong wrong. It’s wrong on Fox, it’s wrong on CNN and it’s wrong on the internet. It’s wrong in a bar and it’s wrong on the street. We all know I can’t stand CodePink. I happen to be on a mailing list that they spam with their “goings on”. Last year they sent out a mailer that they were going to have a vigil or some shit marking the death of the 3000th soldier. At that time the 3000th soldier hadn’t been killed yet. About a week later I got something else essentially saying “we can’t have this yet because the 3000th soldier hasn’t been killed yet, maybe this weekend.” It struck me as particularly ghoulish. Actually, that series of emails is why I hate them so much. They were looking to capitalize on the death of the 3000th soldier. I don’t know who it ultimately was, but that soldier had a mother and a father and possible brothers and sisters and possibly a spouse and maybe even children and friends and relatives who cared about them. They weren’t just a number, they were a human being who served this country and left their mark on this society in some way other than being the 3000th soldier to be sent home in a box. People who knew that soldier grieved over the loss. And CodePink can rot in hell for that.

If you’ve been here more than once, you know how much I oppose this war and what an incompetent I think our Commander in Chief is. (Strange, he’s the only one that calls himself that.) Believe me, I spit the words when I say it. But I will not argue politics over the body of one of our soldiers, no matter how misguided, idiotic, self serving, maligned I think this war is. Today is a day to honor those men and women, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. Every soldier who is serving our country deserves our respect for strapping it on for their country. Our government is another whole story.

It’s a good day for the Chicks. Because despite the right wing propaganda, they care about the men and women that serve this country and I do too. Our government really is another story.

Golf. Ass clown.

(stolen from the field negro’s site)


  • The Brother

    My my, our knickers ARE in a bunch today. My only comment will be that I have no use for Code Pink either. I put them in the same category as PETA, whack jobs who do more damage for their movement than they’ll ever realize, and whose views are so far out there that they’ll never be taken seriously.

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