When Moses went to Cameron’s house, let my people go

It’s been five days since I hurt my back.  Today it was considerably better when I got out of bed.  I’d say it’s 30-40 percent better than it was Sunday morning when I had to force myself out of bed to feed the dogs.  It took four hours, four Advil, four Tylenol and a bag of ice on Sunday for it to loosen up enough that I could move, two and a half on Monday, about an hour yesterday and today I’m moving okay and I’ve only been up about 45 minutes.  Not great and not without pain,  but okay.  I had to stand through half of class last night, I just couldn’t sit still.  I’ve brought an ice pack to work and have been shoving that down my pants for 20 minutes each hour.  It certainly helps me forget that my hip hurts from that freaking chair they won’t fix.  It’s clear I’m not going to be playing golf on Saturday which makes me sad.  I really like playing with this group, I really like the course too, but there’s no way I’m going to be able to swing a club a hundred or so times on Saturday.  I’ve followed Doctor’s orders and haven’t lifted in two days.  I’m hoping to go to the gym tomorrow morning and just move around a little, hopefully do an isolation bench or some light cardio.   I’m also obviously not competing in San Jose on the 17th.  There’s a meet in Concord on June 14th but the big AAU meet is the next weekend, so I think I’ll try and use the ticket left over from when the flight never left.  Yeah, the big Vegas meet that I paid for and couldn’t have a day off since it was the “end of the month” yet since then everyone in their Uncle has had time off at the end of the month…because the rules only apply to me…and then the plane never left.  That plane ticket.

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