Title Insurance

Gonna get a little crazy just because I can

Here’s something you don’t see every day. What’s even stranger is the location is San Jose. Who could possibly need help finding an Escrow Officer these days? Really. At that point do you want to work for the guys that can’t find an EO in this market? Actually, a job’s a job in this market. Go for it, my San Jose sisters.

It’s raining, which is about time. There ain’t been no April showers around here. I think that might wreak havoc on May flowers, but I don’t know all the rules behind that. What’s important is that I’m wiping down dog feet that are covered in mud again. That and I have a tremendous headache brought on by the change in barometric pressure, or my job who knows which. Today’s a rest day anyway, which is good or I would have missed a workout.

While I was at class last night, Rita spent her first evening out of the crate in the dining room. She peed in the house and tore up something that really meant a lot to me. (This might also be the source of my headache, getting that angry at 10pm) The dog walker is coming by halfway through today. Hopefully that little dog got over her bad behavior and will be a good dog today. She’s pretty clear that yesterday’s adventures didn’t make me happy. The worst thing I can do to that dog is ignore her. Most dogs are like, fine, I’ll go do something else. Not Rita. She wants me to love her again and will crawl on her belly over hot coals to regain that. (She doesn’t get that I don’t stop loving her, I’m just pissed at her actions) Hopefully she’ll be better today. There’s nothing left in that room except the stereo and dining room set. God help her if she starts on the cabinets or moulding.

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