Stuck on Stupid

Walking down this rocky road

While I hate to admit it, sometimes I’m a complete idiot.  Today is about turning myself in.

I’ve been worried about Beau’s weight, he seems to be losing a little weight.  I added a 1/2 cup of food at a third meal, I figured since Rita got three meals, I could easily give him a little more then.  Yesterday, he was a very sick boy.  He got me up several times the night before last to go out and it wasn’t good once he got there.  I went to the gym yesterday morning and God bless his pointed little head, he was in the main part of the house and there was about 20 square feet of foyer that had tile and the rest was carpeted.  He CHOSE the tile to leave his accident.  That’s a good dog, you can’t teach that.  So yesterday Rita went back into her crate and Beau had all the tile in the dining room for the day.  Good thing, it looked like a war zone when I got home.  Whatever it was, he was pretty much over it in the morning.  He hurled last night, but I think that was from the unripe apricot he stole off the tree.  He gacked up the pit.  He was fine last night and he’s fine this morning.  I took a look at him when I was in the kitchen last night, he’s always hovering around waiting for me to make a mistake and he looked like a rescue dog.  You could see his ribs and his hips were protruding a bit.  I realize that it was exacerbated by the diarrhea earlier in the day, he’s naturally thin so dehydration would suck him up just like a bodybuilder.  I decided to weigh him and he’s down 11 pounds.  Holy Crap!  I was out of rice, so I decided to go get him some rice and eggs to settle his tummy and some raw ground chuck to add in a day or so to get some meat back on him and then I worried the rest of the night about him.  About 10:30 last night, I’m laying in bed and for some reason I thought “I wonder if I misread the label on the new kibble and I’m underfeeding him…”  I’m a jackass.  This poor guy was getting 2 1/2 cups a day and the label says he should be getting 3-4 cups a day.  Needing reading glasses sucks.  I was so worried about Rita and her weight that I starved 11 pounds off of poor Beauregard.  He’s so getting ground chuck with her every day for the next week or so until I get him back up to weight.

Not sure where to file this one…

This came c/o REinCT  the home of Bad MLS photo of the Day.  A personal favorite.  In Santa Barbara, they’re actually allotting part of the City parking lots for people living in their cars…mortgage people.  Having lived in Santa Barbara, this doesn’t surprise me.  When I was there we had a postcard on the wall that said:

Santa Barbara has two types of people.  The wealthy landowners and the kitchen help.

We were the kitchen help.


I don’t know why I was so stupid yesterday, but yesterday was just a dumb day for me.  I chose a crossfit workout since I was up early.  The website said “rest” and it wasn’t a rest day for me.  So I chose:

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 squats

Do cycle for 20 minutes.

Easy enough eh?  It didn’t dawn on me how many squats that might be.  In my case it was 90.  I don’t usually do squats so it was 90 and now my hams are about to snap, and my hip flexors are letting me know that I’m a complete moron.  I’m sure it was good for me.  Pulling my head out of my ass might be good for me too.


  • dolphyngyrl

    I believe I’ve got some crisco, if you need some help with that last part.

    You know, I read that article yesterday and all I could think about was how this woman was living in Santa Barbara and paying 3/4’s of her income on rent and is there a particular reason she’s surprised that didn’t work out well for her?

    She’s got gorgeous goldens, though.

  • Radical

    Don’t forget to give him some probiotics to replace the good bacteria he lost with the diarrhea. You might know that. I didn’t.

  • judir6

    Poor Beau! Get him some Keifer – the full fat kind. It’s full of good bacteria. Throw in some canned sweet potatoes and ground beef too. Poor guy!

    Nice crossfit – wish I could afford to go back to my CF gym. It was such a killer work out.

  • Wine Dog

    I just pull the crossfit workouts off the website you sent me and do them. You can too 😉

    I have some kefir (probiotic) that I’ve been giving Rita, so he got some too. He’s diggin’ the new routine.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Try this work out: It’s based on 100 reps per body part!

    Chest: flat bench 4 sets each set to set reps amount;
    It may go something like:
    set 1 = 38 reps
    set 2 = 27 reps
    set 3 = 19 reps
    set 4 = 16 reps
    If you need to pause”rest” on the 4th set to complete do you nail it in 4 sets you increase the weight.

    Sometimes I super set it with a back routine and rest 1min 30sec. between sets….it’s brutal but works very fast.

    And don’t work Arms..they get plenty of work here…

    shoulders: One continous set of laterals and presses (15lbs DB’s)until you hit 100 total reps. without stopping..Wooo hooo…lot-o-fun

  • Wine Dog

    Skip, you’re not right or just a sick bastard, I don’t know which. I used to do 100’s once a month when I played rugby. Nice way to mix it up. I’m going to try this after San Diego. And then curse you.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    you’re correct on both those descriptions!
    it’s hard on the muscles but not on the joints for us old(er)…also look into “German Volume Training” 10 sets of 10 reps per body part…more fun then we should be allowed to have!

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