Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

The healing process

OK the Cartoon Toe is healing. The Dog is almost completely healed. Hopefully that’s the end of the crap. A Boxer came up to my house tonight. He had a collar and was really sweet. I called the number but no answer. I figured he lived locally so I hooked him up and started walking towards where he came from. Then my cell rang and it was his Dad. Yeah, I got your dog and I’m walking up Toyon, where are you? I live on Toyon, so I kept going and out comes Rasta Boy. I love freaks like him, but it must be a trip for them. I’m at least as old as their Mothers, but I’m just a headbanger.

Here’s your dog dude, he’s a cool dog.

Yeah, thanks, I gotta fix this fence.

Yeah, you do, he don’t know to stay out of the street. I just hope someone would do the same for me if my guy got out, have a good one.

I’m off to Mendocino for the weekend. The Blonde called and was ticked that there were Reindeer Games and she wasn’t invited. Like your family would let you play with the likes of us? We have:

2002 Rombauer Reserve Zin
2003 Rombauer Zin
Rombauer Zin Port
2003 Keenan Zin
2003 Unti Zin
La Storia Cuvee 32
2000 Freemark Abbey Bosche Cab
1999 Freemark Abbey Sycamore Cab
1998 Clo du Val Vineyard George III Cab

The ladies like their red wine. This should get ugly quick. Those are some fine vintages though. Lots of stuff way in the 90’s.

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