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Dippin’ low in the lap of luxury.

We just don’t like seeing this sort of thing.  These guys are in and out of our office all day long.   Some are clowns, but all accounts, this guy was a good guy.  Not a drug addled train wreck.  Sadly, it occurred the morning of the Ride of Silence.  Unlike Critical Mass, the Ride of Silence stops at lights, obeys the law and generally behaves properly.  When a car hits a bike or a bike hits a car, it doesn’t really matter who’s fault it is, the biker goes down.

Beauregard is on the mend actually he just kept me up all night.  He was fine for a day and a half and then last night we had 1:00a.m. roll call.  Repeatedly.  I think he just bought himself a trip to the vet tomorrow.  He’s in great spirits and his eyes are bright and clear, but something is definitely hinky with my boy.

I  made all my reservations for the AAU meet in Vista.  I was able to use the plane ticket from November, when the plane for Vegas never left.  You know, when I asked for a day off to drive but couldn’t have it because it was a “blackout” period.  Even though the Regional Manager was off the entire following week, in the “blackout” period.  Even though I knew it wasn’t set in stone because I had covered for another manager to go home for Christmas during the “blackout” period in 2000.  Yeah, the arbitrary “blackout” period that only applies to me.  And you jackholes wonder why I’m bitter.  Anyway, I had a left over plane ticket.  I wish I could have applied my lifting fees too.  That’s $70 I just ate.  Thanks Mr. FirstAmerican.  That’s like a days pay around here.  Oh yeah, then he has “appointments” and disappears off the radar two Fridays later.  Yeah right, “appointments”.  The rules seem to only apply to me.  Not that I’m bitter.  Anyway, I was able to get my San Diego plane tickets for a straight across trade for the November tickets that I didn’t use.  Then I started looking at hotel rooms.  Vista California is on the east side of Pendleton.  You don’t want to screw around with cheap hotels out there, unless you like drunken jarheads.  Unfortunately, their idea of a cheap hotel is $89-130 a night… to stay in Vista, California… with a bunch of drunken jarheads.  So I took a look at staying in San Diego proper.  My line of thinking was “what’s another $100 if it’s going to be $300 anyway”.  So I tried  I have never ever gotten what I wanted off that site.  But I’m not making the money I used to so what the hell.  I determined that I was willing to go to a 3 star by their ratings.  The 3 stars were going from $211-$400 a night.  I bid $130, with charges that made it $150 a night.  I know that sounds high but Vista, California $130, plus taxes.  There, it’s not so bad.  I got that bid accepted.  It makes me wonder if I should have started lower, but that hotel was $422 for the weekend on every other site and I got it for $300 for the weekend.  Here it sits.  Saying I get out of the meet in time, I can actually walk the 1.3 miles to Petco Park that night and see the Padres play the Tigers.  Or not.  I think this might be an ok trip.


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