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Sometimes it hurts, so badly I must cry out loud

I did a ton of deadlifts today. A set of 4, two sets of 3 at 70 percent, six sets of three at 80 percent. The sixth set of three, last rep didn’t go so good. I’m pretty sure I blew my S/I joint. I’ve done it before and it hurts like this. It will be over a week before they can touch it to fix it. It’s that bad. I’ve been icing it all day. I’m hoping I can ride my new bike tomorrow, but I realize this might be a pipe dream. Last time I did it, I couldn’t even tie my shoes. I’m hoping that it’s not that bad this time. In the interim:


My new bike. I put SPD/SL’s on it, which required new shoes because my cleats weren’t configured correctly, but they were two years old anyway, so what the hey. And because you asked these are the wheels. The rear end is an Ultegra.

And because I can barely move, I spent a lot of time sitting around with the dogs. Here’s a very pretty girl, watching the world go by.


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  • judir6

    The new bike is SWEET! I hope you really aren’t injured too bad. Dominic’s ankle is still f**ked. What is with all my friends and their injuries?

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