Bon Mots and Cheap Shots,  Dogs

Love too good

Spread your wings

You’ve been too long in the cage

Feeling the rage of abuses

Oh, I’m sorry.

Sometimes I’m just amazed by a dog’s ability to love. First that you could name a Doberman “Bunny” and she could still be full of love is unreal. I’m going to talk to the rescue about having a contest to rename this poor creature. She had diarrhea and vomiting and her vet wanted to do more tests. She was a year old. The owner said “put her down.” I can only hope that the universe or karma is employed when this individual is sick, hurt or injured. I hope they receive the same love and devotion they saved for this poor pup. She had parvo. The vet took possession and cured her. She is the sweetest animal I’ve met in a long time. This little dog has a loving soul. God bless the vet for what she did. May she continue to apply those principles to her practice. She was a very sweet dog. She laid down in the passenger seat and dozed all the way to meet my fellow transporter. She was happiest when I had a hand on her. Anywhere. She pushed herself away from the door, so I thought, but it was really to just touch my leg while I was driving. I hope the ass monkey that turned this dog in has a special seat reserved for them in hell. Ann the next driver joked that I was going back to Red Bluff in two weeks to pick this one up too. Naw. I don’t like the sweet ones, I like the bad dogs. That’s why I had to get the little Mexican hooker who had already gotten knocked up and had two tattoos er, lovely Rita. I like a dog that’s smarter than me and has to prove it every other moment. This one’s just a nice dog. A damned nice dog.

bunny2.JPG How gorgeous is this dog? And sweet? And those markings are beautiful.

More animal crackers

This house doesn’t have air conditioning and I can’t sleep in the heat. So I haven’t slept since like last Tuesday? So last night, it cooled off a bit. I ran the fans, opened the windows and got the bedroom down the 87. Not optimum, but tolerable. So off I toodle to bed around 10pm. It’s cool enough that I fall sound asleep. Exactly an hour and 15 minutes later, not one but two Doberman are standing basically on my head barking their heads off. Rita pops off at anything like any young animal. She’s learning what to alert for and what doesn’t matter. Beau knows. Beau was up and doing the frozen dog dance. This is where they are rigid on full alert and movement is achieved from the recoil of their bark. Like a child’s toy being moved about by a four year old. Not amusing. Then I see the distinct beam of a flashlight come through one of the windows from the street. I used to live in a pretty, uh, transitional neighborhood. They’re still fighting to keep that neighborhood. So a flashlight through a window to me means the police are chasing someone. Effing great. Every window in the house is open and the guns are in the other room. Not to worry, Dumb and Dumber are barking their fool heads off. I jump up and get dressed (where is that baseball bat?) and hear a voice from beneath the window. “I’m really sorry. My indoor cat got out and she’s hiding under this trailer. I’m really sorry.” My neighbor to the right has a travel trailer tucked up against his place between the houses on that side. Runaway Kitty is hiding under it. I told the dogs to lay down and shut up and remarkably, they did that. After a while it was apparent that Runaway Kitty was being a bit of a butthead. So I slip on some shoes (why the hell not at this point?) and grab a flashlight and go out to assist. He’s come back with a spray bottle to herd her to his girlfriend. Just then the girlfriend gets the kitty and all is good. It’s the dude who lives next door on the left who I’ve not met. He introduces himself and says he’s sorry again. I told him not to worry, I get it. And I do. I’d like my neighbor to be cool and get dressed and bring out another flashlight if one of my nimrods went on walkabout. Yeah, I get it.

But wait there’s more

More shit to make you cry. You may have seen Randy Pausch on youtube or Oprah (that’s the reprisal that’s a lot shorter) or some of the other places the Last Lecture has appeared since he originally gave it. Sunday, he delivered a speech at the graduation at Carnegie Mellon. He was given 3 to 6 months to live, nine months ago. Amazing dude. Speaking of amazing people Fat Cyclist jerseys went on sale today. I got mine. What just warms my heart is the fact that the men’s pink jersey was sold out before I got home from driving Bunny to Williams…but at least they made the women’s in Wine Dog size, so I’m good. They also have Fat Cyclist t-shirts and some other swag to help offset the medical bills.


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