Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

…brings May flowers

The rain appears to be gone, and the flowers are definitely here. My roses are gorgeous. I hacked down the weeds in the front the day before yesterday, the Peace rose is En Fuego, the red rose is gorgeous, the natives are stealing them, which really pisses me off. The JFK by the pool is spectacular. All of the pool roses look great. I cleaned the pool decks yesterday and have been working on the pool to get it up and running for the summer. Yesterday I rode my new bike, LOVE IT. Jumped some rope and jogged a bit with Beau. I need to lift today, and will momentarily, after the little man gets his walk. It’s amazing what a little good weather will do for me. I’ve been eating properly, making sales calls, doing what I need to do.

Weight 209
Fat 36.1
BMI 35.6

I think the fat measurement is off, but i’m not sure why.

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